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LY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!(Quick Unprofessional Review)You did it again. Take another bow Marvel!The 1st hour is good. There’s a lot of development. It did feel a tiny bit slow but it all paid off. The last hour and 15 minutes are magnificent. Russo Brothers are perfect to take over the MCU! They are 2 for 2!Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and Black Panther stole the show! I had my concerns about the new Spider-Man. After seeing the movie, they are all gone. They made me care about almost every character w...

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...sigh... 8

(This is not much of a review. Just my quick and unprofessional thoughts)It was a very middle of the road film. There are some good and some bad. It has a lot of problems and sometimes misses the mark on what makes these characters in the comics. The characterization and plot points were my main issue. If you have seen all the trailers, you didn’t miss much. Batman and Wonder Woman were my favorites. Ben Affleck's Batman was almost perfect. If only he wasn’t Bat-Punisher. Please giv...

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Mini Punisher! (Big Man Plans #1) 4

(Quick Unprofessional Review) I almost passed on this. Really glad I ended up reading this because I loved it.It first issue was a life story about a dwarf who turns from a useless to ass-kicking badass midget. The first few pages hooks you instantly. This was very dark, humorous, sweet, and sad. It had everything. I was so captivated reading this. You totally root for the little guy while he himself does some crazy things. iFanboy described it the best calling it a "Mini Punisher" comic. Check...

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Swamp-verse! (Swamp Thing #40) 3

(Quick Unprofessional Review)Man I will miss Swampy. Swap Thing is one of the best and most consistent NEW 52 title. Scott Snyder had a great run, and Charles SOule continued the streak. He really brought something new to the Green mythos. Sucks that Chaarles SOule won't be able to write anything more for DC just like Andrea Sorrentino won't be able to draw anything. DAMN YOU MARVEL EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTS!!!This warps up the giant arc Soule has been building. It brought everyone together. There we...

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Hawkeyes Assemble! (All New Hawkeye #1) 8

(Quick Unprofessional Review)Finally the New Hawkeye is here! Wow, this came out before Matt Fraction and David Aja's final Hawkguy issue. So disappointed with all the delays on that book.I was really sad when Jeff Lemire left Green Arrow along side the brilliant artist Andrea Sorrentino, but got excited when I heard Lemire was writing another archer. I have been waiting for this one, and unsurprisingly it was great. I was excepting it to be a bit more better, but this was a strong opener none-...

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ManBearPig!!! (Ant-Man #2) 8

(Quick Unprofessional Review)It didn't take long for Superior Foes of Spider-Man to get replaced. This will fill in for the Foes.Spencer continues to write a lighthearted and fun story with Scott Lang. Lang can be a very relatable superhero as a family man, and that is why this is so great. He know how to make you laugh out out while reading a comic and write witty dialogue. This is top-notch!I loved how they brought in Grizzly (The man in the bear suit) and made him a recurring character for t...

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DO YOU EVEN BRO, BRO? (Hawkeye #21) 17

(Quick Unprofessional Review)8.5/10. I wasn't looking forward to this with all the LONG LONG LOOOOOOOOOOOONG delays. After couple of pages, Hawkguy hooked me back in!I was a bit confused as to what was going on since it has been so long. After I caught up, I was having fun reading this again.Say what you want about David Aja, his art is one of a kind. Jesus Christ, it is so perfect and delightful. If only he could draw a lot faster!That ending though... had me feeling some type of way. Only 1 i...

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What is This? A Comic For Ants!?!?! (Ant-man #1) 7

(Quick Unprofessional Review)Antman is my favorite new hero!Well I wasn't even going to read Antman but gave it a change for the writer Nick Spencer. Was a also disappointed at first because it was Scott Lang instead of Hank Pym. After reading it, it surpassed my expectations! It made me more excited for the upcoming Antman movie more than the teaser trailer!This is kinda a mix between Nick Spencer's previous title Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Matt Fraction's Hawkguy and DC's Animal Man, who is...

