Thor Origin in Avengers Origins, wait what?

I just found out through  Comic Alliance, that Marvel plans to release a series of One shots retelling the Origins of several Avengers, that's cool, the Covers are awesome and the art in the preview of Wasp and Ant-Man is sweet, but.... Thor is getting a shot too, but he just had his origin Retold in Thor: First Thunder that, according to this very website, finished publishing this March. There's been little more than 4 months and Thor is getting a new origin? What's up with that? 


DC Published Me!!!!!!!

I just got my hands in Booster Gold #46; well not really my hands, I downloaded it because stupid Ciudad Manga doesn't have past issue 42; but anyway, I checked the Letter section, there I was! The letter I wrote DC in their website was right there published! With my name on it! That was so awesome
To be honest I felt I had a chance when I wrote the letter because I live in Costa Rica and that's far away enough to be exotic; but I didn't really expected to be published. Now I just need to get a real copy so I can show everybody I know, but who knows when it's gonna be on Ciudad Manga (stupid Ciudad Manga, useless Ciudad Manga)