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Current Pull List

What I'm following right now. Will be adjusted from time to time and one day, when I'm SUPER bored, I'll list everything I've read in the past too :P

Placed in order of DC/Marvel/Other and Alphabetical. No preference.

List items

  • Gotta love an "underdog". He really isn't one. For all the flack he takes, he has a great story, and is tough as all hell.

  • In hiatus til Simone comes back

  • Scott Snyder is a future Batman All-Star. This stuff hits a whole new level, his idea of Gotham is so close to mine.

  • Really enjoy it, wish it was more detective-y?

  • Just learning about one of the greats and enjoying his work. Effortless simplistic and awesome.

  • Something I usually just check in on from time to time, but hooked on it during Throne of Atlantis, they've pulled out all the stops. It's been huge!

  • One of my favorite DC characters, this has got so dark during DotF it's unreal.

  • Also reading for DotF. Love Red Hood, not such a fan of the outlaws.

  • Reading for the H'el on Earth crossover, still pretty solid, but I'll probably drop it after H'el, just isn't at the same level as Superman or Supergirl

  • A pleasant surprise. I've been reading this since #13 and will be staying on it after H'el on Earth

  • Switched from Action to Superman for the H'el on Earth Crossover, with Morrison leaving action shortly anyway, not sure if I'll be going back! Great art, interesting story.

  • Always a great read, the lack of continuity and the sheer jest of it is liberating.

  • The ONLY X-men title I'm following! Started it for the O5, glad to see them sticking around.

  • Really liking the new direction of "bigger" for the Avengers.

  • Stopped reading this, for now, for a bet with someone who hates it. I personally like it, think it's exciting, new and an evolution in comics.

  • I love anything with David Mack's name on. This one takes the cake though. One of the best, most beautiful Daredevil stories ever...and Daredevil's not even in it!

  • Second issue revived my faith in it.

  • Something I just check in on, from time to time. Last time being "Everything Burns". Love most things Thor related.

  • Rucka's last Punisher run...possibly ever. Nobody writes it like him and seeing him take on the Avengers, one-by-one has been great.

  • For my gf, but Skottie Young draws it, so it's hard not to pick up!

  • I like it. I like Dan Slott's writing. I like Phantom Parker. There I said it. Sorry.

  • 3 eras of thor rolled into one with some of the best Marvel artwork I've ever seen and the most heart-wrenching of stories...amazing!

  • another checker-inner

  • To replace Avengers Arena while its being embargoed :p

  • It's pretty! Also, looks like it's gonna be a good one to follow.

  • Not fully sold on this one yet, but it's a brilliant idea and I can see it going into interesting places.

  • Love Mignola and all who sail with him. Hellboy is great, as are the classic novel tie-ins

  • Technically, I pick this up for my gf, but I end up fligking through it anyway :P

  • Again, it's over, but still current and deserves whatever limelight I can give it, my favourite series of 2012/2013 thus far.

  • First issue out! loving it. want more!

  • Not following yet, due to it being such an expensive week, but I'll either be jumping on this soon, or jumping on the trade.

  • I seem to follow everything Walking Dead these days, started at #98 for the comic and I'm hooked.