Reaching 2,500 posts/My Experince With Comic Vine So Far (Thanks).

So I've finally reached 2,500 posts in a span of (around) 13 weeks (starting when I first made a post not made my account), that is 27.4 posts a day. Wow, I spent too much time on here.

Anway I just want to share my CV experiences so far (I won't be tagging anyone cause I wouldn't want to bother people who may not want to be tagged).


When I first got here as M_H, I won't lie, I was already semi-familiar with the place having been here before under another name (it is a secret account. I used a VPN so the mods probably don't know who I used as well, although I do live with someone who was also a Viner). But even so, it had been nearly 3 years since I had first left (I did use my friend's account to vote on CaVs from time to time), and CV had changed a lot since then, so I was effectively a newbie again. I at first didn't really care as I thought I would only be posting once or twice a week, maybe making a few threads and voting on a few matches (my friend left the Vine so I couldn't use his account), but as I started to read and re-explore the forums/threads, I remembered why I was so attracted to this site in the first place, the Viners here are just loads of fun, everyone was a nerd like me and were even more knowledgeable on most topics than I was, it was a blast conversing with a lot of Viners and reading what you guys had to say on different topic. You guys quickly made the Vine became one of my favourite sites (along with Reddit, DDO and YouTube) again. You made me start joining everything I could, CaVs, tourneys, scenarios contests etc. and before I knew it you guys helped me hit 1,000 posts then 2,000, and now 2,500 and we are still going strong.

Like everyone, I had my ups and downs, my disputes and fun chats, cool dudes and haters, but I found myself liking this community more than hating it. Asides from the A holes, fan boys and trolls, I really can't find anyone to hate or hold a grudge against. You guys helped me like comic, anime, manga, cartoons, books and video games just a bit more, you guys pushed me as a debater and battle maker.

So in short, thank you guys, for being civil, nice, welcoming and being pretty awesome at times, thank you for readily correcting me, debunking my arguments and showing me how to debate, and mostly, just plain in simple for being a part of my day for the past few weeks (I know it sounds corny but it would take longer and be quite fruitless if I went the other route, I do have some bad expriences though).

I won't actually tag anyone for the reasons I already stated above nor will I be able to mention everyone I want to mention as it would take some time, just know if we had a conversation before and you think you should be in here, you probably should be. Anyway, without further ado, here is my list of people I would like to thank, (very) roughly in order of meeting them based on memory.

  • The HoFers who I emulated and whose debates I read even before I made an account. Thanks.
  • StaticSpeedster, my first CV friend and conversation buddy, thanks for bearing with me for 700+ messages.
  • Cosmic_Templar, my first follower and pretty cool dude, I have no idea why you followed me or if you even did it on purpose or not but thanks for that.
  • SeaGod, the guy who allowed me to rant to him when I did not know you can send empty PMs, also for knowing one of secret stories. Thanks.
  • Primez0ne, for hosting my first scenario and putting up with my nonsense, thanks.
  • HigorM and Sovereign91001 for being the first ones to debate me, thanks for teaching me how to debate the hard way.
  • FirstOlympian, for being the first to debate me in a CaV and a tourney, thanks for not pulling your punches and helping me become a better debater by constantly putting me on edge.
  • People who voted on or helped judge one of my CaVs (especially Wyldsong and BlackestNight93), thanks for helping me improve and taking the time to read my stuff.
  • Detacude, for being my first partner in a Scenario and dying in it with me.
  • Everyone who joined my tournament and did not forfeit.
  • Samconery, for giving me this idea in the first place and giving me a shout out in it. Thanks.
  • Everyone I am having a CaV with and everyone in the Daily Debater, for not treating like the noob I am and helping me become better. Thank you guys.
  • The mods, guys who civilly corrected me on the battle forums or commented on my matches and the two guys who plastered my name everywhere, thanks for being cool and keeping the site fun and interesting.
  • And everyone else I forgot about (like some guys I follow or who follow me), honestly I kinda made this post in just a few minutes cause I was burning posts too fast. But thanks.

A Word of Advice from a Newbie

If your arguing with a person who is not a troll or an extreme fanboy and have the patience to write walls of scans and insults, please even if you are right, do try to understand where your opposition is coming from, no one is 100% stupid and gets facts from thin air, check your facts, check their facts, understand their argument before trying to counter it, understand where they are coming from or shy they think that and try to ask questions first. Insults get you no where, you don't learn anything, your opponent doesn't learn anything and you lose time on your post. As an internet junkie I can say that this advice is not just for the Battle forum or CV, but for most of the internet. Really, I can't count the times when either me or my opponent are arguing based on miscommunications, misconceptions or hear say. Again, try to understand everything about your opponents argument before resorting to insults and getting salty, it is easier for them to learn, ends arguments quicker and you may learn a thing or two as well.

Peace out suckers. Thanks for reading (if you did).See in 2,500,000 posts.