The Major Hellstrom Collection

I'm basically just going to list everything I did on here for future reference.

CaVs\Tourney Matches

This should be 70 but I can't find my match against Shirso

  1. Me using Sabretooth vs Aurelion using Kirei. (Win 3-1)
  2. Me (Terrax) and Foxerdes (Sinestro) vs. EmperorThanos (Ronan) and Yarva (Etrigan). (Unofficially canceled by Yarva)
  3. Me vs Aurelion again in a high street tourney. (Win 2-0)
  4. Me using Thragg and Brutaal vs SupremeGeneration using his flagship Iron Man and Hulk. (Canceled by SupremeGeneration)
  5. Me vs Multiversity in the second round of a high street tourney. (Won via forfeit)
  6. Me using Aang vs ANTHP using his team of water benders. (Unofficially cancled by ANTHP)
  7. Me using Injutice Supes vs KrleAvenger using N52 Supes. (Lose, 0-6)
  8. Me vs Arkbound in the same high street tourney. The semi finals. (Won via forfeit)
  9. Me (Composite Captain Marvel) and Foxerdes (Atrocitus) vs KrleAvenger (Silver Surfer) and Multiverity (Sersi). In doubles high tier tournament. (Unofficially canceled by Foxerdes)
  10. Me vs HigorM vs Blackestnight. The finals. (Lose, 0-5-2)
  11. Me using Hit-Girl vs. The Red Viper using the Hound. (Lose, 3-8)
  12. Me vs. Revan (Necronn) in the first round of another Ultimate Street tournament. (Won via forfeit)
  13. Me using Thragg vs. EmperorThanos using OPM character, Boros. (Lose, 0-5)
  14. Me using Doc Ock vs. Mial42 using Avatar Wan. (Win 3-0)
  15. Me vs Arkbound in an Ultimate Street tournament. (Lose 0-2)
  16. Me using the Mandarin vs. SFW using Mothra. (Lose 1-4)
  17. Me vs. God Vulcan in a high tier tournament. (Won via forfeit)
  18. Satan (JustSomeRandomKid) V.S. Shazam (Me). (Win 3-0)
  19. Me using Scorpion V.S. Valor175 using Booker Dewitt. (Unofficially canceled by Valor 175)
  20. High Tier Tourney RD2: Sovereign91001 vs Major_hellstorm. (Won via forfeit)
  21. Me (finally) using the Shocker vs. Tai Lung (Foxerdes). Became Loki vs Malekith. (Probably dead)
  22. Me and General Grievous and (Valor 175) Korosensei V.S. Saber (Jardinain2) and Midnighter (Shirso). (Unofficially canceled by Valor 175)
  23. Grab-your-best-friend Tournament Round 1: Lubub55 and High_Noon vs Major Hellstorm and Shirso. (Unofficially canceled by Lubub55 and High Noon)
  24. High Tier Tourney RD3: Major_hellstorm vs Mr_ingenuity(Open for votes). (Lose)
  25. Street PYP 5.0: Boschepg vs Major Helstorm. (Win 3-0)
  26. Me using Terrax V.S. Queen Marceline using Master Roshi. (Unofficially Canceled by Queen Marceline)
  27. Me using Avatar Korra against Cor Tsar using Mario. (Won via concession)
  28. Me, on what should be the last CaV I will start in a while, using YJ Superboy against Shirso using Luther Strode. (Win 3-0)
  29. MM Mid Tier Tourney: beatboks1 vs Major_Hellstorm. (Canceled)
  30. 2017 High Tier PYP 2nd Edition RD2: Emperorthanos vs Major_Hellstorm. (Lose, 1-3)
  31. Me against DarthJHawk in a mid tier comic vs manga CaV. (Lose, 0-1)
  32. Street PYP 5.0 Deathhero61 vs Major Hellstorm. (Lose 0-2)
  33. Me and BlackSpidey2099 using Ult Green Goblin and Spidey against Watcher5000 and Valor 175 with a manga team. (Lose, 2-3)
