Top 5 Most Prevalent Worst Kinds of Voters/Votes

So I did this a while back, and recently I have been thinking about things I don't like about votes. This will only be votes that happen often, so obvious occasional bad votes won't be part. Also this is just my opinion, I am no voting guru myself. Anyway, here are the top 5 types of votes that irritate me when I see them.

1. Character Fanboy/Hater Votes

You can just tell when someone did not read the debate when their "vote" is actually more of an argument as to why their favorite character should have won or if the character they hate should have lost. There are also the ones that only read half of the debate, the half of the debate that confirms their bias and their vote is basically just them agreeing with that debater without acknowledging any counters the other debater made. These kind of people also tend to spew more insults, often uncalled for.

Bottom Line: You're either a troll, an alt of one of the debaters or someone new. If you are the first two, you can leave, no one needs you. If you are the third one then immerse yourself in CV culture before voting at all, learn how to vote from others and learn what a good CaV is.

2. Debater Fan/Hater Votes

Basically this is when you try to find a reason why you are voting for the user you are friends with. There are actually two types of people like this 1. The subconscious type (and I am sad to say I do this sometimes) and 2. the conscious type. The subconscious type, is pretty hard to spot since the user affected by this wants to be fair, but you can tell that their vote is a tad bit tainted, perhaps they focus more on the user they are friends with more, perhaps they vote for the user they are friends with when the debate is a tie or perhaps they just piggie back on a vote that they see voting for their friend. This normally isn't a big deal but it makes debating well liked people or older users, really hard because you will have to fight the subconscious bias of the voters. It also makes CaVs that should be close, one sided.

Asides from that there are people who do it consciously, with their whole post just praising one user or hating on one user. This is more rare because most of the time it ends up being an alt that voted, but it does happen sometimes.

Bottom Line: Like I said, I can relate. I kinda feel obligated to vote for the person who tagged me and I subconsciously think that the user I respect is better than his opponent, especially when the debate is close and I am choosing who won in the end. The best way to combat this is to know that a logical vote helps the user you like more than a biased one and reading the debate twice really helps. If you are a hater however, just avoid the person you hate, there is a block button you can use. You are the reason people are saying CaVs are a popularity contest, fix it.

3. Non-Reader Votes

There are two types of non-readers, 1. the guy who just quotes the vote they think is reasonable without reading the debate. 2. The person who just wings it, saying super general things like "person B had better counters and person A's format was made". Both types are super annoying because you can never know if your voter is just lazy and made general statements or quoted (which I do sometimes, sorry I am lazy) or if the voter just plain didn't read anything. I put this at 3 cause it is more rare than a fan debater voter (which IMO might be the most common one since it is subconscious and no one can say if they are or aren't).

Bottom Line: No one is desperate for your vote so you don't have to, and often there is more than enough time for you to actually read the debate. Stop being lazy.

4. Water Voters

These people get convinced easily by hype, aggressiveness or confidence. So if I said "your team has no chance, we win in every possibility and every scenario. We over power you, out match you. Simple as that" Instead of "I believe that I have proven that my team should be able to pull a win against yours." then some people will flock to me just because I sound more confident in what I say despite me using the exact same feats. Now in terms of debaters, this is actually a debating technique that is 100% okay to use, you can trip your opponent up with aggressiveness, try to make it look like you are stronger than you are without really claiming anything etc. that is fine. But for voters, your have to look at the feats and arguments above the hype words, because hype words are just fluff, you can give a user props for being convincing but IMO don't base your vote around this.

Bandwagon voters also fall in this category, voters who think "Hmm, this guy has 3 votes, guess that means he is a winner so I will vote for him too." again, this can happen subconsciously.

Bottom Line: I sometimes try to make it seem like I have a huge advantage when my opponent gives me a little one, because I am trying to sell my argument to the audience. So to combat this, judge the arguments and make your judgement solely based on that and don't care about the other voters or how good one of the debaters thinks he is.

5. Lazy Boys

People who say T4V and never vote, people who quote other votes more often than they make their own, people who are so general they look like a non-reader, people who browse debates instead of reading, people who just tag who they think wins with no reasoning. I am willing to bet that you have done one of these things before (that or you haven't voted more than once), yes a majority of us have done this once or twice. I know because I am Mr. Lazy. Now there isn't anything inherently wrong with lazy voting, since you are usually doing the debaters a favor (since finding votes is hard these days) while getting nothing in return, but come on at least give feedback, it helps the debaters improve and makes you look that much more credible.

Bottom Line: Just only vote when you have the time and energy. Asides from that, I don't know. Help me.

How To Vote:

Now this would be the proper way to vote (at least as far as I have seen).

  1. Tag the user you are voting for or both debaters.
  2. Provide reasoning as to way you are voting that way and try not to focus on one user only. Also if you say Person A debated better, be specific, how did he do better? Which arguments convinced you?
  3. Feedback. Outside the debate, give your thoughts on general performance and how the debaters can improve. No, you don't have to be HoF level to do this, if you are a noob and you gave me logical advice, I would appreciate it.

Some people give ratings in the end or grades, some people analyze the debate post by post or section by section, but you do not have to do that. It would be great if you did, but you are not obligated to do that in order to have a good vote.

There are other types of votes that irk me (like troll votes) but these are the most common ones that do. I hop that this awakens some of you people into thinking "Wait? Do I do this?" because 6/10 times you probably do. Also for transparency reasons, I want to say that I am not referencing a specific person or a specific debate I had, if you think I am then maybe its because this speaks to you. Anyway, that was all from me, what are your thoughts on the matter? Which kinds of votes do you dislike?