Hellstrom's Bootcamp | A Newbie's Guide To The Battle Forums

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Now, I'm sure some of you people just happened to stumble into this thread, wondering what it's all about. So before I begin, let me quickly answer some possible questions

Q: What Is This Thread?

A: This thread is the first part of my series guide to the battle forums. In this thread, I aim to cover everything new Viners will need to know, in a comprehensive and concise manner, without having to click away. This means that the following pieces of advice are my opinions, ones that you do not have to agree with.

I will be making three of these posts, to cover different topics. This week, it's back to basics, this will mainly be an orientation to the forums, a "how to act and how things work" of deal.

Q: Why Was This Made?

A: Because simply put, there is a distinct lack of good forum debaters on the Vine as opposed to the Vine 2-3 years ago. This is due to many factors, but overall I think it is due to one main thing, CV is in a transitional phase. Thanks to a combination of the rise of CBMs and comicbook\manga battles being stale over time, the focus of the battle forums is different now. This lead to an influx of newer users, and on top of that once active users have been leaving CV in droves (for various reasons). So due to this, I have decided to try to fast-track the development of potential active CV users by creating this thread, so any person interested in this forum can gain the tools they need in order to be a quality user and have a good time.

Q: What Is The Goal?

As I said, my goal is to give Viners a toolkit for them to use as they traverse the forum, so that they can hopefully become active and productive users. But more than that, I aim to host a Newbie Tournament around a month from now So as to prepare for the said tournament, I have created this guide for a potential participants to read, so that they would not be completely clueless as to how this forum works. I plan on making this a two parter if I have the time as well.

Q: Who Is This For?

First and foremost, it is for the newbs or users who are just getting into this side of CV. But more than that, it is also for older users who may want or need a refresher, or older users who just haven't learned some of this stuff yet, after all as they say "You don't know what you don't know".

Q: Didn't "MrRandomGuy" Already Cover "BlankTopic"?

In this post, I will be covering topics that have or may have already been discussed by somebody else, but that is their opinions on those topics and these are mine. So if you would rather use the other guides, that is fine. However, I will try to make this one more complete and relevant to the current CV climate.

Q: Do you have an awesome theme for this?

Good question. Lucky for you I did find a badass song for you to listen to make reading less dull. I made the picture just cause.

Now, with that out of the way, without further ado, let me present to you Major Hellstrom's guide to the Battle Forums............maggot!


1. Rules

Unlike the rest of this guide, the following rules are not my opinion but are official rules created by the mods. Now, what I have posted here is just a short TL;DR version of the rules I wrote, but the full list with explanations can be found here.

  • No Nudity or Sexually Explicit Photos
  • No references drugs unless strictly comic related
  • No cursing
  • No using slurs of any sort
  • No making threats
  • No partaking in or causing drama
  • Strictly no abusing or harassing anyone
  • No quoting a post which breaks the rules, as it is counted as rule-breaking as well
  • Post in the right sub-forum
  • No piracy
  • Make use of the flag button, that is the only acceptable retaliation to rule breakers
  • Strictly no spamming or trolling
  • Use the search function
  • Think before you type
  • Speak directly to a mod or a staff member if you have a problem with a mod
  • Speak in English
  • No plagiarism
  • Check your wiki submissions for spelling or information errors
  • Only use the flagging function if someone has broken the rules
  • No uploading duplicate photos into the wiki or breaking the scan rule, which is the law
  • Don't screen capture private conversations unless you have to, and do not post private messages to the public without permission
  • No talking about spoilers without using the spoiler button or warning users that you may be spoiling them.

2. Etiquette

Now that you've learned about things you can't do, now it is time to learn about proper etiquette.

Before I get into the characteristics which I believe every active user should have in order to have good etiquette, let us first define the word.

Definition of Eqttiquet

"The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group." -Google

So now, what does it mean to have polite behavior? Well, I'll get to that, but before we talk about what is polite, we must first discuss what is impolite, as that is the bare minimum that is required.

Do Not

  • Break the forum rules.

This one is obvious. But this means that you cannot insult, swear at, threaten to harm, or spam someone just because they said something you disagree with, and yes even if you are "objectively" right. It's against the rules, so it's obviously not good etiquette.