  34. Street PYP 6.0 R1: MajorHellstorm vs Causeimbatman. (Win 1-0)
  35. Me using DCEU Doomsday against Streak using Meruem. (Win 4-1)
  36. Me using Midnighter against Jlone using Gamora. (Ending)
  37. Me using Backlash against GV using Gang. (Discontinued)
  38. Street PYP 6.0 R1: The Red Viper vs Major Hellstrom. (Lose 0-3)
  39. Me using White Canary against All Father using Achilles. (Canceled by All Father)
  40. Me and Trust This using Pride and Deathstroke against DJH and CauseImBatman using Black Panther and Batman. (Ongoing)
  41. Me using Kraven vs Shaolin Cowboy used by Owie. (Voting, 0-1-0)
  42. Street Vs Mid Tourney RD 1: Major_Hellstorm vs Revan2424. (Canceled)
  43. Machine Man (Me) against Yokai, Hiro and Baymax. (Win 1-0)
  44. Me using Haunt against SMX using Baoh. (Discontinued)
  45. City Street-Block's Gambler R1: juiceboks vs king_hellstorm. (Unofficially canceled by Juiceboks)
  46. 2018 High Tier PYP 1st Edition RD1: Causeimbatman vs King_hellstorm. (Won via forfeit).
  47. Injustice Superman (me) V.S. Skaar (EmperorThanos). (One day).
  48. Comic Vine Forums Battles Quick Debate Street R1: King Hellstorm vs Chimeroid. (Lose, 0-3)
  49. Me using WM against DJH using IF against Watcher using Yang in a Three For All. (Discontinued)
  50. Me using Ironhide against CitizenSentry using Iron Man (Win 2-1)
  51. 2018 High Tier PYP 1st Edition RD2: King_hellstorm vs Chimeroid (Win, 4-1)
  52. 2018 Mid Tier PYP RD1: Major Hellstrom vs. Chromtheexalt (Won via forfeiture)
  53. Me using Fox Mr Fantastic vs KoL using MCU Thor (Tied, 2-2)
  54. 2018 Gothic/Steampunk PYP RD1: Major_Hellstorm vs Gearsecond659 (Win, 5-2)
  55. Me using B'wanna Beast vs Tooru Mutsuki (KingCrimson) (Discontinued)
  56. CaV: Major Hellstrom (Backlash) vs. Gearsecond (DCAU Damian Wayne and YJ Arsenal) (Win by concession)
  57. 2018 High Tier PYP 1st Edition Finals: Thewatcherking vs Apex_Pretador vs Major_Hellstorm (Lose via forfeit)
  58. 2018 High Tier PYP 2nd Edition RD1: Major_hellstorm vs Sirfizzwhizz (SFW got banned)
  59. CaV The Human Bomb (Major_Helstrom) vs Omega the Unknown (SirFizzWhizz) (SFW got banned)
  60. Me using Quasar in a triple threat (Gear and Streak had a disagreement regarding the rules)
  61. Me using DCEU Batman against MCU Crossbones in Amcu's first CaV (Win, 3-0)
  62. Me using Midnighter in a joke CaV against KoL's Galactus (Win by concession)
  63. Me using the Growing Man against Hyperion (Thunder Prince) (Win 1-0)
  64. Streak and I (Killua and Rocket) vs the newly weds (DCEU Wonder Woman and MCU Iron Man) (Discontinued).
  65. Crack Squad vs Teambuster CaV: GearSecond659 vs Major_Hellstrom (Gear never posted)
  66. Me using the CoC Wizard against GearSecond using MCU Doctor Strange (Win, 7-0)
  67. Me against Gear (A-Bomb vs Jinbe) (Gear forfeited)
  68. Street Tier PYP R1: Warlockmage vs Major_Hellstrom (Won via forfeit)
  69. 2019 High Tier PYP 1st Edition: Major_hellstrom vs Foxerdes (Won via forfeit)
  70. 2019 High Tier PYP 1st Edition Rd2: Major_Hellstorm vs TheWatcherKing (Ongoing

