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Silver Surfer Animated Series (1998)

Marvel characters and other pages appearing in the Silver Surfer animated series.

Cameo appearances in the background include Nova, Jack of Hearts and Ronan the Accuser.

Non-Comic Characters

Several characters were developed for the show and have yet to make comic appearances.

Lord Glenn
Lord Glenn

Lord Glenn

Lord Glenn is the leader of a four-armed reptilian race that had their planet destroyed by Galactus. He and his people would eventually become members of the Wanderers and hold a trial to make the Silver Surfer pay for his crime as Galactus' herald. (pictured left)


Kili is a female troll and the girlfriend of Pip. The Silver Surfer left her the egg of a Skrull queen to raise.

Universal Scourge
Universal Scourge

Universal Scourge

The Universal Scourge was a weapon created by an alien races wiped out by Galactus' hunger. It was implanted into Galactus and nearly cost him his life. (pictured right)

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Gamma Jen Beth

Female warrior and partner to Beta Ray Bill. (pictured left)


The caretaker of a Skrull planet used for breeding their population. Nietr wished to birth a new hive mother since the last had been killed by Prime Minister Kiar and Admiral Zedrao.

Prime Minister Kiar

Skrull prime minister who teamed up with Zedrao and killed the hive mother of the Skrulls to maintain their power over the empire.



Tor-Kay is an alien member of the Wanderers and was the Silver Surfer's defense in the trial his crimes while being herald to Galactus. (pictured right)

Darwick Murl (spelling?)

A male Zenn-Lavian who is known to Norrin.

List items

  • Obviously the main protagonist of the series, his origin remains the same as the comics. The differences start when Thanos unlocks his blocked memories. He then rebels against his master without the assistance of the Fantastic Four or Alicia Masters.

    Galactus spares Earth and releases the Surfer from his service. But to punish him, he throws Zenn-La across the universe, leaving it hidden from the Surfer. The series follows the Surfer's adventures during his search for Zenn-La and his beloved Shalla Bal.

  • The only character to be entirely computer animated, Galactus remains largely the same as his comic counterpart.

    In the series he has two heralds - first the Surfer and then Frankie Raye of Earth.

  • Galactus' ship is more of the classic UFO shape in the series. The ship is massive and Galactus pilots it from a dome at its center. The ship can deploy tentacles to siphon the precious energies of a planet.

  • The Power Cosmic remains as formidable as ever in the cartoon.

  • Uatu is the narrator of most episodes in the series. He is also the last remaining Watcher.

  • The war-like Kree make appearances in the show and are portrayed as having very high tech weapons, such that they can even endanger the Silver Surfer. As in the comics, they are the mortal enemies of the Skrulls.

  • The Skrulls have the same reputation on the show as they do in the comics. In the series, only a few planets have the necessary environments to hatch Skrulls. They place Hive Mothers on the planets and caretakers tend to the young until they grow up. They are the bitter enemies of the Kree.

  • Zenn-La is a technological Utopia like in the comics. After the Silver Surfer betrayed Galactus, he threw Zenn-La across the universe, so far that not even he knew where it rested.

  • Like the comics, Shalla is the lover of Norrin Radd and begged Galactus to take her as well.

  • While I might be putting this out on a limb, the "Master of Zenn-La" of the series shares many similarities to Norrin Konn. It may be a stretch, but the continuities are so different between the mediums.

  • Enamored with "Lady Chaos," Thanos torments the Surfer in order to find out Galactus' secrets and steal his powers. All he does in the process is unlock the Surfer's hidden memories. He later goes around destroying worlds for his beloved.

  • The Ego in the series is more of a victim than a villain. He was threatened by Thanos and forced to try to capture the Silver Surfer.

  • Frankie Raye is a teen from Earth in the series (and also blonde instead of a redhead). She does not possess the flame powers of the Human Torch. Instead she has the power to "find whatever she is looking for."

    She is enlisted by Galactus to become his herald after the Surfer's betrayal and later becomes friends with the Surfer and assists him in his search for Zenn-La.

  • Raze makes a brief appearance in the series, although with a different appearance. Raze taunts the Surfer and tells him that not only is he feared and hated throughout the universe, so are the Zenn-Lavians.

  • In the series, Pip and the other trolls are all genetically created by the Kree Empire and forced to be slaves. He, his girlfriend Kili and the other trolls on their planet were rescued by the Silver Surfer. Pip also spent a little time with the Surfer afterward.

  • Eternity appears in the show alongside Infinity. Eternity believes that the Surfer is key to saving the universe.

  • Infinity appears in the show alongside Eternity. Unlike her brother, she believes it is possible that the Silver Surfer may in fact destroy the universe.

  • Uatu is the only remaining Watcher on the show. The others all became Virals, a seemingly primitive creature with one group mind. This was the result of their interference in saving billions of lives. They reside on their home world - the Universal Library.

  • In the series, Mentor is the brother of Thanos. He and his faithful companion Drax search for the Universal Library of the Watchers. He eventually is absorbed and become a Viral like the remaining Watchers, having the knowledge he long sought.

  • Drax is the cyborg companion of Mentor in the series.

  • Nebula is still a manipulative space pirate in the series. She searches for the Universal Library of the Watchers for her own personal gain. She eventually becomes one with the Virals - the seemingly primitive creature with one group mind of the Watchers.

  • Geatar is still Nebula's first officer. He also becomes a Viral.

  • Beta Ray Bill is from the planet Harmony in the series. He is the greatest warrior in a life-like simulation that his race uses to ignore the bleak reality they live in.

    After he and his race are forced to leave their dream world, he and the female Gamma Jen Beth plan to rebuild their society.

  • With a completely different name and appearance, Lady Death is changed to Lady Chaos in the series to be more child friendly.

  • Gamora is the leader of the Wanderers in the series. She is left with much to think about when the Surfer saves their lives, even after they had condemned him to death.

  • The Wanderers of the series are a group of all races destroyed by Galactus. They were led by Gamora and Lord Glenn.

  • Prime Minister of the Skrulls

  • Zedrao is an admiral as opposed to a general in the series. He and Prime Minister Kiar plotted to maintain power of the Skrull Empire by killing the Hive Mother.

  • Kree-Lar is the capital planet of the Kree and home of the Supreme Intelligence

  • Zarek is a high ranking member of the Kree. He offers a deal to the Silver Surfer in order for an audience with the Supremor.

  • Adam Warlock was created in the series by an alien race to protect them from the Kree. He won the battle, but they locked him in a spacial anomaly in fear. There he relived his victory over and over.

    When he was released from the anomaly, he learned his people were all dead. He decided to return to the anomaly rather than face the truth.

  • Kree Sentries battled Adam Warlock in the Forever War

  • In the series, the Supremor was red instead of green. He wished to capture Adam Warlock and steal his DNA, but was foiled by the Silver Surfer.

  • After Adam Warlock was put in his prison, war broke out between those who disagreed with this choice. Another protector was created, which resembled the Magus. Soon both sides created their own Magus protectors and the resulting battle ended with the destruction of their race.