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Save The Baby, Save The World! (Grayson #5) 9

(Quick Unprofessional Review)Grayson just continues to be a fantastic series spinning off from Nightwing. I wasn't on-board with this at first, but now I'm loving it.I loved the team up with Grayson, Huntress, and Midnighter here and their efforts to save a baby. Their back and forth were well written and fun to read. These characters went through well in the hot desert. On it's own this issue is 7.5/10.The best thing that really made this issue special was the ART! My god, this issue was drawn...

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This Is Ma Swamp!!!! (Swamp Thing #37) 5

(Quick Unprofessional Review) I was losing a bit interest in Swamp Thing recently, but this issue brought me back again! This final arc in Charles Soule's run is going to be good! The story is getting juicy. The new machine Queen is a scary and strong villain that will give Swampy a hard time. I really like her design. A big Swamp Thing villain and also makes his surprise return here. The issue ended with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Can't wait to see how Soule wraps up his Swamp Thing run. This...

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Iron Man... Brought To You By Apple Inc. 10

(Quick unprofessional Review)I decided to give this new book a try. I must say, I really like this new direction they are taking Iron-Man. I loved reading this new ultra-douchebag Iron-Man. I know all this is temporary, but it is fun so far. I don't know why I avoided passed on this the first time. Tom Taylor is a fantastic writer. He knows how to make readers care and keep them reading. That's why s many people love the Injustice comics.This issue was still great, even though not as enjoyable a...

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Foes No More! (Superior Foes of Spider-Man #17) 10

(Quick Unprofessional Review) This is it, folks. The last issue of the best and most under-sold MARVEL comic of 2014. Foes no more :(This final issue was wrapped up just how I wanted. It was nice that it didn't end badly for everyone. Loved what happened to Shocker and Speed Demon in this final issue. Beetle and Overdrive are in big trouble. Boomerang met his fate for all the crap he did throughout this series. The way the issue ended with him and "certain someone" was just perfect. I really do...

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You Done Messed Up, Coral!!! (Walking Dead #134) 0

(Quick Unprofessional Review)Walking Dead is going crazy once again!I thought the series was losing it with the All Out War 12 issue long arc. This new chapter is bringing back the horrific spark that this series had.The new big bad are called the WHISPERERS. They are interesting villains that we haven't seen before. Love the way they operate. Can't wait to find out more about them.Jesus also killed some major ass this issue! Living up to his name!Some more big things happened with Carl. I won...

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Enter Felicity (Green Arrow #36) 7

(Quick Unprofessional Review) I really miss Jeff Lemire's Green Arrow, but I gotta judge this new creative team own their own merits.This new direction for Green Arrow is not bad at all. This is more like the Green Arrow from Arrow TV Show. I'm fine with that since I like CW's Arrow.I thought I wasn't going to like Felicity coming over to the comic, but she is just as awesome here as she is in the show - Always making quirky jokes and statements.I still have issues with the art. It just looks.....

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You Get a Spider! And You Get a Spider!! Everyone Gets a Spider!!! 8

(Quick Unprofessional Review) Now we are talking. Looks like Dan Slott might finally win over all his haters with this Spider-Verse event. There is so much Fan service with just this 1st issue of Spider-Verse.I haven't been following any of the other Spider-Verse tie-ins, so I was a bit confused. My brain couldn't HANDLE ALL THESE SPIDER-MEN!!!!!!!!But it was pretty great seeing all the Spider characters at one spot.From reading the previous issues, I was rolling my eyes at the sexual relationsh...

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The Walking MEME (Memetic #1) 2

(QUICK UNPROFESSIONAL REVIEW) I'm very glad I checked this out after reading what this comic was about. NOW THIS IS HOW YOU DO A FIRST ISSUE! MEMETIC is a BOOM STUDIOS mini-series that shows the progression of a weaponized meme that leads to the utter annihilation of the human race within 72 hours. The root of this apocalypse is a single image on the internet, a "meme" in the popular sense. A meme that changes everything. The concept is intriguing from the start.Not a single page is wasted in t...