Characters I have Used in CaVs\Tourney Matches

This is roughly a complete list of characters that I used or was going to use in a CaV or tourney match.

  1. Sabertooth
  2. Terrax
  3. Kraven
  4. Werewolf By Night
  5. Six Gun Gorilla
  6. Prince Zuko
  7. Thragg
  8. Brutaal
  9. Aang
  10. Injustice Superman
  11. DC's Captain Marvel
  12. Hit Girl
  13. Roy Mustang
  14. Scorpion
  15. Kingpin
  16. Bolin
  17. Doctor Octopus
  18. The Mandarin
  19. Cyborg Superman
  20. Loki
  21. Darkness
  22. The Shocker
  23. General Grievous
  24. MCU Iron Man
  25. Mysterio
  26. Darthhawk
  27. Avatar Korra
  28. YJ Superboy
  29. Aspen Matthews
  30. N52 Aquaman
  31. Kid Omega
  32. Ban (SDS)
  33. Metamorpho
  34. DCAU Amazo
  35. Witchblade
  36. Kurome (AGK)
  37. Vlad Plasmius
  38. Weather Wizard
  39. Sandman
  40. Vermin
  41. Ult. Green Goblin
  42. DCEU Doomsday
  43. Midnighter
  44. Backlash
  45. Joker (BatB)
  46. Human Fly
  47. Tenzin
  48. Quan Chi
  49. Kazar and Zabu
  50. White Canary
  51. Pride (FMA)
  52. William Gravel
  53. Machine Man
  54. Haunt
  55. Darkling
  56. Reed Richards
  57. Manchester Black
  58. Captain Boomerang Jr.
  59. Mirai Kuriyama
  60. MCU War Machine
  61. Ironhide
  62. Taskmaster
  63. Evil Ernie
  64. Live Action Reed Richards
  65. Johnny Sorrow
  66. Thor (IDW)
  67. B'wanna Beast
  68. DCEU Batman
  69. Quasar
  70. Human Bomb
  71. Growing Man
  72. Rocket
  73. Kid Eternity
  74. Spot
  75. CoC Wizard
  76. A-Bomb
  77. Eraserhead
  78. MCU Captain America
  79. Iron Butterly
  80. Abra Kadabra
  81. Mano


List of all my blogs from oldest to newest

  1. Reaching 2,500 posts/My Experince With Comic Vine So Far (Thanks). (my most commented on and first blog)
  2. CaVs I was in and stuff. (CaV list 1.0)
  3. The Community. Suggestion/Intro thread (Workshop thread for an old idea I had). Dupe thread
  4. Community's Finest: First Issue (First issue of a series I did with other users who have now left CV)
  5. The Community's Finest: Second Issue. (Second issue of this series which was just like The Daily Debater but for the whole Vine)
  6. Top 5 Things That I Dislike Seeing In a CaV (First blog I made cause I was triggered)
  7. My CaVs List (CaV list 2.0)
  8. Idea Testing: HoF Jr (Another workshop thread for another idea I had)
  9. Top 5 Most Prevalent Worst Kinds of Voters/Votes (Second top 5 "triggered" blog)
  10. When To Quote on CV (Me explaining quoting etiquette, also this got pinned for a bit)
  11. Guide To: Formatting on Mobile (Desktop Mode) (My second guide, I think I made this for Supergoku)
  12. CaV Record (A list of all my wins and losses in just CaVs and not tourneys)
  13. Reaching 15,000 posts! (Me reaching 15K and my honest opinion thread)
  14. Proper CaV Conduct (A hybrid of my guides and my triggered lists)
  15. Hellstrom's Bootcamp | A Newbie's Guide To The Battle Forums (My magnum opus, if you will. Basically my guide to everything a noob should know)
  16. My CaVs list 3.0 (CaV list 3.0)

Tournaments and Scenarios

All the tournaments and scenarios I hosted off the top of my head (there are others I can't remember, I'm sure)

  1. Low Mid Tier Challengers Tournament. (Tourney where the gimmick is that you can choose your opponent)
  2. High Tier Tournament (Just another high tier tourney)
  3. New Year's Survivors Tournament. (Tourney where the gimmick is you have to kill the other player)
  4. 2018 Mid Tier PYP 1st Edition (Tourney that a bunch of people helped host)
  5. Major Hellstorm's Forest Challenge Signups (Tourney that never got off the ground)
  6. The Battle Scenario Game (The first scenario I made cause I was triggered)
  7. Heroes VS. Villains Scenario (Scenario I took from Banthabot)
  8. Scenario: Spirit of Adventure (Last scenario I made)

Video things