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The Guardian
The Guardian

Real Name: Magistrate

Aliases: Guardian of Augusta, Watcher, The Guardian

Height: 6'11" (Variable)

Weight: Unknown

Age: -

Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Emerald (Right), Ruby (Left)

Species: Synthetic Life-Form

Gender: Male

Alignment: Leonel Pettis/King Leo

Orientation: Asexual

Birthplace: Augusta (Space Station)

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Guardian of Augusta

Affiliation: Leonel Pettis/King Leo (Creator)

The Biomechatronic Titan - Characteristics & Abilities

Modeled after Leonel's father, Thee Champion, the Magistrate is a synthetic titan - a biomechatronic wonder whose physical dimensions are similar to those of Thee Champion himself. A self-aware and highly intelligent fusion of synthetic organics and robotics, the Magistrate is the stern Guardian of Augusta, it’s protector during Leonel's frequent absences. Holding the same amount of respect and dedication for Leonel that children often reserve for their parents, the Magistrate takes it’s role as Guardian of Augusta very seriously. And while physically resembling Thee Champion - save for it’s right eye which glows red, and it’s left one which glows green-the Magistrate is not held back by any moral ideal the way the New God is. First and foremost, it's brain is a techno-organic wonder. A synthetic replica of the human brain, it is fused with a unique data storage, delivery and transfer device that streams data and information into it - a parasitic blood-glucose infusion and electrolytic micro-stack in the form of a microscopic chip embedded in it’s brain.

In other words, the Magistrate's brain is a biological supercomputer benefiting from an advanced computing system that perfectly integrates remote telemetry and the first-person input of over 6,000 channels e.g. the entire electromagnetic spectrum, acoustic, barometric, pheromonal etc. to construct clear and concise tactical and environmental summaries through a sophisticated interface integrated in a synthetic and superior replica of a visual cortex. And because of how powerful it’s brain is, the Magistrate time perception and overall ability to process information is far superior to those of ordinary humans. Furthermore, the amount of information being processed every second by the Magistrate's brain is enormous, enough so that even the minds of very powerful telepaths are at risk of being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of and rate at which information is processed in it’s brain. However, as a biomechatronic specimen, the threat of an electromagnetic pulse is very real to the Magistrate. As a result, counter-systems are in place to protect the electronics of the mechanical systems in it’s body. This biomechatronic counter-system works by mimicking the use of pheromones by insects.

Using a pheromone-based system-to-system communication network in which messages/information/data are encoded in alcoholic molecules, the Magistrate's transmitters encode and send information, while it’s receivers decode it, enabling it’s body to still distribute instructions and remain fully functional in the event of an EMP. Perhaps the Magistrate's most unique ability however, is it’s power of numerical precision. With it, the Magistrate can solve, measure, and calculate problems through numbers with the use of any mathematical operation - but through simple intuition alone. The Magistrate can immediately identify the number bullets inside a gun and how many have been shot, the measurements of physical bodies and areas or their spatial coordinates without needing any actual data or information. Not only does this enhance the Magistrate's accuracy so that his strikes e.g. punches, always connect with the structural vulnerable points of physical bodies (of both objects and living foes), but it also enables the Magistrate - through sheer instinct - to always know the exact time. Like the rest of it’s body, the Magistrate's eyes are technological wonders. Featuring specialize lenses that use an algorithm enabling them to incorporate sound to read passive sounds from inanimate objects through video, they grant the Magistrate the ability to analyze the imperceptible vibrations that sound waves make on surfaces.

The lenses in it’s eyes use this algorithm to make the vibrations audible. Because of this algorithm, the Magistrate's eyes can recover the intelligible speech of a faraway group of people locked in a soundproof room. And because the best results require that the video’s frames per second be higher than the frequency of the audio signal, the Magistrate's eyes also feature microscopic high-speed cameras. So with no more than a glance, the Magistrate can record nearly everything happening behind walls etc. Furthermore, the lenses in it’s eyes augment it’s vision by granting it perception beyond the spectrum of visible light, enabling it to perceive infrared, ultraviolet, polarized light etc. Additionally, the other biomechatronic components in it’s eyes make microscopic and telescopic zooming features a mere blink away. Other than it’s eyesight, the Magistrate also possesses a unique skeletal system. Instead of being a collection of bones, it is a smooth operating network of highly durable and de-magnetized carboplatinum-reinforced coltan-titanium structures benefitting from reinforced atomic binding forces. Furthermore, existing between it’s synthetic epidermis and the layers that follow, is a liquid crystal layer containing polymerized form of lithium nibocene; a highly piezoelectric polymer that is a key ingredient in the Magistrate's layer of techno-organic/biomechatronic muscle.

This layer of biomechatronic muscle benefits from a powerful electric current, deforming and dramatically increasing the Magistrate's physical strength, speed and explosiveness to levels beyond those of most metahumans. Furthermore, the quantum-mechanical components of it’s design work in tandem with it’s body's nanotechnology to further enhance the Magistrate's superhuman strength by enhancing it’s energy resources. This is accomplished by directing these higher energies down to the important and key processes of it’s biomechatronic musculoskeletal system and nervous system, greatly increasing the Magistrate's already superhuman strength to hyper-herculean levels rivaled by few. Additionally, it’s brain also redirects these higher energies all the way down to the Magistrate's metabolic intra-cellular processes. These energy resources increase the nerve conductive velocity of it’s biomechatronic nervous system whose synthetic neural synapses are bio-electrically enhanced, granting the Magistrate's nigh-instantaneous reflexes. It’s great speed however, is also owed to it’s ability to generate tremendous force. In addition to this, the Magistrate's skin is comprised of an elastic but highly durable and regenerative nano-material that repairs itself from damages and tears and is highly resistant to violent forces and extreme temperatures.

In addition to it’s other abilities, the Magistrate can also control the flux of inter-atomic attraction/electrostatic force between molecular boundary layers, granting it the power to form temporary bonds between it’s body and another object as it manipulates the inter-atomic binding forces of matter. While the intended application of this ability is generally for it to cling to solid surfaces with enormous force and to scale walls, it has also used it to form unbreakable submissions e.g. a rear naked choke in which it’s hands are bound together at the atomic level. Furthermore, the Magistrate can augment the striking power of it’s punches, kicks, elbows, knees etc. by reinforcing it’s body with a powerful alternating current that resonates at extremely high frequencies. This oscillation is what allows it’s strikes to drastically weaken the molecular bonds of anything it touches, allowing it’s punches for example, to break through nearly any physical material. Given it’s synthetic nature, the Magistrate does not age, nor does it require food, water, or air. The Magistrate appears to fly by selectively radiating invisible streams graviphotons whose repulsive anti-gravity properties allow for the mimicking of flight.