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Respect Meggan: The Empathic-elemental metamorph [W.I.P]

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Meggan was born near Fenborough station to Romanichal parents William and a as of yet, unidentified mother. Her life from an early age was very difficult, as her mutant x-gene activate as a baby. Growing fur all over her body to protect itself from a blizzard. This would lead to Meggan being ostracised from the rest of Romanichal community and being hidden away for fear of her safety. Growing up hidden away in her parents trailer led Meggan to receive what little education she gain about the world from the television. This left her unprepared for the reality of life in the outside world. During the event known as the Jaspers Warp, Meggan would encounter Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) in a case of mistaken identity. This chance encounter would then blossom in to a friendship as Meggan accompanied Brian on his various adventures. Later Meggan and Brian would join the X-Men Nightcrawler, Kitty Pride and Rachel Summers and form Excalibur. By the time of the teams disbandment, Meggan would go on to marry Brian and give birth to their daughter Maggie.


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The Official handbook of the Marvel Universe '89 #5

Empathic Shape-shifting

Meggan's shape-shifting is connected to her empathic powers, Meggan's emotions has influenced her looks and even shape. For instance, if she feels sad she becomes ugly, if she's angry she changes into a monster or something similar. Outside emotions can also influence meggan if she doesn't control herself and her abilities. A good example of this was when Nightcrawler was developing feelings for her, his emotions were able to make meggan turn into a female replica of him. In recent years Meggan has learnt to control this through willpower and the support of her husband Brian braddock.


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After losing brian [due to some time nonsense] Meggan transforms herself into water and

doesn't need to eat, sleep or even breathe in this form {Excalibur vol.1 #70}

Meggan turns into a mermaid and later into a were-wolf {Excalibur vol.1 #28}

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Meggan turns into a Godzilla- like Monster { Excalibur vol.1 #20}

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Meggan turns into a rabbit { Excalibur vol.1 #30}

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Shape-shifts into brian's virtual twin {Excalibur vol. 1 #28}

With a change of emotions meggan subconsciously makes her self ugly {Excalibur vol.1 #31 and #3 respectively}


Meggan can alter her form and grow bigger and even buff-up her muscles. This ability comes from her absorbing the Earth's Life-force, if she draws too much power it will have devastating effects on the planet.

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Meggan begins to grow big and even larger than the Juggernaut {Uncanny X-men #465}

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Draws energy from the Earth and match the Juggernaut in size and if possible power {Excalibur vol.1 #3}

Scan 1: Meggan grows as big as an alternate universe Captain britain and one-shots him {Excalibur vol.1 #24}

Scan 2: Meggan grows as tall as galactus {Excalibur vol.1 #25}

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Meggan grows as big as bash and one-shot him [bash was able to to contend with captain britain and even had the upper-hand] {Excalibur vol.1 #28}

Empathic Abilities

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Senses the emotions of zero {Excalibur vol.1 #79}

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Meggan's anger infects the inhabitants of hell {Captain Britain and the MI13 Annual 1}

Makes demons feel happy and rage in battle {Captain Britain and the MI13 Annual 1}

Empathic Elemental Control

Meggan can control the elements by using her empathic connection to the environment to manipulate the elements.

Meggan creates a tornado and uses it to defeat a fury { Knights of X #3}

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Meggan freezes a fury {Knights of X #2}

Life-Force Abilities

This is basically when Meggan taps into the life force of various locations to perform some specific tasks. This is actually where meggan gets most of her abilities from.

Meggan drains the life force energy from brian and uses it to destroy the lighthouse around the multiverse [ the lighthouse around the multiverse are connected so if one goes down they all follow] {Excalibur vol.1 #50}

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Meggan draws the life energy of the earth to grow as big as Galactus. This was destroying the Earth as a side effect {Excalibur vol. 1 #25}

Blast Power

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Meggan destroys Dr walsh body { Excalibur #36}

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Uses a blast to free brian {Excalibur vol.1 #25}

Physiology Mimicking




She speaks backwards: Tcepser New Earth Zatanna Zatara

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Let's Nigeb!


Zatanna AKA Mistress of magic AKA DC sexiest lady is the daughter of golden age superhero and magic showman Giovanni Zatara, proud member of the Justice league team, a performer of magic in entertainment, founding member of the Justice league dark, childhood friend of Bruce wayne [Batman], close friend's with Wonder Woman, black canary and many members of the Justice league, known for her on and on toxic relationship with John Constantine and abusing fishnets alongside her good friend black canary. Zatanna is known for her use of backwards spells to focus her magic and paying homage to her father. Zatanna also has a nickname called "Zee".

