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My Top Underrated Comics of 2013

These are some comics that are not being talked about enough. I selected the most underrated comics from the list I'm reading, but feel free to recommend some of your underrated series.

List items

  • Every issue is a rid with shocking twist and turns. This comic barely gets talked about. Art is also fabulous. Every time I finish reading an issue, I always think Wow this book is underrated. Thanks to Matt Elfring for reviewing this every month.

  • I recently caught up with this fantastic Valiant comic. Everything from Valiant is underrated.

  • Every issue of this series has been laugh-out-loud hilarious. If you are not reading this, you are missing out big time.

  • Locke & Key is one of favorite series of all time, and I will sad when it concludes in two weeks. I suggest picking up Locke & Key Volume 1 Welcome to Lovecraft. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

  • This is DC's undoubtedly the most underrated title. I'm glad this hasn't been cancelled even though the sales are very low. I hope this is not on DC's chopping block. I enjoyed every issue of this series from the start. The recent storyline involving Hex in the current time is a blast to read!

  • I love end-of-the-world and apocalyptic stories, and I'm glad I started picking this up. The plot had my interest, and the 1st issue got my attention right away. Pick up the volume 1 trade when it comes out.

  • This also had me hooked from issue 1. Also Pick up the volume 1 trade when it comes out.