  • Prematurely judge\label people

It is important to note that you shouldn't judge someone based on just a few things that person has said, or done. In fact, you probably shouldn't judge people at all, but that's admittedly a little too difficult to apply. However, stopping yourself from judging people prematurely isn't that difficult I've seen this happen multiple times now; a user would say or do something dumb or trollish in one thread, then suddenly would get labeled as dumb or as a troll by the majority. Which is honestly pretty harsh and unneeded. Some newer users just may be ignorant about certain things thanks to being new, so they should at least be given a chance to grow and improve before being judged and mocked. Everyone has newb days, heck there was a time where I didn't even know what tiers were and thought that Hobgoblin vs Etrigan would make for a good fight. So the point is, take it easy on the newbs. Not everyone who says or does something silly is a troll or has some nefarious intent.

  • Derail the thread

An occasional joke or unrelated sentiment is fine here and there, as long as you are aware of your surroundings. If you moved the thread out of topic entirely, or if you can tell that you're out of topic posts are only amusing yourself, kindly delete them

A rule of thumb would be that if you notice that most of your posts are out off topic, your off-topic posts have buried the actual topic, or you have nothing on topic to actually say. Kindly leave the thread and\or delete your off-topic posts.


  • Have Class

Respect may have to be earned, but that does not mean that you can go around treating people with no respect. Have some class. When you debate, always be aware that you are talking to other people, treat them with the same dignity and respect that you want to be shown. Don't be trashy or rude, that's just low class.

  • Keep An Open Mind

If you stick around in CV long enough, you will be wrong about something because you aren't infallible, no one is. So whenever you engage in a discussion, always try to keep an open mind and drop your biases, it won't harm you. Who knows, you could even learn something and change your mind, and changing your mind isn't a sign of weakness. It is a sign of humility. Just think of it like you are updating your OS.

  • Have Integrity

Few things are more intimidating than a person who can back up what they say without having to result to slimy tactics. So the technique here is simple, don't make promises you can't keep, and don't start battles you can't win clean. That way, you won't ever have to break your word. Now, I will be honest, I struggle with keeping my word as well, but it's something I'm working on.

3. Types of Battle Threads

So when you enter the battle forums you may stumble into different kinds of threads, and for a newbie that can be confusing. So let me now give you a rundown of common thread types you may encounter.

  • Normal Battle Thread

This one really needs no explanation. A character vs character battle or team vs team thread without any special stipulations is a normal battle thread.

  • Gauntlets

A gauntlet is a thread that pits a character or team into a series of battles. So if you want to know if, for example, you wanted to know if Batman can beat Bane, Hawkeye, the Lizard and MCU Scarlet Witch, you can create a singular thread pitting Batman against them in a gauntlet match where he goes up against each opponent round by round. Gauntlets are usually ordered by power level, and the person taking the gauntlet usually gets to heal up fully before every round.

  • Multi-round threads

Some battle threads may feature a battle with multiple stipulations and different rounds for each different set of stipulations. For example, you can create a thread like "Captain America vs MCU Warmachine. Round 1: Morals on. Round 2: Morals off." if you want to know the outcome of more than one situation.

  • CaVs

A CaV is a thread wherein two more Viners who agreed to a debate, represent character\s of their choosing, and present arguments and reasonings as to why their character\s will win the hypothetical battle. After the debate is done, the CaV will be open for votes, which means that any Vine will be allowed to vote on which debater they think performed better. Voters are expected to give reasonings and be unbiased, otherwise, the vote may not be counted.

  • Scenarios

Now, there are two types of scenarios in the battle forums. 1. A thread wherein Viners role play as characters of their choosing or creation, in a story style game. 2. A thread where the thread maker, puts a character into a situation that isn't necessarily a straight-up battle. For example, if you want to know if MCU Winter Soldier can stop a bank robbery with "X" parameters, you can make a thread about the topic.

  • Tournaments

like scenarios, there are two types of tournaments. 1. A tournament between Viners, which is just a bunch of CaVs where the winner of each CaV proceeds unto the next round. 2. A tournament between characters, in these threads you have to say which character moves on to which round and which character wins the tourney, pretty self-explanatory.

  • Banned Battles

This part is not my opinion, it is part of official forum rules. Banned battles include battles between Dragon Ball characters fighting non-anime originating characters (I.e Goku vs Superman or Beerus vs Dante), "fake" characters that come from unpublished media (I.e fanfiction characters), universe vs universe battles (I.e. Marvel vs DC), omnipotent characters (I.e TOAA vs MCU Cap), excessive numbers battles (I.e 1,000 Hulks vs Galactus), religious figures (I.e Jesus vs Hercules).

Mismatches will also be locked, as will troll threads.

4. Formatting Tools

This will just be a brief overview of what each button above the textbook does.

