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Hecate is DC primordial goddess of magic, she is the supposed first God and predated the Gods of DC multiverse her counterpart is the upsidedown man, who is part of the other kind. Hecate is stated to be more powerful than all the Gods and was responsible for giving humans magic, after being betrayed by the Gods Hecate succumbed to darkness and decided to reshape all of magic( which also includes the sphere of the Gods) she placed in five parts of her magic into five women calling them her witchmarked. These five women are Diana aka wonder woman, Circe, Manitou dawn, witch fire and black orchid.

This thread will consist feats of all Hecate's witchmarked and Hecate herself. Let's dive in then.


Hecate was a pretty much peaceful soul and is supposedly the first being in creation and was also formed from the magic in the multiverse ( the sphere of the Gods). After getting betrayed by the Gods and those she loved the most the crone (the third part of Hecate's triple goddess persona became evil.


This section contains Hecate's powers and versatility, Hecate is also multiversal in power and can basically do anything.

Scan 1: witchmarked Diana tears a hole in reality to transport herself and the jld to Nanda parbat.

Scan 2: witchmarked Diana opens a portal to Olympus

Witchmarked Manitou dawn oneshot a bunch of deadmen.

Witchmarked black orchid destroys the parliament of trees and oneshots swamp thing. Note: the parliament of trees is multiversal in scale and power.

Scan 1 and 2: Hecate creates a new Nanda parbat replacing Rama kushna with a new guardian

Scan 3: Hecate creates the parliament of flowers using it to replace the parliament of trees.

Witchmarked Diana bright light hurts the upsidedown man and she banished him back to the dark multiverse. Note: Diana only had 1/5 of Hecate's full power.

Scan 1: witchmarked Diana destroys the pillars of magic in Olympus

Scan 2: the upsidedown man trying to woo a newborn Hecate scares her and makes her put a barrier separating the normal multiverse from the dark multiverse. Upsidedown man didn't actually try to woo Hecate she only senses his evil.

Scan 3 and 4: witchmarked Diana animates stone to block witchmarked Manitou dawn attack that would have killed Rama kushna.

Scan 1: Hecate blocks swamp thing connection to the green

Scan 2: witchmarked Diana and witchmarked Manitou dawn fight rewrite reality.

Scan 3 and 4: witchmarked Manitou dawn burns Nanda parbat.

Scan 1: Diana with a fading portion of Hecate's power opens a portal.

Scan 2 and 3: witchmarked witch fire burns some witches.

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Reality quakes as witchmarked Diana walks, flowers grow as she passes by.


Hecate has a psychic control over her witchmarked

Scan 2 and 3: Hecate tries to force her will on Diana but she resists.

Scan 1: Hecate successfully forces her will on Diana.

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Hecate wipes away the memories of the jla meeting with the jld making them forget the threat against magic.


Scan 1:Hecate blocks the message that detective chimp sent to the jla.

Scan 2: Hecate levitates detective chimp.


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john Constantine says that witchmarked Diana is the most powerful God that walked on earth.

That will be all for now, I'll update the thread later on