Idea Testing: HoF Jr

So basically I had an idea that I told to @wyldsong about a HoF for new users, just to congratulate some of the stand out new guys on the block (since we get so many bad apples). We talked for a bit and thought of these conditions:

  • To be eligible to enter the HoF Jr you must have been on CV for under a year (since you started seriously debating).
  • Standard HoF rules apply (no banned users or trolls can be voted in, no voting someone twice, no bad mouthing, etc.)
  • To vote you must have 1 year CV experience or more.
  • No nomination processes as there aren't as much people to get voted in.
  • Depending on popularity this will happen every 6 months or every year.
  • Only 3 users can be voted every edition.