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Dropped comics.

Comics I've dropped lately and why I've dropped them.

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  • I refuse to pay for Greg Land's lazy, shameless, sexist artwork.

  • Dropped for a bet with somebody who hates it. If he ends up liking it, he has to buy the trade. If he remains to hate it, I CAN'T buy the trade...I still think I'm gonna win :p

  • Just wasn't for me. Very talky. Very well made though.

  • I just don't connect to the superheroes...Maybe my characters need a DC/Marvel 50 year old back story for me to enjoy them...

  • I love James O'Barr and was ecstatic to hear he was writing a new series, but it's not even 10% of what The Crow was. Just seems to lack emotion and depth.

  • Had some great stuff, but never had time to engage before the whole story got flipped on it's head. I just wish they didn't jump from universe to universe so quickly!

  • Just wasn't for me.

  • Had to drop some of my Marvel NOW!'s and this was a weaker one. With a title like "indestructible" I was really expecting more carnage.

  • I just prefer the Avengers

  • Not a bad story, just wasn't as MAX as I'd hoped. Think the likes of Punisher MAX had set my expectations high. It also felt like it'd make for a better TPB.

  • Not "dropped" per se, just something I only check in on from time to time.