Guide To: Formatting on Mobile (Desktop Mode)

Recently the topic has been brought up in a thread, which got me thinking. Now I know that there are short guides on CV that show you how to access desktop mode but this blog will be a little more in-depth and hopefully a little more helpful.

Accessing Desktop Mode:

This part is really simple and usually can be done in just 2 taps. Desktop mode will allow you get that task bar above the textbox, which gives you all the features of the PC. Now depending on which browser app you use there will be different ways so I will cover 4 of the best ones (Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin and Safari)

For Google Chrome you just have to press then top right corner then request desktop mode like this

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As you can see, al you have to do is click on the 9th option and the page will reload into a desktop page.

For Firefox it is largely the same with a slightly different looking interface.

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On Dolphin you go to settings then turn on desktop mode. The desktop mode on Dolphin is differently from the others as in Chrome and Firefox, you on desktop mode per tab but on here when you on it the whole application goes into desktop mode.

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And lastly, on Safari you click the share icon then turn on desktop mode.

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1. Scans

I recommend that if you intend to post more than 1 scan at a time, then you should PM yourself all the scans or organize your scans in your mobile device's gallery. This will give you easy access to scans, and it will reduce the amount of crashes and glitches.

Also, if you are an IOS user, I recommend getting a file viewer since the options in Apple's built in photo album are limited.

2. Saving Your Post

I strongly recommend that you 1. PM yourself your post every other paragraph or so (depending on it's length) 2. Get a clipboard application, this will save things you have copied into the app so even if CV crashes you will be safe. Always be sure to select all copy every so often and before you send anything.

3. Editing Your Post

If you have to edit your post majorly, I suggest using Word or a similar app as that automatically saves whatever you type. Also, use a grammar checker, typing on mobile when you are used to PC gives you a lot of embarrassing typos.

Do not in under any circumstances edit a formatted post outside your PC or desktop mode. You will lose all formatting and scans if you do.

3. Formatting

There really is no hacks to this. If you want a nice post, you will need to work for it. Desktop mode can do virtually anything your PC can do so you can make posts from mobile that looks exactly like a PC post, it just depends on how much work you put into it. Although I will say that if you are using desktop mode for the first time, you shouldn't expect amazing posts right away.

4. General Tips

  1. Get yourself a keyboard. If you intend to use desktop mode in a lot or in a lot of sites. You don't need one however and some people do prefer typing on screen.
  2. Proof read your post on PC or make an outline your PC. You can do either or, both will improve the quality of your posts and can save you from embarrassing mistakes.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcuts. These are keyboard short cuts. They can help you be more efficient.
  4. Know what you are typing. Most of the time when your post gets deleted, your scans are safe since it gets saved to your account the moment it gets uploaded. This means that if you do mess up, the hardest part will be re-typing everything and it will be much easier to redo the post if you know what you are typing.


I have done many things using desktop mode (made a CaV post, a blog and a scenario). But be warned, you will need patience in order to use this as a post that would take 2 hours on a PC can take more than 3 on mobile.

Desktop mode is also cumbersome and super glitchy in IOS (which is why I use Dolphin on my iPad since it is the most stable). The page will refresh quickly if you quit the browser, deleting your progress. That is why there are many safety measures that I mentioned above that you should take.

Also this should go without saying, but your device should at last be as big as an XL phone to be useable (like the iPhone 6 Plus).

P.S. This was done using desktop mode.