For reference, this is the options you are given, I will cover what each tool does from left to right.

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  • Paragraph

If you hover above the paragraph button, you will be greeted by the words "Header 4", "Header 3", "Header 2". Clicking on each header will increase the size of your text, with4 being the smallest and 2 being the biggest.

  • Bold

When you clock on the letter "B", you will make it so that every letter you press afterward will look like this. Pressing it again turns off the effect, and you may highlight what you want to be bolded before clicking the bold button so that you can bold multiple words at once.

  • Italics

The italics button functions much like the bold button does, except your words will become italicized like this.

  • Underscore

Underscore works the same way, except it underscores your words.

  • Strikethrough

Strikethrough also works the same way, but it strikesthrough your words. You may also use multiple effects at once like so, you can even use them all at once.

  • Bullet Point

Bullet points are what I have been using. If you press on the bullet point button, it creates a bullet point like so

You can create many in a row, but pressing "Enter" twice in a row will delete your bullet point

  • Numbered List

The numbered list works the same way, except it numbers your bullet points automatically, like this

  1. First is the worst
  2. Second is the best
  3. The third is the one with the hairy, hairy chest
  • Indent Left\Right

These buttons make it so that you can move your text around,

like so

However, it may not always work with images.

  • Quote

The quote option, when pressed, makes text look like


You can also source your quotes by hovering over the quote and clicking "Credit"

like this

The Great Hellstrom
  • Link

Clicking the link button allows you to create clickable links like so. But if you are a newb, you are not given the option to link off-site until you gain enough posts.

  • Image

This allows you to upload images from different sources, like this

No Caption Provided

If you stack photos sideways, they will look like this (open them in a new tab to see the full photo)

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

You can also upload most GIFs this way.

  • Video

The video button allows you to upload videos. I would give an example but you cannot put videos under spoiler block, as they disappear.

  • Table

The table button allows you to create an excel sheet style table, but again, you cannot create tables under spoiler block.

  • Spoiler

The spoiler block button blacks out text unless you hover above the text. Like this. It functions like the bold\italics\underline\strikethrough functions as well.

  • Spoiler Block

Clicking spoiler block creates blocks for parts of your post, you can view spoiler blocks by clicking on them. This is good for sectioning off long posts, covering images for neatness and for covering spoilers (of course).

And that's all you need to really know.

5. When To Quote

As I just taught you how to use the superpower that is the quoting button, I shall now teach you how to properly wield this tool. As with great power comes great responsibility. (This is just a C\P from my older blog)

When To Quote

There are two quote buttons in CV, one next to the "Reply" button when you hover over other users' messages, and another in your toolbox above your text box. Here, I will teach you when to use both.

The quote button in Comic Vine is only really used for 3 things, 1. If you are directly quoting what someone said to talk about a specific statement they made. 2. If you are continuing a conversation thread with more than one person. 3. If you are quoting from an official source.

Type 1:

So basically you can quote something like this:

@Major_hellstorm said:

Bump. I might go through with this real soon.

So when will you get to it?

As you can see, there I am specifically referencing something said by *cough cough* another user, so quoting would make sense and it would be better since it allows me to know what you are talking about from my notification box, because sometimes if you are just tagged you have no idea what the other user is talking about, especially if some time has passed.

You can also use this function when debating around the forums. But remember don't do this quote your opponent's entire argument and just bold your statements or anything like that, it may just be my preference but doing this is so much cleaner.

I believe that Kraven has what it takes to win, can he win if he fights them all at once 4v1? Probably not. But luckily he does not have to, with a 100 feet of distance he has plenty of room to operate, that combined with his poisons that he can use to temporarily take out some of the Turtles and his Hunter mentality and you don't get a straight fight.

Yes, but you forget the Turtles are trained Ninja, they wouldn't allow Kraven to control the fight either.

You get Kraven systematically eliminating them all one at a time, something he did in the past against the X-Men

A young and inexperienced X-Men and he had Blob's help.

As you can see, using segments is better. Just copy paste what you what to respond to one at a time and hit the quote button then put your reply below the quote (make sure your reply is not also in quote mode).

Lastly, if you are debating multiple people at once make sure to quote them all and separate their posts.

Type 2:

If you are talking among multiple friends, in a thread where what you are saying is relevant, then you may quote them like so

@Johnnyboi said:
@ranom said:

Pssh. Kraven took on the X-Men, the turtles' numbers won't stop him.


