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If DC was Marvel

List of every DC films in an alternate reality were they were Marvel films.

List items

  • Adventures of Captain Marvel

    The alien Captain Mar-Vel (Tom Tyler) travels to Earth.

  • The Wolverine

    Wolverine (Lewis Wilson) has adventures.

  • Captain America

    Origin story of Captain America (Kirk Alyn).

  • Wolverine & Moon Knight

    Serial with Wolverine (Robert Lowery).

  • Atom Man Vs. Captain America

    Sequel to first Captain America. Steve Rogers (Kirk Alyn) must fight a new foe, the Red Skull (Lyle Talbot).

  • Captain America vs Mole-Man

    Captain America (George Reeves) takes on a new foe.

  • Adventures of Captain America

    Series based on the movie starring George Reeves as Captain America and Jack Larson as Ben Urich.

  • Wolverine

    A light campy 60's take on the classic character Wolverine (Adam West) and his ally Black Cat (Yvonne Craig). He faces old foes like Sabretooth (Cesar Romero) and Black Cat (Julie Newmar).

  • Wolverine: The Movie

    Black Cat (Lee Meriwether), Sabretooth (Cesar Romero) and Kingpin (Frank Gorshin) team-up together to finally stop Wolverine(Adam West).

  • Captain Marvel

    70's TV series starring Jackson Bostwick and then John Davey as Captain Marvel.

  • Storm

    Storm (Linda Carter) leaves her home to move to the US and become a superhero. She falls in love with Frank Castle (Lyle Waggoner) otherwise known as the Punisher,

  • Captain America

    We open on Baron Zemo (Terence Stamp) being on trial for war crimes. Then, we follow a teen Steve Rogers (Christopher Reeves) in his teen years with his friend, Mary Jane Watson (Diane Sherry). He receives a super soldier serum that transforms him into Captain America. He meets reporter Ben Urich (Marc McClure). Red Skull (Gene Hackman) doesn't like the idea of a superhero interrupting his plans and decides to get rid of him.

  • Captain America II

    Captain America (Christopher Reeves) must now face super villains led by an escaped Baron Zemo (Terence Stamp). Red Skull (Gene Hackman) sides with the new super soldiers, he only has Ben Urich (Marc McClure).

  • Man-Thing

    Scientist Theodore Sallis (Ray Wise) gets turned into a plant creature know as Man-Thing (Dick Durock)!

  • Captain America III

    Captain America (Christopher Reeves) gets in touch with his high school sweetheart, Mary Jane Watson (Annette O'Toole). Ben Urich (Marc McClure) makes an appearance. Captain America takes on a super computer.

  • Captain America IV

    Captain America (Christopher Reeves) faces a dark version of himself that Red Skull (Gene Hackman) has created. Ben Urich (Marc McClure) makes an appearance.

  • Bucky

    The adventures of young Steve Rogers before the super soldier serum. Starring John Newton and then Gerard Christopher as Steve Rogers, Stacy Haiduk as Mary Jane Watson, Sherman Howard as Red Skull, Douglas Meyers as Carnage and Michael Callan as Ultimo.

  • The Return of Man-Thing

    Sequel to the first movie starring Dick Durock as Man-Thing.

  • Wolverine

    Wolverine (Michael Keaton) decides to start fighting crime, starting with an old foe, Sabretooth (Jack Nicholson). Norman Osborn (Billy Dee Williams) tries to help the new hero.

  • Man-Thing: The Series

    Spin-off series starring Dick Durock as Man-Thing.

  • Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider (John Wesley Shipp) goes and adventures and saves people.

  • Wolverine: Days of Future Past

    Wolverine (Michael Keaton) returns to face a new foe, Black Cat (Michelle Pfeiffer).

  • The New Adventures of Captain America

    Captain America (Dean Cain) must face Red Skull (John Shea) and his biggest challenge yet... the 90's! He will need help from his new pal, reported Ben Urich (Justin Whalin).

  • Wolverine: The Last Stand

    Wolverine (Val Kilmer) decides to fight Green Goblin (Tommy Lee Jones) and Kingpin (Jim Carrey) together.

  • Wolverine: United

    Wolverine (George Clooney) teams-up with Jarvis' niece Felicity/ Black Cat (Alicia Silverstone) for a last adventure to fight Baron Strucker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Nuke (Jeep Swenson).

