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Earth-691 - What became of 616 characters

Earth-691 diverged from Earth-616 in the 20th century (Marvel Two-in-One #69, Nov 1980). Also referred to as 'The War of The Worlds,' the Martians attacked and conquered Earth. Many popular heroes and villains were defeated or fled Earth in the process. The Martians would later flee and the Earth would be conquered again by the Badoon. Thus formed the Guardians of the Galaxy to combat them.

As with all alternate realities, readers want to know what their favorites were doing and why they aren't around. As a fan service, many characters back stories were thrown in to the mix.

This list compiles those small passages and appearances of prominent 616 characters and what became of them. Brief descriptions are provided as well as notes to direct your searches if you are interested. I've tried to add more expanded versions (if available) to the character pages where I found it necessary, so for more details check the alternate reality sections of the characters page.

Still a work in progress...

List items

  • Martians invaded the Earth in the late 20th century, killing virtually all heroes of the planet in the War of the Worlds.

  • The Badoon invaded the solar system in the late 30th century and forced the formation of the Guardians of the Galaxy

  • The fear of defeat looming, Tony Stark rocketed his armor into space to prevent the Martians from taking it (an error he made because he again took up drinking). It would eventually be found by an alien race who would worship him, even calling themselves the Stark.

  • Firelord would become the interim Protector of the Universe. He also became an honorary Guardian of the Galaxy and a member of the Galactic Guardians.

  • This reality has two Protectors - Firelord and the Silver Surfer

  • Vision would leave the Earth and become 'Main Frame,' the computer operating system of an entire planet. He would also guard Captain America's shield.

  • Guarded by Vision until the 31st century, the shield finally came in to the possession of Vance Astro (Major Victory)

  • Magneto led a group of mutants from Earth after a decree was passed and the Sentinels were sent against them. This would be referred to as the 'Great Injustice.'

    Magneto would die protecting the mutants from Apocalypse.

  • The Sentinels were enhanced and used in 'The Great Injustice' to destroy all mutants.

  • Apocalypse followed the fleeing mutants on their journey and attempted to rule over and enslave them. He and Magneto died in their battle.

  • Wolverine went with Magneto and is the only mutant to survive the ages long trip to a new world. Wolverine helped to find a suitable location on the planet to live. His offspring would go on to rule the planet, one more ruthless than the next.

    Wolverine would eventually be killed by Dr. Doom (or so he claimed), and his skeleton taken by Doom. Doom would then implant his own brain in the skeleton.

    See Rancor

  • Nearly all the Watchers were killed by the Hawk-God when he committed genocide on their race. It is claimed that Uilig is the Last of the Watchers.

  • The Phoenix Force bonded to Giraud to become Phoenix IX

    See Phoenix IX

  • Eon is killed and replaced by his evil son Era, who assumes Eon's identity.

  • Manipulative as ever, Mephisto still plots for his own evil purposes. He also has a daughter - Malevolence.

  • The Wonder Man of this reality calls himself Hollywood and survives until the 31st century.

  • The Punisher's legacy has carried on, although it exists in a gang known as the Punishers.

    See Punishers

  • Doctor Strange has become the Ancient One in this reality

  • The Sorcerer Supreme of this universe is Krugarr

    See Krugarr

  • No surprise here, Galactus is still eating worlds. Only this time, the Silver Surfer tries to prevent it.

  • Also having fought in the War of the Worlds, the Silver Surfer would go on to become the Protector of the Universe and attempt to destroy Galactus for all the pain he has caused him.

  • Captain America was shown to fight in the War of the Worlds alongside Doom, Franklin Richards and the Silver Surfer.

  • Doom fought in the War of the Worlds. He is one who survived until the 31st century. He did so by killing Wolverine and implanting his brain in his adamantium skeleton.

    Doom created the addictive Realitee-Vee to control the populations of the Earth.

  • Franklin Richards fought as an adult in War of the Worlds

  • Nova remains Galactus' herald until she is killed when Big G tries to consume Earth. She is Galactus' final herald in this reality.

  • Aron uses his power for good in this universe, teaching the Silver Surfer how to properly wield the Quantum Bands.

  • The Inhumans of the 31st century only number at about 600, having been enslaved in a reservation below Attilan by the humans. They were betrayed by "a royal who was not an Inhuman." They were selectively bred by Loki to invade Asgard and later enslaved by Rancor and her mutants

  • Namor is the one to destroy the super Sentinels who killed many mutants in the Great Injustice.

  • Rita stowed away on the Guardians ship when they time traveled to the time of the Infinity War. She stayed in the 31st century and joined the Guardians.

  • Eternity was infected with a deadly disease by Bubonicus. It took the power of the Phoenix Force to cauterize his wound and heal him. "For one brief moment, all of creation convulses violently! And forever more, Eternity comprehends the meaning of pain!"

  • Dormammu stowed away part of his essence on the Guardians ship when they traveled back to their own era. He succeeded in killing his greatest foe, Dr. Strange, but was once again trapped in the Dark Dimension by Krugarr and Talon.

  • The Secret Wars never happened in this timeline. The Beyonder was made aware of this universe by Bubonicus and came because he was interested in Protege and Malevolence, who he took to study.

  • For centuries Loki laid dormant, taking the Inhumans as his slaves and successivly breeding the perfect Inhuman warriors to help him invade Asgard.

  • No surprises here - Heimdall still guards Bifrost in the 31st century. The surprise is - he nearly formed a romantic relationship with Aleta.

  • Being a god, Thor survived until the 31st century... although he got a little fat. After being forced to stop fighting and stay at home with his son Woden, Thor grew bored and complacent. He eventually became unworthy of Mjolnir. When his son returned to face Loki, he and his son and Odin all reconciled their differences.

  • Odin remains the rulers of the Asgardians but had a falling out with Thor due to his behavior.

  • Lady Sif married Thor and had a son named Woden with him.

  • Of course this guy is here! It's his job!

  • Doctor Druid had the mutant known as Calligrapher write the history of the War of the Worlds in the Book of Kells before he passed into another plane of existence.

  • Shamrock became the protector of the history of the War of the Worlds until civilization got on it's feet again.

  • Hank was actually warned by Rita DeMara (Yellowjacket) of the future and the invasion of the Martians. He denied her offer to travel back to the future with her and chose to stay and help fight, despite knowing the outcome.

  • Diablo is imprisoned at the Stockade, a maximum security prison planet.

  • Drax is also imprisoned at the Stockade where he is kept occupied with cartoons. He is used as a weapon by the Chief Constable.

  • Nightmare is still kicking it in the Dream Dimension

  • Mindscan put the thought that Thanos was still alive in the 31st century and had taken the place of the god Anthos - the main deity of the Alpha Centaurian religion

  • Said to have been the last man standing in the War of the Worlds, Spider-Man continued to battle long after the other heroes had perished. His body was never recovered.

    It would later be learned that Peter's body ended up in a museum on Mars (known to Martians as 'the Last to Fall'). After plague struck, Peter's radioactive blood was used to create a cure, but only Ripjak was able to use it in time.

  • Being essentially immortal, the High Evolutionary survived until the 31st century. He teamed up with Major Victory and Ripjak to combat Bubonicus.

  • It is learned that Quasar is actually Starhawk's father!

  • When the mutants left to find a new world, they trespassed in Shi'ar space. Gladiator battled Wolverine, ripping out one of his claws. Gladiator won the contest, and allowed the mutants to pass safely through their space.

  • Kismet is revealed to be Starhawk's mother.