Proper CaV Conduct


First of all, I am not writing this because I'm self righteous or something. I will openly admit that I have not had proper conduct in all of my debates. This is not a post talking about about who I am now, it is a post explaining who I try to be. I share this publicly, because there have been a couple things that have annoyed me recently, and I thought that maybe if I posted this, I would see it less. Also, keep in mind that this is obviously just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. Also this is all just off the top of my head

Now with that out of the way, I would like to explain how I think CaVers should conduct themselves, as quickly as possible.


When it comes to making a CaV, the two most important characteristics are clarity and honesty. Now what do I mean by that? I mean that when you propose a match, especially if you are directly offering a match to someone, you should always........

1. Clearly explain how powerful your characters are and what hax they have. Yes, I know it is very tempting to attempt to pull a fast one on your opponent, especially when you have an unknown character, but it is honestly just a cheap a tactic that kills the fun for your opponent and is just a jerk move. How detailed you are is up to you, but it doesn't really matter as long as you are honest and clear. 2. Discuss the rules. A lot of the time people just use the standard rules, and that is fine, especially when you opponent tells you to make the thread. But if you want to add a particular rule that may change the debate, even if only slightly, (character version and\or limitations, win condition\s or battle field) it is always best to ask your opponent if they are okay with it first. 3. Be honest about how often you can post. This is just a mini point because these days CaVers seem to go on CV every other day, but if you can't post often or are going on a holiday, always be sure to notify your opponent so they can adjust their expectations.


  1. Be honest and clear about your character\s capabilities.
  2. Make sure the rules are clear and agreed upon.
  3. Make sure to make time constraints clear.

In CaV

Whereas in the pre-CaV the most important characteristics are honesty and clarity. I would say in a debate the most important aspects is respect and integrity. Now before I start this, I'd like to say that I do believe that respect should be earned, but I also believe that disrespect should be deserved as well, so you don't go around treating everyone with 0 respect until they've earned your approval, there should be a reason that you lack respect for someone. Earning respect works both ways. But as I was saying, you have to treat your opponent with respect. Which means:

1. Unless your opponent is okay with it, mockery, salt and trash talk should go out the door. 2. Stop with the cheap shots, seriously. The last post is not meant for you to bring up surprise points that your opponent cannot counter, if you are the last poster all you can do is counter your opponent's rebuttals and claims, no new points. This also means, no intentionally "sneakily" cutting parts out of your opponent's argument, no twisting their words or the evidence, none of that.

And in terms of integrity you always have to.......

1. Know your scans. Yeah, unless it is a gimmick like it some tourneys, stop RT debating, RTs are there for you to either get to know a character or have easy access to a compilation of feat you already know the context to. 2. Know your claims. Obviously, you have to back up everything you claim, every piece of your argument that matters needs to be backed. But also please, for the love of all things holy, stop making claims when you don't know what you are talking about. Don't compare your character to your opponents if you don't know anything about your opponent's character and don't make claims about your opponent's character if you have no knowledge on them. It will prevent you from poetically looking bad and it's super annoying to deal with baseless claims. AKA 3. Just do your research. Yes, it is time consuming but if you don't have the time, don't join a CaV with or against a character you do not know. 4. Fight clean. Lastly, don't really on dirty tactics. Don't rely on broken abilities or a stronger character, don't rely on dirty tricks like cropping scans. Rely on your character and your skill. If you don't think you can do it with just that, then concede, winning isn't everything. Also keep in mind the word rely, using mind games and hax here and there is fine, but it shouldn't be your main weapon.


  1. Respect your opponent.
  2. Do your research before you say anything.
  3. Rely on your skill in debating to win, not cheap tricks.

Post CaV

You know the drill for know. The two most important characteristics for this category is contentment and good sportsmanship. This super simple, in fact everything I wrote here is simple, all you have to do is 1. Be content with the arguments you have already made, and trust in them, proof reading before posting helps a lot in this aspect. This means once the debate is done, it's done. No adding new arguments, just let the voters vote. Also in terms of voters, that is where good sportsmanship comes in. Because with good sportsmanship you will know not to 2. Argue with voters. Asking for more clarification or detail is fine but anything beyond that is not. If you aren't satisfied with the vote and have reason to believe it is biased, simply talk it over with your opponent in hopes that it will no longer be counted. 3. Beg for votes. Again, there is a fine line between advertising your debates and intentionally asking, even pestering people to vote. Especially when you ask people who will be biased to vote (and let's be honest 90% of vote beggars get biased votes. It is a subconscious bias you instill unto a voter if you ask them directly for a vote) such as your friends or someone who is a fan of the character you are representing. I have had 55 debates, with indie\cartoon\comics\anime\video game characters, known and unknown alike, and let me tell you it is hard to find voters some times, but they will come eventually, maybe not a lot of them but they will come. So stop begging for votes, it is really annoying, you have no reason to do it and it is pretty obvious you are desperate for a win. More on bad voters here.


  1. Be content with your posts
  2. Have an open mind and try to understand the reasoning behind the votes.
  3. Stop begging for votes.


To sum it all up in 3 words

Credit to FC
Credit to FC

Don't be a wimp. Never say die, fight with honor and intelligence till the last word, if you do so, you may not win every match, but you sure as heck will steadily improve and have some great matches. And anyway, if you lose, then so what? It's just Comic Vine. Get back up, see why you lost, improve and try again.

EDIT: Also just want to add that some people may have the thought of "It's just a CaV, it's not a big deal if I rely on cheap tricks" instead of "It's just a CaV, it's not a big deal if I lose", and in fairness both are true. But 1. While CaVs aren't a big deal, it feels a lot more frustrating to be tricked than to lose, at least from my experience. 2. It's a bad practice. If you get used to cheating in the small stuff like CaVs, it may affect your outlook on bigger things outside of CV.

Anyway, that was just my thoughts, what do you guys think?