Zatanna's superhero adventures started with the search of her father, even though her father was found zatanna has seen him died a couple of times. Even with the tragedy of her parents death, zatanna has always pushed through and never succumbed to mental breakdowns or any display of insanity showing a great amount of willpower. Zatanna is also a very funny and lively character with a huge sense of humor.

This RT will be have two parts, part one will focus only on the post crisis continuity also called New Earth while part two will focus on the pre-crisis continuity also called Earth 2. LET'S BEGIN!.


  • This is basically BFR. This magic involves zatanna sending an opponent away from battle, it comes with a variety of different spells [ basically anyhow she says a snetence backwards]. This magic also forbids a person from returning as you'll see that the opponents in the feats that i'll show.

Banishes a demon that was hunting John Constantine { Zatanna: Everyday Magic ]

Banishes Mary Marvel from Shadowcrest and making it hidden from her forevermore {Countdown #35}


  • This is when zatanna restrains an opponent, making them immobile and useless in battle, this attack comes in two forms the first one involves the opponent being immobiles, physically and mentally [basically making them unable to move,talk and attack on a physical and mental level] while the other one only affects them on a physical level.
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Binds batman making him unable to move {Identity Crisis #6}

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Binds magical customers in the oblivion bar {Superman/ batman vol.1 #45}

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Freezes Brother Night [A powerful Mystical crime lord] {Zatanna vol.2 #3}

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Binds Despero [a JLA teambuster]. Taking him out of the fight.{JLA #119}

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Freezes a witchboy {Zatanna vol.2 #16}

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Does the same thing to lobo when done fighting him. NOTE: Zatanna's magic was killing her anytime she uses it because she was in hell. {Reign in hell #6}


  • This is self-explanatory. Zatanna is a mage so one thing that she should be familiar with will be breaking spells. Even though it's rarely shown, zatanna is very skilled when it comes to break spells. This wouldn't include breaking non magical attacks.
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Breaks a spell casted by felix faust {JLA Vol.2 #5}

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Breaks a curse on the Silver Banshee {Superman/ Batman vol.1 #56}
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Breaks a love spell that was casted on her {Zatanna vol.2 #5}

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Broke a spell that transferred superman's powers to batman {Superman/Batman vol.1 #56}

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Breaks a binding spell that gemamnae casted on a water transformed aquaman. {JLA #75}

Undo Black Lantern Giovanni Zatatra death spells {JLA vol.2 #39}


  • Now we're getting to the fun part of zatanna. Zatanna can manifest different things by casting spells and the sky is the limit when she uses this ability, it is what people might call reality warping but magic is basically reality warping. Summoning is when she calls forth a being or entity from far away to where she is.

When a villain called siphon absorbed a portion of zatanna 's powers he conjured many animals from the prehistoric age and even some with extraordinary features like dinosaurs shooting laser beams and having guns for hands and even wendigo like creature that were giving superman and powergirl issues and could double after taking a hit, siphon also conjured his own version of hell and demons and zatanna also conjures an ocean when battling siphon {Powergirl #22 and #23}

Scan 1: Conjures a glass wall to trap the shaper {Zatanna vol.2 #3}

Scan 2: Conjures cats to attack backlash {Zatanna vol.2 #12}

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Conjures armor and weapons {Zatanna 1987 special }

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Conjures an ogre to hold backlash {Zatanna #12}

Summons the man of her dreams that came in as Gwydion {Seven soldiers zatanna #1}

Scan 1: Summons Firestorm and Doctor light into battle {JLA vol.2 34}

Scan 2: Summons her fathers ghost for advice {Black canary and zatanna bloodspell}

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Conjures an ocean that stretches across the surface of the moon {JLA Black baptism #2}


  • Zatanna can control every element, earth, fire, water and air. Her elemental magic can make her control the elements on a molecular level, control the weather and even create mystical elemental beings. This ability was more used in early post crisis and pre crisis era but as zatanna got more powerful over the years her versatlity grew and the use of this ability decreased.

