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Global Defense Force Issue 3

After over 3 months of trying to get Indy Planet to get my comic back on there and put Issue 3 on there. It finally happened. Issue 1, 2 and 3 are now up.

To buy Global Defense Force Issue 3 Link

Art by KenLeinaar Illustrator Mohamad Lubis and Mike Montalvo

Written by me Brian Hitsman.

Now on to the ‪#‎GlobalDefenseForceBoardgame‬ and Issue 4. This is where it completely changes from my web comic I use to have. I have already written on paper up to issue 35. Although final draft is always changes are made. I make them when I type them up.

Needless to say here is issue 3 and the conclusion on how the GDF was formed. Here is where you can get all the latest info at.

Global Defense Force Facebook Page

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Global Defense Force Issue 3 Page 20 LOTS OF CHARACTERS

So I finally got back to work late last year. Issue 3 is finally about to come out. Issue 3 will wrap up the story arc. This doesn't mean I am stopping in fact I have written out up to issue 25 right now. Although on issue 3 Page 20 you will see every super powered character from Issue 1 through issue 12. Some have major roles Photon, King Cheetah, Earth Lord and Draco Li this is of course not including the 5 main Global Defense Force characters. I started off with Blank spots and have been slowly filling them up. The goal was to have my artist finish within the time frame. Of course artist being artist that didn't happen and its a little behind. I wanted to show page 20 off here. =) So here it is. The before and the finished product.

From left to right Bottom to Top

First Row Photon, Animal Teen, Manchine, Lotus Mandrake, White Knight

Second Row King Cheetah, Raven Darkhelm, Draco Li, Siege, Sonic Soldier

Third Row Earth Lord, Chainz, Tank, Electric Marshal

Fourth Row Marksmen, Light-Bow, Unicorn U.S. Archer

Fifth Row Novastar, Doctor Von Devastator, Sinful Soldier, S.A.M. (Super Awesome Man)

Sixth Row Dragonheart, Bullfrog, Hive Drone, Fallout

Seventh Row Chemokill, Power Claw, Driller

Eighth Row Golem and Mastodon

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Global Defense Force Issue 3 Page 20
Global Defense Force Issue 3 Page 20


How to get your comic drawn

How to get your comic drawn

I have talked about this before I finally decided to make a blog about this. Instead of putting bits of info here and there I will have all the info in one spot so I can just point at it. A lot of people ask about this and have a lot of questions. I am going to tell you some basic info. There is a book out that Dirk Manning wrote I picked up (Write or Wrong ). It has A LOT of info. Some info I already knew. Some info I had no idea on. I am only going to post the info I knew about but I would highly recommend you buying his book. It will help you out tremendously.

The first thing I want to talk about is finding an artist. I always hear people ask about this. There are 2 places I recommend this place has a decent forum, with sections for both paid and unpaid jobs. Then there is Connecting Comic Book Writers and Artist both are good groups. One of the biggest things to let you know there are some people out there that have worked for Marvel that want $100+ per page. That’s if they are being nice. There are others who will charge more there are others who will charge less. Just remember you get what you pay for.

When you find someone you like don’t immediately say that’s the one. Talk to them and find out what they are like. Heck they might not like your style (Superheroes goth tentacle alien chick) what ever it is. They have to be interested in it also. Otherwise they will not complete the work they said they were going to do. LET ME TELL YOU THIS COMMUNICATION IS KEY. He should be able to tell you hey this might look better this way and you decide if you want to change it. As I said talk to the artist it will make things run a lot smoother.

This leads to the second thing I want to talk about, a contract! It’s best to have one. That way everything is laid out exactly what is going to be paid for what and when the comic is suppose to be done. For example my contracts I have the total price but I also have the price for ever 4 pages. That way I can pay him as we go. I can see the work he has done a lot easier. I would tell you to listen to this. It gave me some basic info about contracts when I was first starting out.

The third thing I want to talk to you about is printing. Kablam offers printing and digital delivery for you. If you’re doing this to make money forget it. For colored issue its about 2.54 an issue from Kablam for 24 pages front to back. They will put you over at Indy Planet for example my comics for no charge.

The last thing I want to talk about is writing itself. I have had people question me about how to write a script. I do it just like a story board. Let me show you an example.

Page 15 Box 1

Show White Knight back hood and Lotus Mandrake on her knees missing an arm Green blood coming out.


“The TREE OF LIFE heals my wounds.”

Box 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Show her arm grows out make it look like vines.

The last box has a fully healed arm.

Box 6

Lotus Stabs Knight through the chest. Show a very dark outline for the characters. Does not go through the cloak but can see it pushing on it.

Box 7

Siege does a flying charge with a pink fist next to her.


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This scene is from Issue 2 of the Global Defense Force. As you can see talking with my artist some things got moved around because it came out better.

Any comments or question please ask away. If you would like to check out the Global Defense Force check out or I am working on Issue 3 right now.

Brian Hitsman


Issue 2 of Global Defense Force is up

Well finally Issue 2 of Global Defense Force is out. We take off right where we left off from issue 1. Las Vegas has been attacked the US army is no match for these Alien Plant Creatures. In this issue we are introduced to White Knight and Siege. Two Heroes from Britain that have come to help the Americans. We are introduced to Lotus Mandrake, think of her as a Borg Queen but for plants.

You can pick it up at Indy Planet Global Defense Force #2 if Interested

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