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The Heartbreaking Truth 0

B'awhhhhh...! *Sniffle, reaches for a tissue box*Th-this heart-strings...puck'dStraight from the get-go there's rip-roaring events to behold, the team finally managing to turn the odds in their favor and proceed to dismantle their enemies, one at a time, as Kid A dons the suite. We got team members brawlin', one taking flight out of cowardliness, enemies are fleein' scared, trying to make deals but at the same time helping themselves to a parting cruel jest. Explosions are abundant, ...

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Brimming with class. 0

For what it's worth, this Guide is a must for anyone who is a fan of the big screen's Tony and is hoping to read more of his action packed misadventures. I love the way the guide gradually eases you into the life of the man, the inventor, showcasing quite a few of Tony's Iron Man suites and savy wit. After that, there's about a dozen pages on the various faces, business clientele (he is, after all, an industrialist), enemies a plenty and above all the multitude of femme fatales in Tony's life, a...

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It all comes down to this. 0

Strolling along on my daily routine, after spending a long time away, I finally return home to treat myself to a few new ishes. Immediately, I reach for this ish, a series that's one of the few that has me coming back for more. Though, if I am to be brutally honest, I haven't been really impressed with some of the chapters in this flippant last arc, though it still satisfied me more than the Otherworld arc.So anyway, I take a set, open up this be instantly amazed. I am immediately awe...

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Delve Deeper into Disparity 0

Another day, another chapter of le Execution to prod and examine~It picks up with the gang charging headlong into another futuristic dystopia, with disastrous results. For some, they get an eyeful of what the fruits of their dark labours turn out to be in this less than desirable time, whilst others let slip a few interesting revelations. Not to mention that a few notable future versions of some preeetttyyy interesting chars show up.So, where's it all at?Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmmm..... Straight off t...

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Middle of the road 0

Here we have an ish out of place in the current scheme of things. It feels more like a one-shot than anything else. To phrase what I think of it in short terms; it's okay. Depending on what you like, you might hold this in higher options. I, however, felt the self loathing take on ol' wolvie to be a bit over-dramatic and unnessary, and the awkwardness of having dear Elixir, whom I don't ever remember being as odd in this ish as when he last appeared, suddenly having a deep fascination in Logan t...

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Mind, blown. 0

Please excuse me for a second.*Holds up ish, bows before it**Cough*Erm.Okay.Down to brass facts 'n' reviews. In brieffff since the hour is laaaaate.Wow.This issue, put simply. One of the best, if not the greatest in this entire title to date! Everything from the catchy dialogue to the moving monologues by speaking chars to the deep artwork that captures the emotion of the moment to the sheer domino of cliffhangers that marveously bounced off of one another is simply spectacular. The ish's pace i...

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Ninjas on a Plane! 0

Cue the start of a new arc and the premier of Wolvie's much anticipated 300th issue. Readers are invited back to the land that Logan both loves and hates so much for a tale reminiscent of his classic misadventures of yesteryear.The ish begins on an amusing note featuring a brawl on a plane with dozens ninjas and Logan coolly and calmly walking off it after the plane has landed and all is done. It's amusing to see that he admits it may be some time before they leave him board a plane, even the po...

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"Big" In Japan... 0

The GoodsLeading on from the previous issue, there is still much chaos abound. It's Hand ninja verses Yazuka gangsters in a guts-for-glory fight to the bitter end!As with last time, the ish is divided up into 'chapters.' The first chapter of this ish allows the book to get off to a running start with artwork and the occasional dialect greatly complimenting each other.Move onto chapter's 9 & 10 and there's a notable shift in the artwork. This chapter commences by formally introducing the new ...

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Another Top Notch Issue 0

Wow! what a pager turner!Kid Omega gets his starring moment for at least the first half of this issue. It features excellent character development and showcases Quintin's point of view on the current commotions sweeping the school, which has made me at least think twice about the villain who kick-started the massive event that led to the X-Men Schism. Awe-inspiring writing, paired with some of the most captivating and lush artwork in currently running comics, each page is a feast for the eyes to...

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The End of The End...Again! 0

I'll keep this review relatively short since well....not a whole lot goes on in this issue. There's various cameos from Avengers and X-Men members, as well as a few other folks, which is nice to see. But that's when the pleasantries end. Much bemusement is to be had with this issue that started off with a solid plot but ultimately concluded in a rush.It wasn't what I had excepted to see coming off the heels of the previous issue.The GoodI like the way there's lots of cameos in this issue, and wi...

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The Bereaved and Detached 0

Following the massive conclusion of the last issue, it's only fitting that the adjourning issue such as this wrap everything up and pave the way for new horizons. Does the fallout story serve as a fitting interlude to grander events to come? Sort of. In some ways, it works, but in others... I was kind of left bemused and lost.Without giving too much away, such is the tender nature and impact of this particular issue, in this story we see the shocked and destroyed Logan punishing himself for stai...

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I'm Seeing...Double!? 0

Things go a whole other kind o' bad for the mongrel son of Wolverine in this issue -- it has to be my favourite out of the current storyline so far!It picks up straight after where the last issue ended, with Moon Knight and Daken busy slugging it out. It's psycho vs. psycho, so naturally some witty repartee is exchanged. It honestly made me laugh at Daken's reaction to Moon Knight who is pretending to be Wolverine. The fight itself is intense and well placed, spanning a fair portion of the issue...

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The Student Certainly Outclasses The Master -- By a country mile! 1

Hmm. Well. Please, excuse me for a moment.... *Takes a deep, long breath... .... ....*  Whew! Wow, where to begin?  This latest instalment to The Dark Angel Saga was a real page turner!   Here, I'll give ya'll a quick morsel of this truly excellent portion of the Saga event;   It opens on a easier note when compared with the previous issue, we see the Heir of Apocalypse gathering his forces, the four horsemen, Ozymandias, a new powerhouse by the moniker of Genocide (who he's related to is intere...

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Bloody? Bloody-Hell is more like it! 1

When I picked this up today I was optimistic. For a story that'd spanned over a dozen issues I was curious to see how everything came to a head, to an ultimate conclusion. I approached this issue with high expectations -- and I wasn't let down!  The Good  The opening is interesting, because it wasn't the way I thought things would turn out with the Red Right Hand. I liked the old guy's short speech,  and the interaction with the young boy who it's revealed that ol' Wolvie killed his mother. (it ...

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