Scan 1: Zee decays the floor { Zatanna vol.2 #13}

Scan 2: Controls two boulders to smash brother night { Zatanna vol.2 #3}

Scan 3: Creates a whirlwind {Zatanna vol. 2 #2}

Turns fire to water {Zatanna vol 2 #1}

Burns Effigy { Zatanna vol.2 #3}

Scan 1&2: Controls water and wind to attack a group of demons {Zatanna vol.2 #4}

Zatanna creates a water elemental to fight an air elemental {Zatanna 1987 special}


  • Zatanna can heal different kinds of attacks from either magical or physical means. Pretty self explanatory
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Heals a man from a tiger's scratch { Black canary and zatanna bloodspell}

Scan 1: Heals a dude {JLA Vol.2 #34}

Scan 2: Heals superman from red solar radiation poisoning {JLA vol.2# 23}


  • This involves zatanna using her magic to scan for people's whereabouts and the magical field to detect stuff that's happening magically.
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Locates the secret society {JLA vol.1 #117}

Scan 1: Zatanna scans the chaos magical field and detects an amped up scarlet witch and the avengers {JLA/Avengers #2}

Scan 2: Locates the cause for vixen's problems {JLA vol.2 #23}


  • Zatanna can unleash an offensive blast of energy. Unlike many mages zatanna rarely used this form of attack and relied more on hax.
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Hits starbreaker with a blast that was meant to disperse his form but only put him down {JLA vol.2 # 34}

Blast back mind controlled people{Zatanna vol.2 #6}

Blast back Black lantern zatara {JLA Vol.2 #39}


  • Zatanna can protect herself in different ways.

Scan 1:Makes herself intangible { Reign in hell #6}

Scan 2 and 3: Creates a force field to protect her from black mary marvel and her father {Countdown #36 and Zatanna vol.2 #3}

Scan 1: Creates a force field that blocks out a ghost {Black canary and zatanna bloodspell}

Scan Reverse a mystic blast back to brother night {Zatanna vol.2 #3}

Scan 3: Blocks a mystic blast from brother night {Zatanna vol.2 #3}

Scan 4: Prtects herself from her amazo's magic which is technically her's. { JLA vol.2 #24}

Cast a spell that reverses lobo attacks back to him { Reign in hell #6}

Conjures a mirror to deflect black mary marvel's lightning back to her {Countdown #35}

Puts a force field around a hotel { Zatanna vol.2 #6}


  • Magic involving the use of psychokinesis, telepathy, soul magic etc. Zatanna is very powerful in this ability. Zatanna isn't psychic like J'onn or Raven to some extent, she uses her magic to mimic pychic abilities and is very skilled with this ability that some people put her as high as Martian Manhunter in this category but that's contextual.


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Causes lobo to bleed {Reign in hell #6}

Pushes amazo away from diana {JLA #24}

Zatanna flays lobo skin { Reign in hell #6}

Zatanna stops a plane crash {Zatanna vol.2 #16}

Controls stones to hit lobo { Reign in hell#6}

Tears apart a lightning barrier {Zatanna 1987 special}

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A possessed zatanna controls a drill {Black canary and zatanna bloodspell}

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Snatches a mystical device from black mary marvel {Countdown #36}


Breaks into martian manhunters mind and brings herself and the trinity into it.{JLA Classified #46}

Projects an illusion while on earth to batman on the mind { Superman/Batman #56}

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Forces Brother Night to renounce himself { Zatanna vol.2#3}

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Makes every sleeping person in the world dream of fuseli [ a dream imp] {Zatanna vol.2 #2}

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Undo despero telepathic hold on the JLA [Aquaman and Martian manhunter TP was useless against despero's in this comic] {JLA Vol.1#119}

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Mindwipe Martian manhunter {JLA Vol.1 #115}

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Zatanna can see Ghost {Zatanna vol.2 #12}

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A holding back zatanna commands a genie to restrain Black mary marvel {COUNTDOWN #36}

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Defeats the secret society off {A JLA level villain group} panel and mind wipe them...Again. {JLA 1997# 119}

SCAN 1: Mind wipes dr light and felix faust {Identity crisis #2}

SCAN 2: Puts dr light to sleep {Identity crisis #2}

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Undo Zor's personality altering spell on herself {Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #4}


  • Zatanna can control time and space for different uses. Even doing things as complex as time travelling
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Zatanna warps space and stars and uses it to create a dress {Zatanna vol.2 #8}

Sends witch hunters back in time to the witch trials {Zatanna vol.2 #15}

Freeze and unfreeze time {Black canary and zatanna bloodspell}


  • You know what you guys called transmutation? Well i thought that that was too sciency so i changed it into transforming. This is when zatanna changes one thing into the other. The duration on how long the spell will be before it fades out depends on how powerful she makes her spell to be.

