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Fight for the family 1

This is the second issue of the new Batman Beyond on-going series and Terry is in a tough position trying to save his family while having to deal with the future Justice League.  StoryWe don't see much character development as this is mainly a action driven issue.  It's nice seeing Terry fighting under Bruce's guidance, showing that those two can be a very formidable team. The dialogue is good with some funny lines and the characterization of the people involved here are spot-on. ArtThe art is ...

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The Beginning of the End 4

I am what someone would call a mainstream comic book reader. The titles I read are mostly from DC and most recently some from Marvel. So I wanted to read something outside of these two companies but not very different and alienating at least for now. So I decided to read this, a series by Dark Horse Comics written by Rick Remender and drawn by Mat Broome and later by Eric Canette.  StoryThe story begins with one of the last heroes remaining, Astonishman in this almost post-apocalyptic, someone w...

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A Not So Good Beginning 13

 I have never been a great X-Men fan. I liked their cartoons but this is about it. So I decided to read this, a story not connected to the rest of the X-Men storylines currently running in other titles. This is what I thought about it: Story  Not many things happen in this issue. We are mainly introduced with the X-Men of these reality and find out the story behind some of these. We find out how Fortress X was created and how these mutants were forced to go there in order to protect them...

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