so yhea. im grounded. and just in time for the iron man movie too.

sigh the only reson i can get on the vine right now is cuz my parents think im doing "homework".


standerdised testing

Yep its that time of year. When flowers are blooming,summer is coming, and teachers are cramming to get their student prepaired for the all too important standerdised test. I dont know about you, but i think the the whole thing is stupid. Staderised testing (in my opinien) is not a valid way of evaluating a students skills. It puts to mutch pressure on the teachers, and to mutch pressure on the students. Teachers end up teaching by the test, wich i think is wrong.


5 years

As of this week America has spent five years in Iraq. That is just too mutch. Bring our troops home now!


The Mercury 13

In School this six weeks, my english teacher is having us do a report on a topic of our choice. I had heard about the mercury 13 breafly before, and decided i whould like to find out more about it. After reserching and haering the full story i was VERY pissed off. so i guss i just need to vent a little, but this is the story of the mercury 13.

We all know the story of the mercury 7 - the first americans in space. But what about the first woman in the space race? In 1960 when the space race was just beging, Jerrie Cobb, a female aveatrix,was asked to particapate in a program to see if a womans phisiolgy could tolarate being in space better than a mans. Jerrie particapated in the exact same tests as the mercury 7 men, and in many cases did better than them. After she untertook and pased all of the tests, 25 other woman where gathered for the program. out these 25 woman, only 12 passed all of tests. These woman, along with Jerrie Cobb became the Mercury 13. They where told to Florada for the next phase of testing, where upon passing they whould go into space. Many of the woman quit their jobs so that they could do this. Right before they where about to depart however, they received a telagram telling them not to come. they capainged in Washington to protest, but to no avail. the program was shut down due to the sexism of the time.

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