As you can see, this is one of the only appropriate times to quote

Type 3:

Lastly when you quote from a wiki or a book you can do so like this:

Robert "Bobby" Drake was a mutant who joined the X-Men sub-unit known as the New Mutants. His codename is Iceman. He is believed to be the leader of the New Mutants. He is shown to be carefree and fun loving, although very caring of his friends.[citation needed]

He is one of the most shown New Mutants, along with Amara Aquilla. He is shown to be close friends with almost all of the New Mutants and with Kitty Pryde. He was one of the few New Mutants to go on an official Mission. He is believed to be bad at Science for he is one of the students who went with Beaston an extra credit field trip to the Redwood forest. Even though he doesn't appear to be, he is very level headed in a panic and thinks of others first.

Marvel Wiki

Remember to use the credit button.

When Not To Quote:

  • When you aren't quoting a statement directly.
  • When someone not part of your conversation is part of the tag (just delete the tag, it is super easy).
  • When the original text is already so over-quoted that it is unreadable, start a new chain, please.

And here is when to never quote

  • Never quote a bunch of scans, especially non-spoiler blocked ones. It slows down the page.
  • Never quote a callout list unless it is important. A bunch of users will get tagged for likely no reason.
  • Never quote when you are specifically told not to quote.
  • Never start a chain of quotes without removing any and all users not part of the conversation (you think you may not do this, vets, but you do, I get tagged by this a lot).

6. Desktop Mode

Desktop mode is a feature that most mobile browsers have. Using it will allow you to have the desktop versions of your favorite sites. Here I will explain how to access it and how to use it (this is also just C\P from my old blog).

Accessing Desktop Mode:

This part is really simple and usually can be done in just 2 taps.

For Google Chrome you just have to press the top right corner then request desktop mode like this

No Caption Provided

As you can see, al you have to do is click on the 9th option and the page will reload into a desktop page.

For Firefox it is largely the same with a slightly different looking interface.

No Caption Provided

On Dolphin, you go to settings then turn on desktop mode. The desktop mode on Dolphin is differently from the others as in Chrome and Firefox, you on desktop mode per tab but on here when you on it the whole application goes into desktop mode.

No Caption Provided

And lastly, on Safari you click the share icon then turn on desktop mode.

No Caption Provided


1. Scans

I recommend that if you intend to post more than 1 scan at a time, then you should PM yourself all the scans or organize your scans in your mobile device's gallery. This will give you easy access to scans, and it will reduce the number of crashes and glitches.

Also, if you are an IOS user, I recommend getting a file viewer since the options in Apple's built in the photo album are limited.

2. Saving Your Post

I strongly recommend that you 1. PM yourself your post every other paragraph or so (depending on it's length) 2. Get a clipboard application, this will save things you have copied into the app so even if CV crashes you will be safe. Always be sure to select all copy every so often and before you send anything.

3. Editing Your Post

If you have to edit your post majorly, I suggest using Word or a similar app as that automatically saves whatever you type. Also, use a grammar checker, typing on mobile when you are used to PC gives you a lot of embarrassing typos.

Do not in under any circumstances edit a formatted post outside your PC or desktop mode. You will lose all formatting and scans if you do.

3. Formatting

There really is no hacks to this. If you want a nice post, you will need to work for it. Desktop mode can do virtually anything your PC can do so you can make posts from mobile that looks exactly like a PC post, it just depends on how much work you put into it. Although I will say that if you are using desktop mode for the first time, you shouldn't expect amazing posts right away.

4. General Tips

  1. Get yourself a keyboard. If you intend to use desktop mode in a lot or in a lot of sites. You don't need one however and some people do prefer typing on the screen.
  2. Proofread your post on PC or make an outline your PC. You can do either or, both will improve the quality of your posts and can save you from embarrassing mistakes.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcuts.These are keyboard shortcuts. They can help you be more efficient.
  4. Know what you are typing. Most of the time when your post gets deleted, your scans are safe since it gets saved to your account the moment it gets uploaded. This means that if you do mess up, the hardest part will be re-typing everything and it will be much easier to redo the post if you know what you are typing.

7. Comic Vine Hot Keys

As you may know by now, if you use a PC, there are such things as keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys. Learning what they are can save you a lot of time, so I shall list down the important ones for you. Note: I use Google Chrome, not sure if these are universal.

