TOYS! Iron Man Mark VII Model review/blog

Thought I'd blog a build of one of the latest Avengers models: The Iron Man Mark VII 1:9 scale model by Dragon.

The Mark VII is the Armour used by Stark in the later parts of the 2012 Avengers movie. Looks like this:

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I picked up the Dragon Model Kit for this today at ModelZone for £29.99 (Roughly $45). Couldn't find a difficulty written for it anywhere on the box; I'd say beginner/intermediate looking at it. You'll need the basic-ish equipment to put it together (listed below), not too much patience, and not too much time required. I plan on spending an hour a day on it and having it done, painted, and finished in under 2 weeks. We'll find out if I can do it!

Also available are:

  • War Machine
  • Nick Fury
  • Black Widow
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Hawkeye
  • Captain America

The Kit:

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The kit consists of 8 moulded, studded, plastic and rubber sheets of average quality; I've noticed a couple of minor defects in my kit, but nothing that can't be worked around or covered up. It also comes with a stand and some clear instructions for assembly and painting. Most of the plastic pieces are of quite a thick gauge and with rubber pieces for the more delicate/moveable parts, so it'll be pretty robust when finished.

Judging by the pieces; the shoulders, thighs and head will be pose-able (provided you're careful with the glue). For added fan-boy-ness, you get two choices of arc reactor; the triangle faceted Mark VI and the round Mark VII, and clear lenses for the chest and hand apertures (this may lead to another modification to it in the future...shhh!).

All in all, for £30 it's pretty good value for your own Iron Man :)

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Stuff you'll need (minimum):

  • An exacto-knife or mini side-cutters
  • A fine file (2nd cut or smoother)
  • Modelling glue, preferably with a needle-tip
  • #8 Silver paint
  • #9 Gold paint
  • #30/#46 Clear Gloss
  • #90/#47 Clear Red paint

I'm planning on tweaking the paint a little on mine, but hopefully it'll eventually look something like this:

Wish me luck!
Wish me luck!