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  • So glad it is back. Gonna be sad to see Locke and Key go next month :( Really Underrated series. One of the best of all time. 9/10. Amazing!

  • Loving it. 8.4/10

  • Je$u$ 4 da save!!!! WAR is upon us! 8.2/10

  • People should check this series out. Another awesome Image book. 8/10

  • Felt like this issue moved too quick. Too many damn things happened in just 1 issue, but I still enjoyed it. 7.8/10

  • never read anything with Bishop before. I really liked this. 7.8/10 TIED WITH CLONE #10 for 5th Place

  • Checked it out after Tony.s review. Decent read. Don't think I will be picking up #2 though. Feel like I have read too many stories like this. 7.3/10