It begins!

I just finished reading a hefty amount of Black Panther (Jungle Action through issue 50 of the 3rd - i.e. Priest - volume) to the point where BP is now some weird ass cop.  Awesome though - really looking forward to finishing up the Panther series.  But I need a break.  I've been wanting to read all the X-Men from #1 on but the 60's issues just KILL ME.  Awful and really long.  So I finally just skipped up to where I have real issues - Giant Size #1, #94 and so on - awesome!  I can't stop.  I've read some of these issues in the past but never straight through like this.  Claremont's run was magic from the start (i.e. iss 94).  I have the X-Men Vignettes (1 and 2) so I can read the Classic X-Men back-ups with the original issues.  This is a real treat I've been saving up for awhile (I have a smattering of pre-#94 issues but a solid run of (Uncanny) X-Men from 94 until issue 420 or so).  I'll read the annuals and mini-series as I hit the appropriate year (I bought all of those as well in the past year).  I don't mind digital comics but there ain't nothing like the real thing - and these issues are just awesome!



Had a great birthday slumming antique markets looking for good bronze age comics - seriously upped my collection of Iron Fist Vol 1., Luke Cage Hero for Hire, and Power Man and Iron Fist!!  I was really surprised with the amount of Marvel Master of Kung-Fu that were available - was the series THAT popular back in the day?

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X-Men Origins Emma Frost

I just read the X-Men Origins: Emma Frost bit - am I mistaken or was there the hint of sexual abuse by Emma's dad?  I get the origins mostly because I have all of the other ones (with the exception of Sabretooth) - I really liked the art in this one.  I also liked them trying to humanize her and explain her past evil deeds - but when I revisit those old storylines it is really, really hard to buy into her heroic turn.  I guess part of me is still waiting for the pretense to drop and she just completely screws the X-Men (besides just Scott ha ha).

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Stan Lee the secret behind Andrew Lloyd Webber?

I bought tickets to the Phantom of the Opera production in town for my wife (it is our anniversary) - I'm not a huge fan of musicals.  Actually, I hate them.  But my wife really loves them and this production will be closing "forever" soon.  Anyway - I dug the creepy stuff.  But I'll be damned if I couldn't get the idea that Webber's phantom is an emo knock-off of Doctor Doom (and I'm well aware that the original book that Phantom is based upon is way older - but I digress).  I soon became critical of the actor because I didn't think his voice seemed "Doom" enough for the part.  I left the musical shaking my head thinking "Doom would've done it way better!"  I'm seriously demented to be thinking of vintage Silver Age Doctor Doom during one of the most heralded musical productions of the late twentieth century. 

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My Quest 2

Quest for reading the sixties is still going - but man there are a ton of comics to get through!!!  Recently purchased Jungle Action (featuring Black Panther) #5-24. There seems to be nothing but bare bones wiki entries on those - I think I will take a break from the Silver Age stuff to attack this Bronze Age run.

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My Quest

I've been absent from the comic scene for a long time.  I dipped my toe back into the waters about six months ago and I'm getting ready to take the plunge.  I've given myself the goal of reading EVERY comic in the various Marvel Complete Collection DVDs I recently purchased.  I'm going in chronological order from 1961 to the present day (most of the DVDs end in 2005-6).  I'm in May 1963 currently.  The DVDs I have are: Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the Incredible Hulk, Invincible Iron Man, and the Uncanny X-Men (I'll use the DVD up until Giant Size #1- I own an actual copy of every X-Men from GS1 up through the mid Nineties).  So far - I've been flabbergasted by the heavy influence of the Cold War (everything is to beat the Reds/Commies) and the blatant sexism.  But, despite the cheesy dialogue, it has been great to "hear" Stan the Man's voice in my head while reading these issues (like Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends).  I wish I had Tales of Mystery and Strange Tales as well - going in order month by month has been really cool lately (the first issues of the Hulk were incredibly awful but made Peter David's run make so much more sense).  I'm really glad these DVDs have all the old ads in them as well - it's nice to get some historical perspective.