Top Ten Favorite Marvel Heroes

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  • I know it seems cliched by now - but I was a Wolvie fan since the eighties well before the (perhaps unmerited) crazy hype and exploitation. My favorite costume - brown and tan (or orange or whatever that color was supposed to be).

  • I grew up with Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. How could this guy not be one of my favorites?

  • This guy actually became more of a favorite of mine during the time I left comics - nearly ten years of military service (mostly in the Infantry) made me see this guy in a different light.

  • One of my first comics was an Avengers (Death Be Not Proud I believe) from some flea market. I instantly loved the look of the Black Panther. I now have all of his Jungle Action appearances and subsequent series. Love the idea of Wakanda and the African Hero (first one since Sundiata in the non-African sphere?). I did half of my major work for undergrad writing papers about Africa partially influenced by reading Black Panther as a kid.

  • He's the God of Thunder - even Kiss wrote a song about him. Nuff said.

  • The guy makes Sprite colors look cool. I liked his 70's stuff with Power Man - his new stuff hooked me. Great character - I hope he pops back into the mainstream with a new title.

  • Another character like Iron Fist where I loved where he was coming from "philosophically." I wish I had all of the first series - alas maybe with the next tax return. This guy makes space cool again - like the Carl Sagan of comics.

  • Alas, poor Nightcrawler, I knew you well... totally bummed that he's been killed. I learned my first German words from this guy (via Chris Claremont).

  • He's used in a pretty lame way now but I always liked him in Claremont's original run. I thought his poetry and art (while sometimes hokey) was always a good juxtaposition. Not so cool with underage (Kitty in the 80's) love though. Back when the Cold War was going on his nationality and perspective was way cooler than now. I guess they should inject some of that corrupt Russia stuff from the Ultimate line into the 616 character.

  • This guy barely made the top ten for me. Let's face it - his 60's stuff was really lame for a long while. However, I work in a techie field now - and I totally understand his douche-iness too (after going to a few conferences) - got love him for it.