Siphon with zatanna's magic turns superman, zatanna and powergirl to stone, zatanna later undo the spell {Powergirl #23}

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Zatanna gives the moon wings and an eye[JLA Black Baptism #2]

Shrinks teddy { Zatanna vol. 2 #3}

Shrinks herself to the size of the atom {JLA vol.1 #69}

Shrinks a tiger {Black canary and zatanna bloodspell}

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Turns a man's body and soul into gold { Zatanna vol. 2#6}

Turns mickey into a copy of herself {Zatanna vol.2 #3}

Turns a man into a toad and turns a pigeon into a replica of herself { Black canary and zatanna bloodspell}


  • Zatanna can move to different places through teleporting, flying or portal creation.

Teleports both her black lantern dad and herself away from the watchtower {JLA Vol.2 #39}

Teleports back to the watchtower {JLA Vol.2 #40}

Teleports people to safety {JLA Vol.2# 23}

Teleports the JLA {JLA Vol.2 #32}

Opens a portal 3000 years to the past with manitou ravens help [JLA #75]


  • VS FUSELI THE DREAM IMP: Fuseli managed to sneak an attack on zatanna but she was still able to persist and defeated him
  • VS BLACK MARY MARVEL: Mary was able to almost push zee to her limit but zatannz came out on top when she found an opening and defeated mary.
  • VS BROTHER NIGHT'S MYSTIC GANG: This fight happened twice with zatanna stomping them the first time when she wasn't even serious. The second time was no different zatanna stomps them again with only brother night trying after he had prep and used her weakness [her father] but even with that he still lost



  • VS LOBO: Zatanna matched lobo in speed and bullied him with hax she didn't even see lobo as a threat as all his attacks were absolutely useless against her. To add salt to the wound anytime zatanna used her magic in hell it'll kill her slowly so she must have been dying and weakened when she treated him like fodder
  • VS AMAZO: Tbh, amazo beat zatanna once and was soloing the JLA, zatanna used her intellect and skill to defeat him by using red tornado's soul to overwhelm amazo.
  • VS ZOR: Zor is a universal level threat [or even more] and zatanna fought him to a standstill. She had help from gwydion but he was taken out in the middle of the fight and zatanna did the rest with no one's help. The fight was so epic that there were both in a power struggle holding the comic page and breaking it.


It took sometime for zatanna to have cool feats in this and she prove to everyone that she's a high tier mage. Some changings will be made in this thread in the future.



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Gemamnae was an exceptionally powerful atlantean sorceress and a formidable villain of the JLA and aquaman, she was partly responsible for their deaths and the almost destruction of the world. There isn't much to say about her as she hasn't really appeared outside of the obsidian age storyline.


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Gemamnae was a victim of an atlantean superstition of bringing ill luck from having gold hair, this led to her being banished to the surface.[From JLA 1997 #75]


Gemamnae has a variety of magical spells, elemental spells, telekinesis, protection spells and most dangerously... The quagmire hex.


Drained over 50% of the water on earth to atlantis messing up the earth's gravity and also causing the earth to move to the sun. [Jla 1997 #73]

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Burns zombie martian manhunter [JLA1997 #75]

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Reanimates herself through the clouds [JLA 1997 #75]


Scan 1: Tries to blast zatanna but nightwing pushes her away

Scan 2: Blast faith and etrigan

[Both from JLA 1997 #75]

Scan 1: Send faith, firestorm and hawkgirl flying with a blast [JLA 1997 #73]

Scan 2: Blast a zombified JLA [JLA 1997 #75]

Kills tezumak with a blast [JLA 1997 #75]



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Broke out of an alloy that superman wouldn't have been able to [JLA 19997 #73]

No Caption Provided

Knocks out one of her fellow teammates easily [JLA 1997 #75]

No Caption Provided

Physically overpowers zombie wonder woman and superman [JLA 1997 #75]


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Survives a massive bomb explosion [JLA 1997 #73]

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Takes multiple shots from faith who is a powerful telekinetic and a hit from hawkgirl [JLA 1997 #73]

No Caption Provided

Survives a hellfire blast and a punch from etrigan [JLA #75]


This section involves the use of abilities like telekinesis and telepathy


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She can levitate [JLA 1997 #70]

No Caption Provided

Easily lifts up atlantis. [JLA 1997 #75]