  • The Avengers

    Made for TV movie starring: Kim Oja as Roberta Drake/ Icewoman, Michelle Hurd as Jean Grey/ Phoenix, Keeny Johnston as Johnny Blaze/ Ghost Rider, and David Ogden Stiers as Prof X.

  • Manhanttan

    We follow a young Steve Rogers (Tom Welling), Johann Schmidt (Michael Rosenbaum), Mary Jane Watson (Kristin Kreuk) and Hawkeye (Justin Hartley) as they navigate their young years before putting on the costumes.


    Felicia Hardy (Dina Meyer) brings a group of heroines together to fight crime.

  • Elektra

    A new heroine (Halle Berry) takes on the mantle of Black Cat.

  • Wisdom

    Peter Wisdom (Keanu Reeves) fights supernatural beings.

  • Wolverine Origins

    Young Logan (Christian Bale) is being raised in an upper class household. The death of his parents changes all of that, and he wonders the world alone. He comes across an ageless mutant who takes him under his wing and teaches him to use his powers. Logan becomes the hero Wolverine (Christian Bale) and takes on the villian Scarecrow/ Ebenezer Laughton (Cillian Murphy). This puts him at odds with his former master, Apocalypse (Liam Neeson).

  • Captain America Returns

    Sequel to Captain America II but set in 2006. After years of retirement Captain America (Brandon Routh) takes the cape up again, but does the world need him anymore? Ben Urich (Sam Huntington) is happy to see him, but Red Skull (Kevin Spacey) comes back to enact a deadly plan.

  • The Wolverine

    Scarecrow/ Ebenezer Laughton (Cillian Murphy) is captured by Wolverine (Christian Bale), but now he must face he's worst foe yet, Sabretooth (Heath Ledger) and Green Goblin (Aaron Eckhart).

  • Generation X

    Origin story of Jonothan Starsmore (Josh Brolin), known as Chamber. Takes place in the old west.

  • Iron Man

    Tony Stark (Ryan Reynolds) gets injured after one of his test weapons hits a spaceship piloted by Rhomann Dey (Temuera Morrison). He is saved by the Watchers on the Planet Ego, who say he must complete Dey's mission. With Khan's (Mark Strong) and his best friend Happy Hogan's (Taika Waititi) help he creates a suit to take on a new foe. He only reveals his secret to his love interest Karla Sofen (Blake Lively). After credit scene shows Khan is actually Mandarin.

  • Logan

    Years of wear and tear have put a strain on Wolverine (Christian Bale). He must face one last enemy Nuke (Tom Hardy) and Lady Deathstrike (Marion Cotillard), who was sent to him by the late Apocalypse (Liam Neeson). Scarecrow/ Ebenezer Laughton (Cillian Murphy) is let loose, and unleashes his version of justice. He retires with former foe, now lover Black Cat (Anne Hathaway).

  • Hawkeye

    Clint Barton (Stephen Amell) decides to use his abilities for good and becomes the superhero, Hawkeye. He partners up with his love interest Mockingbird (Katie Cassidy) and a young Spymaster (Colton Haynes).

  • The First Avenger

    Rebooted origin story for Captain America (Henry Cavil) we follow him growing up with Mary Jane Watson (Jadin Gould). He must take on other super-soldiers led by Baron Heinrich Zemo (MIchael Shannon). Karla Sofen (Christina Wren) appears at the end calling Captain America "hot".

  • Alberta

    Story of young Logan (David Mazouz) surviving on his own. We also see the origins of his some of his friends and enemies, like Felicia Hardy (Camren Bicondova), Kingpin (Cory Michael Smith) and Hulk (Drew Powell).

  • Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider (Grant Gustin) gets superpowers and uses them for good. He will need help from his friend Fred Dukes (Brandon McKnight).


    Featured Emmett J Scanlan as Edvard Haberdash.

  • Supergirl

    Starring David Harewood as Professor X.

  • Wolverine v Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America (Henry Cavil) is asked to bring in Wolverine (Ben Afleck) who has been taking the law into his own hands. Captain America gets advice from an old friend, Mary Jane Watson (Emily Peterson). Wolverine finds a video of Namor (Jason Momoa), Deathlok (Ray Fisher), and Ghost Rider (Ezra Miller). Sentry has to appear in court about the death of reporter Ben Urich (Michael Cassidy), who was actually killed by Omega Red (Callan Mulvey). It is discovered the whole thing was a scheme by and old NAZI named Red Skull (Jesse Eisenberg), who needed Baron Zemo's (Michael Shannon) plans to build a suit for Doctor Doom (Gary A, Hecker & Robin Atkin Downs). Storm (Gal Gadot) appears to help them, but in the end, Captain America dies to save the world.