  • Ctrl + C copies highlighted text.
  • Ctrl + B toggles the "Bold" function, as discussed earlier.
  • Ctrl + F opens the search function, which is a little text box that will search the page you are in for words you type into the textbox.
  • Ctrl + I toggles the "Italics" function.
  • Ctrl + S Saves links and documents for you.
  • Ctrl + U toggles the "Underline" function"
  • Ctrl + V pastes stored text.
  • Ctrl + Z undoes the last thing you did, so if you pasted or deleted something accidentally, immediately use this command.
  • Ctrl + Y Undoes the undoing. If you pressed Ctrl + Z by accident, use this to undo it.

8. Battle Forum Terms

In the battle forum, you may encounter some of these commonly used acronyms or words that you may not know the meaning of, here I will explain what the most commonly used terms in the battle forums are and what they mean.

  • Amp: An amp refers to an upgrade or amplification of power, which makes a character stronger than their standard levels. Such as a Green Lantern with Blue Lantern energy.
  • BFR: This stands for "Battle Field Removal" and is the act of taking away the designated battlefield by leaving the battlefield or being forced out by your opponent\forcing out your opponent. It may also refer to completely destroying and\or changing the battlefield in such a way that one side gains an unfair advantage. BFR is usually banned in most debates so that a character may only win by death\KO\submission.
  • Bias: A bias is a preconceived notion against or for an idea or character.
  • Bloodlusted: Bloodlust refers to a state wherein a character is no longer holding back and will now use every ounce of power they have to go for the kill. It may also refer to a frenzied state in which the character craves blood, which may affect a character's skill level.
  • Brick: A character who relies heavily or only on their physical abilities such as the Thing or Hulk.
  • CaV: This stands for "Challenge a Viner", and as stated before this is a thread wherein Viners challenge each other to more formal debates representing their chosen characters.
  • Canon: The word canon refers to whether or not something is in continuity or not.
  • Composite: The word composite means that the character gets accesses to feats from all versions and continuities, usually does not include amps.
  • CQC: This stands for "Close quarters combat", this refers to battles where ranged weapons and\or powers are banned from use.
  • EoS: This stands for "End of Series". This acronym is usually used in stories such as mangas or animes where there are endings to the series, usually hinting that a character gets an altered power level and\or power set by the end of the series.
  • Feat: A feat is a showing or a scan wherein a character does something impressive or worth showing. I.e bullet timing.
  • FTL: This stands for "Faster Than Light" and refers to a character being able to move at speeds faster than light itself.
  • H2H: This stands for "Hand to hand", which refers to battles where neither powers nor weapons are allowed to be used.
  • Hax: Hax refers to unorthodox abilities and\or an ability taht takes special resistances to counter.
  • Jobbing\Jobber: To job means to either have a low showing in order to make someone else look good, or to have irregular high\low showings. Jobbers are people who frequently job. An example of a jobber would be Karnak, a character who by feats and hype should be able to perform well against other Marvel fighters, yet gets one shotted by BP in two occasions.
  • LA: This stands for "Live Action" and pertains to the live action version of a character (like the MCU or DCEU versions).
  • Mismatch: A mismatch pertains to a battle that is so onesided that it is no longer debatable. I.e World Breaker Hulk vs Matter-Eater Lad.
  • Morals on\off: This pertains to whether or not a character will have to follow their moral code or not.
  • OOC: This stands for "Out of Character" and refers to an action a character could take but doesn't due to said action not being something that the character would resort to in the given situation.
  • OP: This stands for "Original Poster", in other words the thread creator.
  • Outlier: An outlier is a feat that goes against established power levels, this can be a feat that is too low or too high of a showing.
  • PIS: This stands for "Plot induced stupidity" this refers to anything that goes against established feats and or\canon which only happens or does not happen due to the plot. Like Flash getting tagged by Catwoman.
  • Prep: Prep is short for "preparation time", and refers to a period of time where a character is given time to prepare for an upcoming battle.
  • Scan: Scans refer to snippets or pages that come mangas, light novels or comic books.
  • Solo: To solo means to be able to beat a team by oneself.
  • Speedblitz: To speedblitz means to be able to hit\kill\takedown an opponent before they can react or launch a counterattack.
  • Spite: A spite thread is an intentionally mismatched thread.
  • Stalemate: A stalemate refers to a fight when neither side can get the better of the other.
  • Stomp: A stomp refers to a fight where one side would beat the other with ease. Such as Spider-Man vs Nightwing.
  • T4V: T4V stands for "Tag for Votes" and is used in CaV threads, where viewers may be asked to get tagged for when the CaV goes into its voting period.
  • TK: Stands for telekinesis.
  • TP: Stands for Telepathy.
  • Underrated: To be underrated a character is to unfairly think that the character is weaker than their feats would have them be.
  • Wank: To wank a character is to overestimate or oversell that character's feats, either intentionally or not. The term wanker is a term for people who wank a lot but it may be considered offensive by mods.