No Caption Provided

Speaks telepathically with aquaman [JLA 1997 #75]

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Mind controls zatanna via quagmire [JLA 1997 # 71]


A quagmire hex is a magical practice that absorbs others to get their powers

No Caption Provided

Jason blood can explain it better than me. [JLA 1997 #73]

Scan 1: Binds herself to the earth

Scan 2: Creates a body using the earth

[Both from JLA 1997 #73]

No Caption Provided

Absorbs Khan [JLA #74]

No Caption Provided

Overpowering an absorbing zatanna [JLA 1997 #73]


Scan 1:Gave atlanteans the ability to breathe air [JLA 1997 #75]

Scan 2: Turns aquaman to water [JLA 1997 #70]

Scan 3: Turns plastic man to stone [JLA 1997 #74


No Caption Provided

Casted a 3000 years old containment spell that hid atlantis at the surface of the ocean, made it undetectable the spell created the trench as a side effect. [JLA 1997 #67]

No Caption Provided

Casts a prison containment spell on a transmuted aquaman that trapped him in a pool [JLA 1997 #75]


Easily brings the JLA back to life [JLA 1997 #75]



No Caption Provided

Binds and restrain manitou raven [JLA 1997 #74]


No Caption Provided

Blocks out flames [JLA 1997 #70]

Gemamnae is really a formidable villain but she served her purpose for the story and died. THE END.



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Hecate is DC primordial goddess of magic, she is the supposed first God and predated the Gods of DC multiverse her counterpart is the upsidedown man, who is part of the other kind. Hecate is stated to be more powerful than all the Gods and was responsible for giving humans magic, after being betrayed by the Gods Hecate succumbed to darkness and decided to reshape all of magic( which also includes the sphere of the Gods) she placed in five parts of her magic into five women calling them her witchmarked. These five women are Diana aka wonder woman, Circe, Manitou dawn, witch fire and black orchid.

This thread will consist feats of all Hecate's witchmarked and Hecate herself. Let's dive in then.


Hecate was a pretty much peaceful soul and is supposedly the first being in creation and was also formed from the magic in the multiverse ( the sphere of the Gods). After getting betrayed by the Gods and those she loved the most the crone (the third part of Hecate's triple goddess persona became evil.


This section contains Hecate's powers and versatility, Hecate is also multiversal in power and can basically do anything.

Scan 1: witchmarked Diana tears a hole in reality to transport herself and the jld to Nanda parbat.

Scan 2: witchmarked Diana opens a portal to Olympus

Witchmarked Manitou dawn oneshot a bunch of deadmen.

Witchmarked black orchid destroys the parliament of trees and oneshots swamp thing. Note: the parliament of trees is multiversal in scale and power.

Scan 1 and 2: Hecate creates a new Nanda parbat replacing Rama kushna with a new guardian

Scan 3: Hecate creates the parliament of flowers using it to replace the parliament of trees.

Witchmarked Diana bright light hurts the upsidedown man and she banished him back to the dark multiverse. Note: Diana only had 1/5 of Hecate's full power.

Scan 1: witchmarked Diana destroys the pillars of magic in Olympus

Scan 2: the upsidedown man trying to woo a newborn Hecate scares her and makes her put a barrier separating the normal multiverse from the dark multiverse. Upsidedown man didn't actually try to woo Hecate she only senses his evil.

Scan 3 and 4: witchmarked Diana animates stone to block witchmarked Manitou dawn attack that would have killed Rama kushna.

Scan 1: Hecate blocks swamp thing connection to the green

Scan 2: witchmarked Diana and witchmarked Manitou dawn fight rewrite reality.

Scan 3 and 4: witchmarked Manitou dawn burns Nanda parbat.

Scan 1: Diana with a fading portion of Hecate's power opens a portal.

Scan 2 and 3: witchmarked witch fire burns some witches.

No Caption Provided

Reality quakes as witchmarked Diana walks, flowers grow as she passes by.


Hecate has a psychic control over her witchmarked

Scan 2 and 3: Hecate tries to force her will on Diana but she resists.

Scan 1: Hecate successfully forces her will on Diana.

No Caption Provided

Hecate wipes away the memories of the jla meeting with the jld making them forget the threat against magic.


Scan 1:Hecate blocks the message that detective chimp sent to the jla.

Scan 2: Hecate levitates detective chimp.


No Caption Provided

john Constantine says that witchmarked Diana is the most powerful God that walked on earth.

That will be all for now, I'll update the thread later on