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The Robot Masters of the Mega Man Series

In order by number. Includes DLN (Doctor Light Number), DWN (Doctor Wily Number) and DCN (Doctor Cossack) Robot Masters as well as other creations from the series. This list does not contain the Stardroids or characters from Megaman X.

Doctor Light

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Doctor Light is the creator of Proto Man, Mega Man and Roll, as well as the original Robot Masters from Mega Man 1. He also created the robots from Mega Man 9 [DLN 065-072].

He is also the creator of the prototypes from Mega Man: Powered Up - Oil Man and Time Man. They were designated DLN 00A and 00B in the Archie Mega Man series (numbers referenced and later put in order with Oil Man being first in Mega Man #17).

In the Archie Comic, Dr. Light is also credited with co-creating Plant Man with Dr. Pedro Astil.

Dr. Wily

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Dr. Wily is the creator of all the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. Robot Masters from Mega Man 6 have been referred to as DXN model numbers when Wily was in his Dr. X disguise.

Doctor Wily is also the creator of the Mega Man Killer (MKN) Robots (also known as the RKN series in Japan) as well as the Genesis Unit, known as the Wily War Number (WWN) Series. Doctor Wily also created King, who in turn created his own Robot Masters (listed below).

Among other creations of Dr. Wily to create his own version of Mega Man are Special Wily Number (SWN) Bass, New Wily Number (NWN) Ra Thor, Mega Man Shadow (no unit number) and Quint (reprogrammed Mega Man from the future).

Other Robot Masters

Dr. Cossack is the creator of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 4. They are sometimes listed as DWN after Wily reprogrammed them, but in the Mega Man Megamix manga and Archie series, they are labeled as DCN.

King was a robot created by Dr. Wily. He created some of his own Robot Masters, designated KGN.

Dr. Lalinde is the creator of Quake Woman (only the third female Robot Master) introduced in the Archie Mega Man comic series. She was designated LMN-001.

Dr. Astil is the creator of Plant Man in the Archie Comics volume.

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