When To Quote on CV

Okay, so there are people who don't know when or how to quote properly, some people get bothered by this too much, but it can be pretty irritating to get tagged for no reason. So, let me give you a brief explanation of what I think is proper quoting and what isn't.

When To Quote

So the quote button in Comic Vine is only really uses for 3 things, 1. If you are directly quoting what someone said to talk about a specific statement they made. 2. If you are continuing a conversation thread with more than one person. 3. If you are quoting from an official source.

Type 1:

So basically you can quote something like this:

@Major_hellstorm said:

Bump. I might go through with this real soon.

So when will you get to it?

As you can see, there I am specifically referencing something said by *cough cough* another user, so quoting would make sense and it would be better since it allows me to know what you are talking about from my notification box, because sometimes if you are just tagged you have no idea what the other user is talking about, especially if some time has passed.

You can also use this function when debating around the forums. But remember don't do this quote your opponent's entire argument and just bold your statements or anything like that, it may just be my preference but doing this is so much cleaner.

I believe that Kraven has what it takes to win, can he win if he fights them all at once 4v1? Probably not. But luckily he does not have to, with a 100 feet of distance he has plenty of room to operate, that combined with his poisons that he can use to temporarily take out some of the Turtles and his Hunter mentality and you don't get a straight fight.

Yes, but you forget the Turtles are trained Ninja, they wouldn't allow Kraven to control the fight either.

You get Kraven systematically eliminating them all one at a time, something he did in the past against the X-Men

A young and inexperienced X-Men and he had Blob's help.

As you can see, using segments is better. Just copy paste what you what to respond to one at a time and hit the quote button then put your reply below the quote (make sure your reply is not also in quote mode).

Lastly if you are debating multiple people at once make sure to quote them all and separate their posts.

Type 2:

If you are talking among multiple friends, in a thread where what you are saying is relevant, then you may quote them like so

@Johnnyboi said:
@ranom said:

Pssh. Kraven took on the X-Men, the turtles' numbers won't stop him.


As you can see, this is the one of the only appropriate times to quote

Type 3:

Lastly when you quote from a wiki or a book you can do so like this:

Robert "Bobby" Drake was a mutant who joined the X-Men sub-unit known as the New Mutants. His codename is Iceman. He is believed to be the leader of the New Mutants. He is shown to be carefree and fun loving, although very caring of his friends.[citation needed]

He is one of the most shown New Mutants, along with Amara Aquilla. He is shown to be close friends with almost all of the New Mutants and with Kitty Pryde. He was one of the few New Mutants to go on an official Mission. He is believed to be bad at Science for he is one of the students who went with Beaston an extra credit field trip to the Redwood forest. Even though he doesn't appear to be, he is very level headed in a panic and thinks of others first.

Marvel Wiki

Remember to use the credit button.

When Not To Quote:

  • When you aren't quoting a statement directly.
  • When someone not part of your conversation is part of the tag (just delete the tag, it is super easy).
  • When the original text is already so over quoted that it is unreadable, start a new chain please.

And here is when to never quote

  • Never quote a bunch of scans, especially non-spoiler blocked ones. It slows down the page.
  • Never quote a callout list unless it is important. A bunch of users will get tagged for likely no reason.
  • Never quote when you are specifically told not to quote.
  • Never start a chain of quotes without removing any and all users not part of the conversation (you think you may not do this vets, but you do, I get tagged by this a lot).