Top 5 Things That I Dislike Seeing In a CaV

This is the to 5 things I dislike seeing in a CaV, if I see a CaV with these things I am less likely to vote or read through it (if I am in a match with it I will be less motivated to complete it). Before you go try and check which of my debates are like this, I will have you know that I respect every person I CaV'd against. Also this is just my opinion, I know some people who like seeing these things.

1. When One of the Debaters Thinks They Are Superior To the Point of Insult

Whether it is due to having a better win/loss ratio, having more post, thinking your posts are better or simply having a big ego, some people just decide to insult their opponents inside the CaV thread without the other person doing anything wrong, sometimes these people even insult the other person's arguments or voters, this just gets on my nerves, when I read debates like these I can't help but think who the heck does this guy think he is? Now there are some cases where this is justified, like when your opponent truly is lacking effort/thought, but honestly when you start insulting your opponent you lose all justification and just look like a jerk. Have some patience and maybe try to help your opponent.

2. Troll CaVs

I don't mean the joke debates, I mean troll debates where there is no real arguments posted or when one character intentionally stomps the other. Just no.

3. When Both Sides High/Low Ball

It is basically a waste of time to vote in debates like these, plain and simple. I know it can be tempting to high/lowball your/their character if you see your opponent do it, but you will get more points in my vote if you just prove tat they are high/lowballing then if you do it yourself.

4. When Someone Complains About Their Opponent Taking Long to Post Despite That Not Being the Case

For example you take 3 days to make a post but your opponent takes a week, so you start complaining. For me as long as your opponent says when he can make a post and does not take longer than a month (unless both sides agree that they can take that long), it should be fine. Yes it can be hard waiting for an opponent, you can get impatient and anxious but your opponent is a person who either has work or school and a whole load of over responsibilities not to mention other hobbies. I will say that it is fair that you worry if your opponent isn't online on the Vine anymore but I am mainly talking about debates where both sides are still fairly active.

5. CaVs That Are Really Really Long But Are Not Amazing

When a CaV lasts 5 posts each and each post has 1,000+ words in it and there is nothing mind blowing or thrilling about the debate I just space out when reading it. This happens more often in messy multi user CaVs. Just try to use fewer words and focus on one topic at a time.

Honourable Mentions

  • Messy threads due to $hit posting.
  • Troll viewers.
  • CaVs where someone drops mid match for no good reason but is still around.
  • CaVs where grammar is thrown out the window (I don't have great grammar so I don't expect people to be perfect but at least be readable).

There are a few more but those are the ones I wanted to mention.

Also, I just want to note that I don't dislike heated debates, as long as both sides are at the same level of intensity and are respectful enough.

Well that was my list, what are somethings you don't like seeing in debates?