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DCEU Re-boot Proposal - Part 1

If I were given the opportunity to re-launch the DCEU, this is how I would do it:

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  1. Batman: Year One (Film)
  2. The Dark Knight (TV series): Weekly installments of Detective Comics and Batman plots/story arcs.

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3. Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals (Film)

4. Age of Wonder (TV series): Weekly installments alternating in depicting the adventures of Hyppolyta, Diana, and Donna.

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5. Man of Steel (Film)

6. Superman (TV series): Weekly installments of Superman's adventures in Action Comics, Superman, and Adventures of Superman.

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7. The Flash - Year One (Film)

8. The Flash (TV series)

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9. Emerald Dawn (Film)

10. Green Lantern (TV series)

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11. The Martian Manhunter (Film)

12. Mystery Science Theater (TV series)

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13. Aquaman and the Others (Film)

14. Tales of Atlantis

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15. Justice League - Star-Ro the Conqueror