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DC Re-Invented: Flash Character List

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Characters that have appeared in my DC-Invented: Flash series. It'll update as the series goes on.

List items

  • Barry Allen:

    First Appearance: Flash #1

    A CSI, he is likeable at work, although he is at risk of becoming redundant due to punctuality. He tends to be obsessive in solving crimes, oblivious to all around him.

    He is currently in his lab trying to solve the mystery behind Captain Cold. This is not long after recovering from the fight with Cold during a bank heist.

  • A friend of Barry Allen.

  • Barry's Boss, he is friendly with Barry though warns him of his potential redundancy.

  • Barry's fellow CSI.

  • Barry's fellow CSI.

  • A criminal. He was recently in a bank heist and fought Barry. His status afterwards so far is unknown.