The Community's Finest: Second Issue.

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So Loki apparently deleted last issue and the Turtle slowed me down, delaying this issue, sorry for that. But do not fear we (might) post more on time the next time around.

The Community's Finest

Best Blogs

1-3. First, second and third we have ImpurestCheese with her guide to animals.SHe has entires on the Spanish Fly, Bedford Worm and Leatherback Turtle I follow her blog and read it as soon as it comes out so I can tell you that all 3 of these blogs are very informational.

4. Next we have a Hector Hammond Respect Thread by EmperorThanos. This is not the type of RT that is just a collection of scans, this is an RT that took work and effort to make, seriously nice job.

Best Threads

1. We have the "Your Favorite [Street-level] Bullet timing feat" up first, here you can see other Viner's favourite street level bullet timing feats and share your own.

2. We also have a CBM hero popularity contest. I always like me a good popularity contest cause they are always fun.

3. We have the latest Create a Character Contest, and it is in voting. There are two stories to choose from and both are good, but ImpurestCheese is winning the votes currently.

4. Over at the artist show off forum we have a Costume Contest, sadly the voting season has ended but you can still see good art by the CV community and a new contest will be up shortly.

5. Lastly we have a thread asking which president do you think is the worst one in history. There are a lot of different opinions there and while the thread mostly focuses on American presidents it is still a good place to have discussions about the topic, especially if you're into history.

Best Battles

1. Here is a popular SW battle between Darth Vader and the team of Savage Opress and Asajj Ventress.

2. Next we have the HoF High Tier of the Week between Heirtothekingdom vs Beatboks1, so far the votes are close and the arguments made are interesting.

3. Finally we have Odin Force Thor vs Amazo, an interesting match with interesting answers.

Best Fan Fiction

1. I am not really into fan fic so I picked out one of the more popular ones and it was pretty good, it is called Marvel Mayhem: Daredevil: The Silent Streets by ImpurestCheese.

Best Debates

1. First up a CaV by TCF's very own StaticSpeedster in Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin (StaticSpeedster) V.S. Batman ad Robin (Batman3000), so far it is going slowly but the quality of the posts is high.

2. Next we have MCU Captain America vs Hellboy, a good debate so far and an interesting match.

3. If you are an AtLA or LoK fan I am sure you will enjoy this match (CaV: Zuko (Deathhero61) and Lin Beifong (ANTHP2000) vs Korra (Mial42) and Kuvira (Foxerdes)).

4. Normally we only have three entries in this section but Jash and Nickzambuto are going at it using their flagships and I am sure everyone would like to see that (if it finishes at least :P). Here is the link Challenge A Viner: Jashro44 (Spider-man) vs Nickzambuto (Solid Snake).


1. There was also the Scenario of the Month which is to my knowledge, the first ever project of it's kind that the BotW team did. I am in it and it is pretty cool (a little slowly but cool).

2. We also have a new tourney by SFW where you can only use obscure characters, definitely one I will be following.......but it got canceled so here's Morleericks' live action horror tourney instead.

3. At third we have the most recent addition to TDD's newest series called Feat vs. Feat, this week Iron Man and Luffy's feats square off. The most current one is Black Panther's feat vs Iron Fist's feat here.

CV Times

Static said that he will post it separately in this thread due to length.

Also CitizenSurfer and Flash1812 said that they would like to help us make these. Hopefully they stuck around cause I am not very good at this "on time" thing. Also we will be switching up our style a little so stay tuned for that.

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This idea was suggested by @the_red_viper, here I will put in nerdy riddles for you to solve, the first one who gets the right answer get a shout out next issue (if this gets popular enough, I will even put in a leaderboard). And yes, I will keep this intro here for the time being

This was TRV's idea, and this riddle fun fact, was also his creation (he sent me a few and I picked this one). See if you can guess which story it is in the riddle )yes a copied most of this portion but it is still true, lol).

"Many years ago, a powerful empire put me in chains, and took joy in watching my blood and my pains. But today their swords and arrows would not have harmed me with such ease, and I am confident that I could have easily brought it to its knees. Who am I?"

I was not able to get this one but maybe you guys will.

The Community's Finest, Secret Issue

This is what was meant to be the second issue but we skipped it so here it is (take that Loki!).

The Community's Finest

Best Blogs

1.Shego Respect Thread nominated by Foxerdes.

2. Sunset Shimmer Respect Thread made and nominated by Foxerdes/Watcher

3. Spectacular Spider-Man Respect Thread nominated by Foxerdes.

4. CW Arsenal Respect thread

5. Nul > Green Scar: Respect the deified Hulk nominated by AsgardianBrony, this is not here for the blog itself but the arguements below it.

6. Impurest's Guide to Animals #174 - Portia labiata Nominated by Ms Lola.

7. Impurest's Guide to Animals #175 - Orange Legged Centipede Nominated by Ms Lola.

Best Threads

1. VOTING: Costume Contest 123-Nightwing Nominated by Ms-Lola/GunMetalGrey

2. Should all public colleges and universities be tuition-free? Nominated by Ms-Lola.

3. Who's your favorite Female X-men in comics ? Nominated by Ms-Lola.

3. Scenario of the Month: Phase 2

4. Create a Character Contest #061 - Small Contest

5. CaV of the Month Voting

Best Battles

1. HoF Team of the Week

2. CW Flash vs. Fox Quicksilver in a race

3. The Worthy vs the Phoenix 5

Best Fan Fiction

1. Fic-O-Pedia: Fics of May, 2017 (I don't read fan fic on the Vine so here is a link to them all).

Best Debates

1. Jace (Banthabot) vs.Eragon (The Red Viper)

2. Karate Kid vs. DBZ Earthlings

3. CaV: Bolin (DeathHero61) vs Zaheer (Mial42) Open for Votes!


1. Corporate Wars PYP Tourney Sign Ups

2. CCC Scenario: Eldritch Uprising

3. Krleavenger's Flash: The Return of Barry Allen #1 - Volume 1: The Return of Barry Allen review

4. Costume Contest #124: Gambit

CV Times

Black Cat/Silver Sable movie announced.

Wonder Woman came out (and it was great).

SupremeGeneration from the Daily Debater will leave the Vine.