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You better believe it!

Thats all I talked about. Some of my friends dont understand what Im talking about but they dont really judge me or anything. They do like to call me a dork but they are just playing. Then my other frineds like comic too so we talk about them a lot together.

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2 choices

These are the ones I think would be the best no matter where we went.

1. Storm- She can make sure the wheather stays just the way we want it. She's fine too, who wouldnt wanna go somewhere with someone sexy? And if we get bored we could just go flying somewhere or something. She's usually serious and sophisticated, which would balance me out when I start acting goofy.

2. Luke Cage- He seams like he'd be real cool to just chill with. We'd just clown all day while go through the whole city. The only thing is he is married with a daughter now, so we could'nt talk to the ladies.


cool -_-

Its looks nice and crisp like said by others before. It is still hard to navigate, add stuff and things like that, but it'll just take some getting used to is all. I saw some things that wernt on the old site like having minions and/or sidekicks. I cant what to figure out the new stuff like that. Its real cool though.

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Have you been REDEEMED?

For those of you who like to RPG, check out A site mainly for RPGing which was created after the ban of RPGs at Its an oldskool style of RP which may be new and interesting to people here. Simple and fast past. It started off fast and evolved quickly but is now in its last days. So come and join us and also help us. Its not a big deal if your a noob, in fact we dont use the phrase. Im known as 'proud' there and there are members from here who are also there. So come and witness the redemption.

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