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Not Bad, but not good either 0

Okay, so Kid Flash is Bart Allen rather than Wally West, that does increase my opinion of the book (I still want to know what happened to Wally, though). Also a line states that there have been other versions of the Teen Titans, which I like; how does that fit into the 5-year Timeline is everybody's guess.What else? Skitter seems kinda generic, Solstice thing as a tortured shadow feels a bit cliche, weapon-Superboy feels old, I don't care much for Cassie's attitude, and I wonder what's Bart' sto...

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Justice League Magic! 0

My friends we find ourselves in front of yet another Justice League book that is actually better than the actual Justice League book. Just like Justice League International JLD takes the time to introduce the characters and their circumstances; they haven't met yet, but at least we know who they are and since this is a magic book omens work too.The story is pretty good, I like a mystery and magic, and apparently we're getting some madness too, which is nice. About the characters, I don't anythin...

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