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A Must Read! (Birthright #1) 5

(QUICK UNPROFESSIONAL REVIEW) I almost passed on this series by the look of the cover, but I later had to pick this up since Joshua Williamson is writing it,Seriously, Williamson is becoming my favorite writer. Everything I picked up from him so far hasn't let me down. I loved GHOSTED first arc. I'm loving Nail-biter. And Birthright is another hit!The concept of this book is very gripping and I knew I was going to end up liking it after reading the story summary. Williamson knows how you pull y...

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

HIPSTER-GIRL (Batgirl #35) 12

(QUICK UNPROFESSIONAL REVIEW)I'm also not sure about this new direction Batgirl is going. This first issue was not bad, but wasn't great either.This is completely different from Gail Simone's run, which I loved. Barbara doesn't even feel like he way she has been in the New 52. This is like a total different character. This could have easily been Steph Brown. DC -_-It's cool that DC is TRYING diversifying their books like Marvel, but it feels forced. I think this new direction will pull in new T...

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The Superior Foes of Batman! (Batman: Assault On Arkham) 21

(Quick Unprofessional Review)I wasn't planning on watching this new DC animated flick, but then decided why not? This one was quite an interesting one.Batman: Assault on Arkham is based on the Batman video game universe. The film focuses on some of DC universe's lesser-known and some well-known villains. They are put together by Amanda Waller to break into Arkham Asylum and complete a mission. The six (or seven) villains that come together are KGBeast, Captain Boomerang, Black Spider, King Shark...

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B*tchin' Jumps! (Superior Foes of Spider-Man #14) 9

(Quick Unprofessional Review)Once, Hawkeye was that one book that stood out from all the comics being published. It used to be something different, but the delays and slow writing holds the book back. Now Superior Foes.... is that ONE comic right now what needs all the attention. Almost every issue has been fantastic and full of laughs so far, but I think this one is my favorite issue of Superior Foes yet!Every page was just GOLD! Not many comics can make me laugh out loud, but this series does ...

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The U Stands for Faith (Superman #33) 0

I never thought I would ever enjoy reading a Superman comic so much. Geoff Johns is a genius! I'm starting to become a Superman fan! This is what the character stands for! Not the miserable Henry Cavil Superman or other comics I read about him.When I first saw the preview, I was scared when I saw some of the few pages with so much dialogue and talking bubbles. I am not a fan of too much dialogue heavy books. I get bored reading them, but Geoff Johns manages to makes everything interesting.This U...

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Blind Games (Daredevil #3) + Giveaway 9

(Quick Unprofessional Review)I wasn't a big fan of Marvel relaunching this title just for that price bump. With just 3 issues, this relaunch already surpassed the previous run in my opinion. I would have liked to see a new creative team take over Red Batman, but I'm glad Waid and Samnee stayed. The series totally feels different since Daredevil revealed his identity and moved to San Francisco. There are many great possibilities with the identity revelation and DD moving to a new city, and Waid ...

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Samurai Jesus and Hipster Carl (Walking Dead #127) 5

(QUICK UNPROFESSIONAL REVIEW)This is what the Walking Dead needed. I wasn't a big fan of the whole All Out War arc. This issue completely shifts the series with a 2 year time-skip. This is really a new beginning for the Walking Dead comic and this is a great jumping on point (But I still highly recommend you read it from #1)This completely felt like a new book with different characters getting an appearance change. Jesus now looks like a badass samurai, Rick has a frickin' beard with a futuristi...

9 out of 9 found this review helpful.

New Series, New Movie! (Amazing Spider-Man #1) 22

(Quick and Unprofessional Review)Well, our friendly neighborhood Spidey is back in the swing of things! SpOck is no more. I enjoyed Doc Ock's run as Superior Spiderman. It shock things up and made for some interesting new stories. Since Parker is now back, it makes for some more compelling stories. This first issue opens up with the humour we all were used to with goofy villains and the witty dialogue. Cheesy Spidey jokes for the win!!! We got to see how Peter feels about everything since coming...

