CaVs I was in and stuff.

Me using DCEU Doomsday against Streak using Meruem


  1. Me using Sabretooth vs Aurelion using Kirei. (Win 3-1)
  2. Me (Terrax) and Foxerdes (Sinestro) vs. EmperorThanos (Ronan) and Yarva (Etrigan). (Unofficially cancled by Yarva)
  3. Me vs Aurelion again in a high street tourney. (Win 2-0)
  4. Me using Thragg and Brutaal vs SupremeGeneration using his flagship Iron Man and Hulk. (Cancled by SupremeGeneration)
  5. Me vs Multiversity in the second round of a high street tourney. (Win via forfeit)
  6. Me using Aang vs ANTHP using his team of water benders. (Unofficially cancled by ANTHP)
  7. Me using Injutice Supes vs KrleAvenger using N52 Supes. (Lost, 0-6)
  8. Me vs Arkbound in the same high street tourney. The semi finals. (Win via forfeit)
  9. Me (Composite Captain Marvel) and Foxerdes (Atrocitus) vs KrleAvenger (Silver Surfer) and Multiverity (Sersi). In a doubles high tier tournament. (Unofficially cancled by Foxerdes)
  10. Me vs HigorM vs Blackestnight. The finals. (Lost, 0-5-2)
  11. Me using Hit-Girl vs. The Red Viper using the Hound. (Lose, 3-8)
  12. Me vs. Revan (Necronn) in the first round of another Ultimate Street tournament. (Win via forfeit)
  13. Me using Thragg vs. EmperorThanos using OPM character, Boros. (Lost)
  14. Me using Doc Ock vs. Mial42 using Avatar Wan. (Win 3-0)
  15. Me vs Arkbound in an Ultimate Street tournament. (Lose 0-2)
  16. Me using the Mandarin vs. SFW using Mothra. (Lose 1-4)
  17. Me vs. God Vulcan in a high tier tournament. (Win via forfeit)
  18. Satan (JustSomeRandomKid) V.S. Shazam (Me). (Win 3-0)
  19. Me using Scorpion V.S. Valor175 using Booker Dewitt. (Unofficially canceled by Valor 175)
  20. High Tier Tourney RD2: Sovereign91001 vs Major_hellstorm. (Win via forfeit)
  21. Me (finally) using the Shocker vs. Tai Lung (Foxerdes). Became Loki vs Malekith. (Probably dead)
  22. Me and General Grievous and (Valor 175) Korosensei V.S. Saber (Jardinain2) and Midnighter (Shirso). (Unofficially canceled by Valor 175)
  23. Grab-your-best-friend Tournament Round 1: Lubub55 and High_Noon vs Major Hellstorm and Shirso. (Unofficially canceled by Lubub55 and High Noon)
  24. High Tier Tourney RD3: Major_hellstorm vs Mr_ingenuity(Open for votes). (Lost)
  25. Street PYP 5.0: Boschepg vs Major Helstorm. (Win 3-0)
  26. Me using Terrax V.S. Queen Marceline using Master Roshi. (Unoficially Canceled by Queen Marceline)
  27. Me using Avatar Korra against Cor Tsar using Mario. (Win via concession)
  28. Me, on what should be the last CaV I will start in a while, using YJ Superboy against Shirso using Luther Strode. (Win 3-0)
  29. MM Mid Tier Tourney: beatboks1 vs Major_Hellstorm. (Canceled)
  30. 2017 High Tier PYP 2nd Edition RD2: Emperorthanos vs Major_Hellstorm. (Debating)
  31. Me against DarthJHawk in a mid tier comic vs manga CaV. (Voting)
  32. Street PYP 5.0 Deathhero61 vs Major Hellstorm. (Lose 0-2)
  33. Me and BlackSpidey2099 using Ult Green Goblin and Spidey against Watcher5000 and Valor 175 with a manga team. (Debating)
  34. Street PYP 6.0 R1: MajorHellstorm vs Causeimbatman. (Debating)
  35. Me using DCEU Doomsday against Streak using Meruem. (Voting 2-1)

In total I have 6 wins and 7 loses.

Sceneario Battles

  1. Me using my own character in a sceneario vs. HigorM and Sovereign9001. (Lose 0-1).
  2. Me and Detacude vs Primzone in the Bleed scenerio. (Lose 0-2).
  3. The Battle of the Mortal gods. (Win 1-0).
  4. CCC, Watchers V.S.Everyone. (Ongoing).

Other Cool Stuff

John Dusk respect thread. (Will finish soon.....ish).

My LMTC tournament. (Going on round 2).

I am running a new series called The Community's Finest.

High Tier Tournament.

Battle Scenario.