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Top 10 Favorite Current Comics

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  • Hawkguy, bro.

  • Turned to silver from goatcrap. Thank You Jeff Lemire and Sorrrentino.

  • Even when it feels like nothing is happening in the book, it's still damn entertaining! Love the way Bendis writes all these characters and their interactions

  • Loving the Jonah Hex time traveling arc!

  • My favorite DC title since New 52 launch. It kind-of fell of between Rot World, but it's kicking ass again!

  • Mark Waid wrapped up the first big huge story amazingly. Let's see what he got in store!

  • #1 was great. #2 was excellent! The art is beautiful!

  • The first ever Valiant book I gave a try, and it's awesome!!! Read it!

  • Favorite Image title. Every issue is filled with crazy twists and turns!

  • Probably my favorite Bat-book right now since I'm not LOVING Snyder's main bat title. JH Williams ll knows how to write and draw! Great comic every month!