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The Blond Squad! (JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #0) 10

(Quick Unprofessional Review)From U.S.A to Canada! I remember being excited for the New 52's Justice League of America that came out last year. The team roster had me interested in that series but it didn't quite deliver and got cramped up with tie-ins and events like Trinity War and Forever Evil. Now Jeff Lemire brings a new Justice League out of Canada! Things are aboot to spice up!The first thing I noticed was how a lot of the characters in the book had blue eyes and blond hair... Animal Man,...

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The Man with the Iron Fist 0

(QUICK UNPROFESSIONAL REVIEW)This was a good one. This first was pretty subtle, setting up for the next issue. I don't know what to think about emo Iron Fist yet, just like Punisher becoming more social in his book. We will see. Danny Rand's inner monologue sounded pretty dark and gothic. Even his facial expressions looked cold at the beginning of the issue, but then he says "Crappity crap." That's something hawkeye, deadpool, or Spider-man say. This was weird. dig the art. It fits the dark ton...

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Stay Away From White Girls in the Apocalypse (WALKING DEAD S04E14) 0

(Quick Unprofessional Review)***SPOILERS**** [Read the Review if you watched the episode]WOW. What an episode. I wasn't expecting this one to be this good. This episode focused on Carol's group with Lizze, Mika, Judith, and Tyress/e. This was the least interesting group out of all the others, but turns out to have the best story. The episode started out slow. The group find a small vacant village (?) that is holed up pretty well. They manage to stay two nights until everything starts to go sout...

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Stay away from White Girls in the Apocalypse (WALKING DEAD S04E14) 4

(Quick Unprofessional Review) ***SPOILERS**** [Read the Review if you watched the episode]WOW. What an episode. I wasn't expecting this one to be this good. This episode focused on Carol's group with Lizze, Mika, Judith, and Tyress/e. This was the least interesting group out of all the others, but turns out to have the best story. The episode started out slow. The group find a small vacant village (?) that is holed up pretty well. They manage to stay two nights until everything starts to go so...

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Silver The Vampire Hunter (Batgirl #29) 1

(Quick Unprofessional Review)This is one of the best selling DC titles, but doesn't get talked about much. Most of the issues of Batgirl have been solid. I was heading into this issue excepting it to be just another good issue from Gail Simone, but it completely surprised me! The issue starts off with where it left off previously. Barbara, Strix, Silver and his assistant are in the crosshairs of the cops. They dealt with this situation in a very clever way, and got away. Silver is a very intere...

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D.U.L.L. (X-Force #1) 0

(QUICK UNPROFESSIONAL REVIEW)Many people claim Remender's X-Force run was one of the best EVER. I enjoyed that run, but didn't love it. After it relaunched with a new team, I dropped that series after few issues like a lot of folks. Now X-Force is RELAUNCHED again, and it looks like I won't be reading X-Force once again. When this title was revealed, I was quite interested. The roster seemed promising with Fantomex, Cable, Psylocke, and the new character. I was hooked on the art right away afte...

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THERE IS A NEW MISS IN TOWN! (Ms. Marvel #1) 1

(Quick Unprofessional Review)This was fantastic first issue! I was never a big fan of Ms. Marvel/ Captain Marvel before. I tried read Kelly Sue's Captain Marvel, but it just didn't grab. I decided to give this new character a try, and it caught my liking instantly. I can relate to a lot of things that Kamala goes through because I'm from Bangladesh (Close to middle-east/ Pakistan). The tradition and culture she lives by is a lot similar to mine. I usually don't like a book that surrounds itself...

