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Pandaverse Locations


Locations featured in the Pandaverse - made up of the "Red Panda Adventures" audio drama series, the "Tales of the Red Panda" novel series, and the "Red Panda" comic series.

List items

  • City patrolled by the Red Panda and the Flying Squirrel.

  • Country the majority of Red Panda stories take place in.

  • The Red Panda's secret underground base.

  • The asylum where most of Toronto's super villains are sent.

  • Office building for the newspaper owned by August Fenwick.

  • The city that headquarters the Justice Union.

  • City patrolled by the Grey Fox.

  • City protected by the Blue Bomber.

  • Home country of the various Nazi agents that threaten the Red Panda, including Professor Friedrich von Schlitz. August Fenwick and Parker's Rangers spent time in POW camps there.

  • Country in which August Fenwick and Parker's Rangers did a lot of fighting behind the enemy lines.

  • Country visited on several occasions by the Red Panda and the Stranger, along with other various heroes at various points in history.

  • State where Professor Friedrich Von Schlitz helped with the first atomic bomb test.

  • Exclusive club in Toronto.