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DCEU Re-boot Proposal - Part 1

If I were given the opportunity to re-launch the DCEU, this is how I would do it:

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  1. Batman: Year One (Film)
  2. The Dark Knight (TV series): Weekly installments of Detective Comics and Batman plots/story arcs.

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3. Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals (Film)

4. Age of Wonder (TV series): Weekly installments alternating in depicting the adventures of Hyppolyta, Diana, and Donna.

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5. Man of Steel (Film)

6. Superman (TV series): Weekly installments of Superman's adventures in Action Comics, Superman, and Adventures of Superman.

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7. The Flash - Year One (Film)

8. The Flash (TV series)

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9. Emerald Dawn (Film)

10. Green Lantern (TV series)

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11. The Martian Manhunter (Film)

12. Mystery Science Theater (TV series)

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13. Aquaman and the Others (Film)

14. Tales of Atlantis

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15. Justice League - Star-Ro the Conqueror


Match the appropriate Marvel U (comics) team to each DC team on this list.

Try and match the Marvel team which best can meet each DC team on this list, according to numbers, power distribution/scale, and experience.

When in doubt, choose most representative roster of each team.

ATT!! This is NOT a versus post, but if you feel so inclined...

Titans Tomorrow


Trenchcoat Brigade

Team One

Ultramarine Cops

Wanderers (Earth Prime)

Suicide Squad (DC Bombshells)

Superman Squad

Supermen of the Multiverse

The Others

Omega Men

Night Force

New Guardians (Prime Earth)

New Guardians (Millennium)

Light Brigade (Earth_34)


Knights of Khera

JSA (The Liberty Files)

Justice Legion

JL: Team Wonder

JL: Team Wisdom

JL: Team Mystery

JL: Team Entropy

Justice League (Gods and Monsters)

Justice Experience

Justice Foundation (Prime Earth)

JL: Cry for Justice

Extreme Justice

Forever People

Female Furies

Fearsome Five (Prime Earth)

Fatal Five (Pre-Zero Hour)

Fatal Five (Prime Earth)

Birds of Prey (New Earth)

The Big 3

The Changers

Demon Knights

Mighty Crusaders (New Earth)

Cometeers (Prime Earth)

Creature Commandos

Crime Society (Earth-3)Crime Syndicate of Amerika (Antimatter Universe)

Crime Syndicate (Earth 3)

Freedom Fighters (New Earth)

Crusaders (New Earth)

Freedom Fighters (Earth 10)

Freedom Fighters (Earth-X)

The Elite (New Earth)

L.E.G.I.O.N. (New Earth)

LSH: Five Years Later


Rogues (New Earth)

Rocket Red Brigade

Shadow Cabinet

Sentinels of Magic

Red Tornado Family

Titans (New Earth)

Power Company

Pax Americana (Earth 4)

Paladins (Wildstorm)


Monarchy (Wildstorm)

Stormwatch (Prime Earth)

StormWatch Prime

The Terrifics

Young Justice (New Earth)

Young All-Stars

Wetworks (Wildstorm Universe)

WildCATS (Wildstorm)

Team 7 (Wildstorm)

League of Shadows (Earth 13)

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (New Earth)

Shadowpact (New Earth)

Seven Soldiers of Victory III (New Earth)

Seven Soldiers of Victory (Prime Earth)

Seven Soldiers of Victory (Earth-Two)

Secret Six

Global Guardians

Infinity, Inc.

All-Star Squadron (New Earth)

Authority (Wildstorm)

Great Ten

Outsiders (New Earth)

Shazam Family (Prime Earth)

Marvel Family (Earth 5)

Marvel Family (Justice)

Teen Titans (Justice)

JLA (Justice)

Metal Men (Justice)

Metal Men (New Earth)

Doom Patrol (Prime Earth)

Doom Patrol (New Earth)

All-Star Squadron (The Golden Age)

Justice Society Infinity (Earth-2)

Wonders (Earth 2)

Justice Society of America (New Earth)

Justice Society International (Trinity)

JLI (New Earth)

JLA II (Prime Earth)

Super Buddies (New Earth)

Justice Lords

Justice League (Earth-22)

Justice Incarnate

JL United

JL Dark

JL Odyssey

Justice League (Prime Earth)

JLA (New Earth)

Young Justice (Prime Earth)

Titans (Prime Earth)

Teen Titans (Prime Earth)

Teen Titans (New Earth)

Suicide Squad (New Earth)

Suicide Squad (Prime Earth)


Birds of Prey (Prime Earth)

LSH (Pre-Zero Hour)

L.E.G.I.O.N. (New Earth)


LSH (Earth-Prime)

LSH (Post-Zero Hour)

LSH (Post-Rebirth)

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Young Adult heroes join the Fellowship of the Ring

A group of Young Adult heroes/characters from different franchises are transported to Middle Earth and eventually join the Fellowship of the Ring, shortly after it departs Rivendell.

How does their presence (as well as their individual skills, abilities, and overall experience) improve or hinder the odds of success of the quest undertaken by Frodo and Company?

Take into account some of these characters have previous knowledge of the happenings in Middle Earth, having read the books, or seen the films, or both. Whilst others have never heard of Arda, Middle Earth, the War or the Ring, or Tolkien in their lives.

These are the heroes translocated to Arda against their wish:


DCEU Relaunch Proposal #1: Superman

I believe a truly amazing and epic relaunch of the cinematic Superman franchise could be achieved by mixing the three most significant origin tales of the character ever published. Namely: The Man of Steel (John Byrne), Superman: Birthright (Mark Waid), and Superman: Secret Origin (Geoff Johns).

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