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There was a lot of story arc conclusions this week!

List items

  • 9/10. Even though the reveal was out before hand, It was still awesome alongside the other reveals!

  • The only Superman book that I like. The interactions are so good! and Jae Lee's art - God Damn! 8.5

  • Can't find #35 on the list. But yeah... Great conclusion to the Hellfire Saga. and BAMF!!!!!!! 8.5

  • I'm loving this arc soo much!!! 8.5/10 Gonna Miss Hex in the future.

  • Love the development and the buildup of the story so far! Sh*t gonna go down next issue! 8.3/10. Also really love the art. Reminds me a lot of Green Arrow's Andrea Sorrentino.

  • Holy Beard! 8/10

  • 6 issues in and still fells like nothing is happening storyweise, but it's still a good read. Love the colouring in this book. 6.8/10

  • Alright story and I really like the style of Irving's art, but it just doesn't fit this book. His drawing of faces look weird. Some panels the art looks great and other panels it looks pretty bad. 6.5/10