Note: Always use context clues. if you are in a thread such as "Darkseid vs Thanos" and someone uses the acronym "DS" they are most likely referring to Darkseid. This is the same acronym Deadshot and Deathstroke use for example, so be aware.

9. Common Types of Feats and Where To Find Them

A common mistake newbies make is assuming that all feats are the same\equal. But that is not the case. Here I will break down the common types of feats, roughly in order of most reliable to least reliable.

Types of Feats

  • Tangible feats

Tangible feats are in-panel feats that are cut and dry, feats that are self-explanatory, requiring no calculations, interpretations or scaling. These feats usually happen against tangible real-world objects. An example of this would be something like shown planet busting by an unamped character.

  • Basic Scaling

Basic scaling feats are feats that require a basic explanation as to why a feat was impressive, this means that very few assumptions need to be made. So say Deathstroke beat Nightwing clean, in a fight where Nightwing was clearly not holding back. You can then scale Deathstroke to Nightwing to show why Deathstroke beating him was impressive.

  • Off Panel

Off Panel feats are canon feats that happen outside of the pages of comics but are easily provable as something that did take place. An off panel feat would look something like this. When using off panel feats, try to not make any assumptions.

  • Statements

A statement is a feat that is purely hypothetical. Such as a character stating their capabilities, character stating another character's capabilities, a computer, author or guidebook stating a character's abilities etc.

To clarify, if a character states that one character beat another that would be an off-panel feat, but if a character states that one character could beat another, then that is just a statement. There are also multiple degrees of trustworthiness when it comes to scaling but that isn't something needed for the basics.

  • Advanced Scaling

Advanced scaling is scaling without direct correlation. For example, if you scaled Deathstroke to Nightwing, then Nightwing to Batman, then that would be advanced scaling. Another type example would be scaling Bakugo off of Deku based on how they performed on a similar test.

  • Calculations

Calculations or calcs are feats that are backed up by math instead of any tangible or comic book evidence, usually using a lot of assumptions.

Where To Find Feats

there is only one place to find feats, the medium where the character comes from. If you are repping Spidey you gotta read Spidey comics, if you are repping Lan Fan you better watch and\or read FMA. There is no two ways about it. Don't get feats from RTs or CaVs if you don't know the context to them (also ask for permission).

ComicbookDB will help you find out a comic book character's chronological appearances and Gfycat can help you create GIFs easily.

10. Common Fallacies

People in CV sure use a lot of fallacies, so here is a short list of 5 fallacies that Viners need to stop using.

  • Ad Hominem Fallacy

The Ad Hominem Fallacy is a type of argument which attacks the person you are debating against instead of their argument. An example would be something like

User A: Superman is FTL because "Y" argument.

User B: You are so stupid therefore your argument must be false therefore Superman is not FTL.

  • Straw Man

A strawman argument is a way of twisting your opponent's words in order to make it seems as if they have a weak argument that you can take down. An example would be something like

User A: Invincible can fight Thragg, a character much stronger than Omni Man, so Invincible should be stronger than Omni Man.

User B: So you think Invincible would stomp Omni Man? Lol, no "insert flawed reasoning here" so Omni Man wouldn't be stomped.

  • Circular Reasoning

Circular reasoning is a type of argument that is only supported by itself. For example

User A: Martian Manhunter is FTL because Wonder Woman is FTL.

User B: How do you know WW is FTL?

User A: Because she can keep up with MMH, who is FTL.

  • Bandwagon Fallacy

The bandwagon fallacy is an argument that relies on popularity. For example

User A: Punisher would beat Batman.

User B: No, he wouldn't, because Batman can "insert reasoning here"

User A: Yes he would because everyone else says so.

  • Argument From Fallacy

An argument from fallacy is a logical line of reasoning that dictates that if your opponent used a fallacy, their entire argument must be bad. For example

User A: Star-Lord would beat Falcon because "insert reasons here" and everyone else says so.

User B: That's the Bandwagon Fallacy, flawed argument.

User A: And that's the argument from fallacy, get rekt.

Closing Thoughts

Well, that was pretty long-winded. But if you've made it this far then awesome! I hope you've learned something from this, and if you did I hope you will use that knowledge to become a better user.

Any questions, disagreements, suggestions, and feedback you may have is welcome, though preferably in a PM.

I salute you on your journey, good luck.