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PUDDING! (Walking Dead TV) 0

(Quick Unprofessional Episode)After the hectic mid-season finale, we get a much more calm and steady episode. The episode focus on three of the main characters, Rick, Carl, and Michonne. A much more slower pace was needed after all that crazy sh!t that went down previous episode. Everything that went down between Carl and Rick was pretty in-line with the comics. I really don't know why people hate Carl. He does what a teenager sometimes would do. People really love hating and judging someone t...

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Castle's Kitchen (Punisher #1) 3

(QUICK UNPROFESSIONAL REVIEW)Punisher become one of my favorite characters two years ago when i started reading comics. It was Greg Rucka's series that instantly made me a fan. I was very unhappy when Marvel cancelled his run, but now Frank Castle is back with an ALL NEW MARVEL NOW! makeover!I have been really excited for this new series since it was announced. Frank makes a move to L.A. from N.Y. It looks like he left his hushed and silent persona behind in East Coast. I don't deal well with c...

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(Quick Unprofessional Review)This digital comic from MonekyBrain caught my eye out of the blue. After I read what the series was about, I decided to give it a try. Boy, I wasn't disappointed at all! What this series about is a robot going through a mid-life crisis. Yep... does that get your attention? The world is built around robots living like humans. How did no one come up with an idea like this before for a book or a movie? Maybe they have, and I missed it. The series is centered around D4V...

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DEAL WITH THE DEVIL (Thunderbolts #22) 5

(Quick Unprofessional review)When this series was first announced for Marvel Now!, it was my most anticipated series. One reason for it was the team. Punisher, Venom, Elekta, Deadpool, and Hulk! That's a damn sick roster! Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the worst written and drawn series I have ever read. I decided to drop it with disappointment. When Charles Soule took over, I jumped back on the pages of Thunderbolts. The book improved drastically. The series is still not great, but ...

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I'm going to get a lot of HATE for this...... 6

(Quick Unprofessional Review)I'm definitely in the minority for this unpopular opinion. I'm not liking Zero Year at all. I became a fan of Scott Snyder with his Court of the Owls storyline. Batman was was one of my favorite series from the start. My interest began to drop after Death of the Family. So far with ZY, I had to force myself to finish every issue. To simply put it, this whole event has been boring. This issue was the final nail in the coffin. I never have problem with stories that do...

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(Quick Unprofessional Review)We haven't had much focus on Victor Stone in the New 52. He is a member of the Justice League and doesn't even have an ongoing. Even though I rather see Cyborg as part of the Teen Titans, His power-set does fit pretty well with the JLA in modern times.This was the rebirth of CYBORG after Gird from the Crime Syndicate dismantled him. I feel like Cyborg has suffered the most of all the characters in the New 52. His whole life has been tragic. If there is a Cyborg seri...

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(Quick Unprofessional Review)This series continues to be one of current favorite series. I would even say this might be my #1 favorite right now. This is a lot similar to the TV show Dexter, which I loved until it turned into sh!t. Every issue so far has been written with a perfect pace. Every issue is filled with dramatic moments that hooks you to the comic.This issue slowed down a bit from #2 issue( That issue was amazing). It dealt with the aftermath from the events that took place last issue...

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Unprofessional Quick Review***MAJOR SPOILERS***We all know this comic will be the most talked about this week with all the major Spidey news uncovering few days ago. I had to read this first from my pull-list this week. Yes, the real Peter Parker did partially return from te "dead" in this issue.THE GOOD:This was the conclusion of the Venom arc. Man, Superior Venom is damn powerful. Venom SpOck pretty much man-handled some of the main Avengers all by himself until Flash Thompson in the Iron-man...

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WIDOW'S PEAK (Black Widow #1) 7

I never read anything significant that involved Natasha Romanova before. From what I've read, she was always associated with the Avengers, and I really didn't care much about her. I had the same perception about Hawkeye until I started read Matt Fraction's Hawkguy. Now, Clint Barton is one of my favorite character! This is also a good sign that great things are ahead for Natasha in 2014! Writers can make or break characters, and Nathan Edmondson did a great job writing the character of Black Wid...

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