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Real Name: Thomas Owens

Codename: Major USA

Age: 32

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 245 lbs

Occupation: (Solider) Carpenter

Place of Birth: Boston

Base of Operations: New York


-Super Strength

-Super Agility

-Master Swordsman (perfers xystons)

-Military strategist



-His PTSD clouds his judgement and it causes him to have mental episodes

Biography (to be added on to)

Thomas Owens was a carpenter for his dads business where he would spend his spare time training in sword fighting. When they found out his brother had died in the service his dad blamed him for it saying he should have been the son to die. Thats when he decided to join the service to prove to his dad he was like his brother. During his time as a solider he quickly rose to rank of SGT and was known for being a good leader who built morale in his men. Thomas and his best friend were selected for a government project headed by W.A.S.P. They had been told that they would be serving there country like no other. His friend died in the process of getting his powers. Tomas found out there true purpose W.A.S.P wanted to use them to take over the third world. He broke out and swore to get revenge on W.A.S.P for killing his friend and to protect those who could not protect themselves.

Major USA in History(to be added on to)

Civil War

In April of 1861the Confederate army attacked Fort Sumter in South Caroline. The attack launched what some call the greatest American conflict ever. But what no ones knows is that the Confederate army attacked Fort Redding also. Based at this fort was the 513th New Jersey Rifle company where 20 year old PVT. Patrick Williams born half Native-American and half white was stationed. The Confederate attack caught the soldiers by complete surprise and killing all in Fort Redding. All except young Patrick who was able ti hide in a storage basement. Upon leaving and seeing the complete destruction of the fort and all of his fellow soldiers and brothers dead he decided that day to fight as no man can fight so no other Northern soldiers would have to be slaughtered and that day he became the first Major USA.