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The Warrior Princess

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Zavanna (Named Madison for Earth) is the daughter of the Queen of Ninjeta AND the King of New Haven. She was born a twin, with her brother being raised on New Haven and she on Ninjeta. Madison was taught battle strategy and Arithmetic from her mother; by the age of 9 she was helping her father plot his campaign across the Ninjans lands to unify the people.

Because of her insistance on fighting, Madison was crafted a specialized battle armor that allowed her to harness the powers of the "Gods" really the armor just awakened the dormant power already inside her. Madison joined her father at the famed battle of Trioun, she fought bravely and with honor; despite being injured and was made an officer inside the Sigma Army.

Shortly after her parents death, Zavanna sought out and obtained the power of Light and the power of mind. Having been placed on a planet he felt was useless, Mannhar grew jealous and launched an attack on the planet of Cratto. Cratto had been engineering technology for the Ninjans that would enable them to naturally grow with powers.

This war was fought in the air space directly between the two planets, neither of the planets made a significant move on the other. Zavanna personally came to its aid and led the counter-charge against the Invading New Haven. Zavanna and her team succeeded in relieving the beleaguered Crattians. Despite overwhelming numbers, Zavanna was able to plow through the swarms of Haven forces and saved Cratto.

Zavanna used her mind medallion to permanently vegetate her brother; as a punishment; she used her fertility powers to transform Ninjans Asexual; meaning they wouldn't need the males of Haven to reproduce. This act ended New Haven turning the planet near desolate. A few years later, minor conflicts with New Haven, caused Zavanna destroyed the planet.

The Great Eruption and Exodus

The great eruption was the explosion of New Haven at the hands of Zavanna, the two planets were so close; the eruption caused massive death and famine on Ninjeta. For 45 years, the Ninjeta sun never rose; causing the planet to enter a freeze period. Since Ninjans are weakened by the cold; those who didn't flee were killed. Those who did stay on the origin world were ultimately hunted and killed by the Aquarians. Since Ninjeta's freezing, the Aquarians have dominated the planet, as they are the only "Ninjan" that can survive Ninjeta's harsh winter. This marked the great exodus to Xiox; the Ninjans allowed the Aquarians to have the whole planet. Ninjeta is now known as the "Olde world"

The new home world and capital of the Ninjan Empire became Xiox, after the Great Eruption. Not long after landing on Xiox, the Ninjans began to set up small out-post in space. The trade between the Ninjan outpost and Xiox allowed the Ninjans to set up massive cities and space stations all over the Omega Nebula. The Ninjan technologist have set-up a “ghost” network throughout there “Empire” to allow telecommuting. Xiox maintains the Ninjan hierarchy of the “Old-World” Nation-states, though all are affiliated beneath the overarching banner of the Omega System Alliance. Due to the superior engineering capabilities the rift between the Ninjan classes are more noticeable than ever. Advanced nations have eliminated most genetic disease and pollution. Less fortunate regions have not progressed beyond 20th century technology, and are often smog-choked, overpopulated slums.

The Warrior Queen

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Zavanna's actions is destroying New Haven was brought on trial, the Ninjan Noble Class argued that she was not fit too be Queen because her actions forced them from their home world, and left hundreds of thousands of Ninjans dead, and Millions dispersed across the Ninjan Empire.

The Royal Class waged that Zavanna's sentence shouldn't be as rough, because it was her strategy that won the Cratto war, not the Noble's or Sigmas. The debates became so intense, the OSA council had to intervene to ensure the Ninjans didn't implode into a Civil War.

The council decided not to charge Madison, rather the Ninjan race as a whole. The Ninjans were placed on a 400 Ninjan Cycle (About 1200 Earth Years) restriction, prohibiting them from colonizing any worlds outside the Omega Nebula, thus restricting the size of their empire. The OSA also placed restrictions on Ninjan births in order to prevent the Ninjans from over-populating the nebula. Following the verdict Zavanna was properly crowned Queen of the Ninjans.

The Ninjan-Talmut War

An event on Earth saw Leonel Pettis arrange to have his sister safeguarded in the Ninjan Empire, against the wishes of many Zavanna agreed. Catalina was stashed inside the Ninjan Empire on a planet known as Magog. The Ninjans manage to successfully depower Catalina, but she some how still managed to murder super-powered alien guards on the prison planet.

A series events on Earth called the Cataclysm cause a projection of Earth to sit in the Xiox atmosphere, this Earth projection was seemingly a beacon broadcasting the Ninjan's location. Eventually they figured out it was the Talmut Empire a race of being on the edge of the Omega Nebula.