    The government starts a black ops meta human team with: Bullseye (Will Smith), Spiral (Margot Robbie), Pshylocke (Karen Fukuhara) to fight Enchantress (Cara Delevingne). Sabretooth (Jared Leto) gets in the way.

  • Impotent

    Starring Natalie Morales as Jean Grey/ Phoenix.

  • Storm

    Storm (Gal Gadot) is a weather witch in her homeland until Punisher (Chris Pine) crash lands there and informs her she is a mutant. She travels back with him to meet more of her kind and becomes a superhero.

  • The Avengers

    A new threat from outside this world looms. Wolverine (Ben Afleck) and Storm (Gal Gadot) must find it's mightiest heroes to take on the new threat. They recruit Namor (Jason Momoa), Deathlok (Ray Fisher), and Ghost Rider (Ezra Miller). Captain America (Henry Cavil) is found in ice and thawed out to help in the last fight.

  • Electro

    Teacher Maxwell Dillon (Cress Williams) gets electric based powers and fights crime as Electro.

  • Asgard

    We follow a young Baron Zemo (Colin Salmon) who travels to Asgard before the destruction. Main villains is Ultron, Abomination, and Howard the Duck (Emmett J Scanlan).

  • Young Allies

    Moon Knight (Brenton Thwaites) starts a new version of his team now with: Shatterstar (Anna Diop), Beast (Ryan Potter), and Phoenix (Teagan Croft). Spider-Man (Joshua Orpin) soon joins the team.

  • Sub-Mariner

    Namor (Jason Momoa) must return to Atlantis and claim his right as king.

  • X-Force

    A group of misfit heroes are brought together by Cable (Timothy Dalton) to save the world. Wasp (April Bowlby) and Deathlok (Joivan Wade) are on the team.

  • Captain Marvel

    A Kree warror Mar-Vell (Zachary Levi) comes to Earth to defend it. He Becomes the superhero Captain Marvel.

  • Man-Thing

    TV series starring Andy Bean as Theodore Sallis and Derek Mears as Man-Thing.

  • Jarvis

    Origin story of Avengers butler Jarvis (Jack Bannon).

  • Sabretooth

    Victor Creed's (Joaquin Phoenix) mutant gene has left him mentally unstable. We now watch his decent into madness.

  • Spiral

    Spiral (Margot Robbie) has a solo adventure where she teams up with Carol Danvers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Mockingbird (Jurnee Smollett). She goes up against Red Skull (Ewan McGregor).

  • Aurora

    Mutant Aurora decides to become a superhero.

  • Storm: Days of Future Past

    Millionaire Cameron Hodge (Pedro Pascal) hates mutants, and hires a female Kraven the Hunter (Kristen Wiig) to take our Storm (Gal Gadot). Punisher (Chris Pine) is temporarily brought back from the grave.

  • Captain America

    Captain America (Tyler Hoechlin) tries to hang up the cape, but new villains keep appearing. He'll need help from his old friend, Mary Jane Watson (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

  • The Freedom Force

    The government brings back the black ops team that includes: Spiral (Margot Robbie) and Lizard (Sylvester Stallone).

  • Wolverine: First Class

    Wolverine (Robert Pattison) takes on a new street level threat, the Kingpin (Paul Dano). He will need some help from Black Cat (Zoe Kravitz). We see a shadow figure of Joker (Barry Keoghan) talking to Wilson Fisk in prison.

  • ???

    Angel (Aldis Hodge), Doctor Strange (Pierce Brosman), and Goliath (Noah Centineo) take on a new threat. They get advice from Hank Pym (Henry Winkler).

  • Alberta Warriors

    After Wolverine's death his protege, Jubilee (Navia Ziraili Robinson), must continue his legacy. They face the villain Green Goblin (Misha Collins).

  • Captain Marvel: Fury of the Kree

    The Kree send special agents to Earth to deal with the deserter Captain Mar-Vel(Zachary Levi). Storm (Gal Gadot) meets with Captain Marvel at the end of the movie.

  • Ghost Rider

    Johnny Blaze (Erza Miller) goes back in time to save his mom. This results in him never becoming Ghost Rider and now must team-up with Wolverine (Micheal Keaton) and stop Baron Zemo

  • Namor and the Lost Kingdom

    Sequel to the first Namor movie staring Jason Momoa as Namor.