Community's Finest: First Issue

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Hello everyone, welcome to the first issue of The Community's Finest or TCF, where you vote for every thread, blog, battle and more that the you think is finest. Since this is the first issue I had to skip nominations for some since not many people votes, but I hope that will change soon. This issue's date is April 18 to May 19 (the cutoff point for entry was May 15). Make sure to keep a lookout for the next issue!

Best Blogs

  1. The first blog was recommended by @foxerdes and made by @lubub55, it is a detailed respect thread for the one and only Oliver Queen AKA the Green Arrow. It's great and interesting read that I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of the Green Arrow. Check it out here: Green Arrow (Post-Crisis) Respect Thread
  2. For the next one we got a non comic book related blog which was recommended by @ms-lola. The blog was made by Impurest. And if you aren't familiar with it, it's a series of blogs about animals. I unfailingly read her guides but this one is particularly interesting as it is about the Hammerhead shark family.
  3. Third we have an interesting blog by @asgardianbrony where he talks about his beliefs about Omnipotence. It was short but well done, thought provoking and overall a great read. We surely must have more of these sort of blogs around the site.
  4. Here we have a great respect thread by @krleavenger on Injustice Hal Jordan. As a huge Injustice fan, I must say it is very comprehensive. Better read up Injustice fans!
  5. Next we have a respect thread by @thesuperor on CW Prometheus, it is very engaging, detailed and organized. It is overall a good read if you're interested. Also before you ask, even thread RTs count as blogs as long as the OP is the one making the RT.
  6. And lastly we have another respect thread from @thesuperor on CW Weather Wizard, it's short one but it's still a good read.

Best Threads

  1. This first thread was recommended by Foxerdes and created by Lubub55. It's a Comic Vine roast thread, yes a roast thread, here you can call someone out for their faults or just joke around long as they give their consent to you. It seems pretty fun and this is a great way to test your wit!
  2. Second, we have a popularity thread by RIKR2, this is the 5th one in his series and aims to see which comic book character Comic Vine likes the most.
  3. We have a new series by NWO, where he creates scenarios and you vote for which hero from the ones listed is best to solve them. It it a pleasant twist to the popularity contests on the Vine and has only just started but it looks like it could be some fun. Check the thread out here.
  4. Then we have a thread recommended by TRV and created by Zetsumoto, here you try to create your own endless team to try to beat Zetsumoto's, it is pretty interesting and more team ideas would be cool. Here is a link to the thread.
  5. Lastly we have another recommendation by TRV, this time created by Nathaniel_Adam. It is called the CAV of the Month, an interesting and promising idea.

Best Battles

  1. First up is the current BotW, between Zealot and Gorgon, two amazingly skilled superhuman swordsmen. There is good discussion going on and votes are still open.
  2. Secondly, we have a great match up of super soldiers, it's Solid Snake vs Deathstroke. There is plenty of good arguments, debate and discussion to be had in the thread and there is plenty of good ones already. Reading through it I learned a bit about both characters, great thread.
  3. Lastly, we have the BotD #3, Sentry vs Gladiator. It is a good matchup and is the most popular BotD to date.

Best Fanfiction

  1. First up is a story by TommytheHitman recommended by ImpurestCheese called Marvel Knights: The Vengeance of Moon Knight . It is quite good and fun, and I look forward to the upcoming issues.
  2. Next we have the current CCC voting thread where many good space horror themed stories compete to win the honour of being the host of the next CCC. Voting ends in a few days so you should check it out quick.

Best Debates


  1. For this issue's first and only entry, we have @lunacyde's Gaslight scenario. It is a fun and interesting idea, filled with exciting missions and assassinations, with veteran roleplayers competing with one another. As a player I would say that it is really amusing and that you should join. Even though it has already begun, the game has only just started and new mercs are still welcome to join. Or, if you just want a taste of the action, you can go ahead and check out Zetsumoto's debate against Erik and his team of 7 assassins right here.
  2. As I said the other slots are empty this issue, I don't go to other forums or check lists out that often so I apologize for that. If you think something should be in here next time please do nominate the thread.


  1. For this issue's advertisement, we have Xerolot's new Battle Forum series called Let's Analyze, it is like a well researched Death Battle without all the fancy animation. For the first edition Xerolot analyzed a fight between DCEU Supes and Lord Tirek, and for me it was a good read. It didn't get enough much attention but hopefully next time around it will.
  2. Also, I would like to advertise the CCG's introductory thread, here you will learn about this series, our other series called The Vine and the CGG as a whole.

CV Times

For this issue we have Injustice 2's launch trailer release (and the game's ending), a new event in DC comics called Doomsday Clock and a new trailer for a new series called The Gifted. There were also new Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Thor movie trailers, all of which were amazing, and I have high hopes for them all. Lastly as a last minute edit, CW reveals a new Black Lightning series trailer.

In terms of what's happened in comics (like the new Secret Empire arc), I recommend these videos, here Comicstorian spoils what happened the past 2 weeks. This is for Marvel 1 and 2, and this is for DC 1 and 2 (just got the latest ones, DC is a week behind). As for CV news, The Daily Debater sums it up pretty well every week, but if you just want the biggest news, then here is a link to HTTK's newest Battle Forums series called the Battle of the Day.

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This idea was suggested by @the_red_viper, here I will put in nerdy riddles for you to solve, the first one who gets the right answer get a shout out next issue (if this gets popular enough, I will even put in a leaderboard). And yes, I will keep this intro here for the time being

This was TRV's idea, and this riddle fun fact, was also his creation (he sent me a few and I picked this one). See if you can guess which story it is in the riddle.

"A masked hero who is strong at noon, and even stronger under the moon. Now take away his moon even though it's a bummer, and join what is left with what comes at the end of summer. A classic story will be made of this mess, which is very long but great nonetheless. What is the story?"

Credits: I'd like to thank to RocketRaccoonThingy for editting and proofreading, the CCG and RazzaTazz for the idea, the Red Viper for helping me create the Community Riddle and coming up with names and everyone who nominated a thread.