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Alternative Countries

The best list of fan invented countries, and how they would all be in one country.

List items

  • Republic of Alaska. Alaska rebels against Russian and becomes own nation.

  • California Republic. California stays independent and controls much of the west.

  • True States of America. Northern State rebel.

  • Aborigine National Federation of Canada. Native tribes start their own country in Canada.

  • Republic of Equestria. Area west of Canada.

  • Canada. Canada has a revolution like the U.S.

  • United Kingdom of New Holland Netherlands wins war against England, establishes colonies in the new world.

  • Greenland. After Germany concurs Denmark, the Dannish King flees to Greenland and becomes the new monarchy.

  • Mexica Empire (Aztecs). Spanish never invade Mexico, Aztecs build a massive empire.

  • Empire of the Netherlands. Holland overthrows Spain and gains it's colonies.

  • Kingdom of Peru. Nation becomes a monarchy after independence from Spain.

  • United Provinces of Rio de la Plata. The nations of South America revolt in one move United.

  • (Vargas Regime of) Brazil. Brazil becomes a dictatorship.

  • Carthaginian Empire. Carthage wins Punic Wars.

  • The Great Egyptian Empire. Ancient Egypt never falls.

  • Empire of Ethiopia. Ethiopia joins the industrial revolution, is now a world power.

  • Congo. The two Congo stay together.

  • South Africa gains much of England's and Germany's colonies, it is larger,

  • Madagascar. incorporates islands around it.

  • United Kingdom of the Celts. Wales becomes the dominate country in the U.K. and the culture is much more Celtic.

  • German Republic. German unification is much stronger.

  • Scandinavia. Joined Nordic, controls most of northern Europe.

  • Iberian Union. Spain's king dies, Portugal and France Join forces and take over Spain.

  • Greater Papal States. Pope Unties Italy, becomes monarch of a nation.

  • Iceland. Declares independence early.

  • Russian Empire. The Empire never fails, retaining large amounts of land.

  • Russian Republic. Czar Alexander becomes democracy to Russia, avoiding the cold war.

  • Alliance of Siberia. Provinces rebel against Russia and becomes own country.

  • Union of Anglo Russo Republics. UK and Russia becomes a joined communist nation.

  • Republic of Judea. Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia becomes it's own nation.

  • Sino-Soviet Union. Soviet Union and USSR join to become one nation.

  • People's Republic of Japan. Japan becomes a communist nation.

  • Chinese Republic. Nationalist win the Chinese civil war.

  • Republic of Aramea. Aramea never falls, ans is the main power in the middle east.

  • Tibetan-Nepalese Soviet Republic. Central America joins to becomes a communist nation.

  • Manchukuo Empire. Japan never conquers Manchuria, it becomes own nation.

  • Royal Thai Republic. Thailand becomes large Republic Monarchy.

  • The Republic of Persia. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of the former USSR join to become Central Asian super power.

  • People's Independence Confederation of Australia. USSR controlled portion of Australia.

  • Confederation Republic of Australia. USA controlled portion of Australia.

  • Philippines. Philippines win independence early and are now a superpower.

  • Polynesia. Islands of Polynesia unite to become a world power.