My Top 25 Favorite Heroes of All Time (So Far)



This list was so difficult to make!


Honorable Mentions: ZATANNA, BATGIRL, IRON FIST, GREEN LANTERN (HAL JORDAN), Rogue, Plastic-Man, Boom Boom, Dust, Ghost Rider.

List items

  • I had no interest in Punisher, until I read Greg Rucka's series. It changed my life! I don't condone his what he does or his motives, but He's such a fascinating character!

    Now I started reading Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX. I like him even more now. MARVEL, please please please make a Punisher Netflix show!

  • I almost forgot how much I loved the FLASH last few years.

    As Wally West, he was one of the star of the Justice League cartoons. He was the main attraction in Flashpoint paradox. He's simply lovable in the CW Flash TV show. Out of everyone in this list, Flash is the most herioc and just all around good-hearted.

  • Before I started reading comics, Batman would have been my #1 favorite. Nowadays, I sometimes tend to don't like him so much.

    He is still one of my all-time favorites. C'mon, he's the GODAMN Batman. How can you not despise him?

    So far, I only read two his iconic tales, The Dark knight Returns and Year One. I really didn't him them that special, so that's why he has stepped down to #3.

    Who knows, once I read more Batman stories, he could take back the top spot.

  • When I officially started reading comics in 2012, New 52 Animal Man was one the comics that pulled me in. Jeff Lemire wrote him to perfection! The horrific life of Buddy Baker as a family man,a celebrity superhero, and the avatar of the Red made for an engrossing tale that I fell in love with.

    I also hear Grant Morrison wrote a fantastic ANIMAL MAN which will be checking out in the future.

  • Rorschach is the Question. I love the both, but Vic Sage is the real OG! The faceless conspiracy theorist vigilante. He is so cool and compelling.

    The JLU animated series captured him perfectly that made me a fan in the first place!

    We need the REAL Question back in the New 52!

  • The Emerald Robin Hood Archer! I am a big fan of the classic clever and witty Oliver Queen. I'm still a big fan of the current Green Arrow. Love him in ARROW and loved him in Lemire's run.

  • Daredevil has been through a LOT of sh!t over the years. Writers have put him through hell. What makes Matt Murdock a great hero is that even after all his misadventures, he still rises back up and fights back!

    He learns to put the pain behind him and move forward. Now, he's life is relatively much more easy under Mark Waid.

    I also love the powers and abilities of Daredevil. He's kind-of relatable to me.

  • Moon Knight's current series is great.

    I just read Bendis' Moon Knight 'BOUT A WEEK AGO and wow! That run alone moved Marc Spector into my Top 10 list. Now I have to read more about him! I like my heroes crazy and insane!

  • A strong independent mutant prideful Jewish woman. KiTTY F'N PRYDE!!!!

  • Out of all the Batman side-characters, Kate Kane grabs me the most. Love the story JH Willaims and Haden Blackman composed in the New 52. Greg Rucka also did a wonderful job with her.

  • After reading most of Jimmy Polmiatti and Justin Gray's Jonah Hex run, I can say he is one tough MOFO. Hex is so cool that he doesn't even have to interact with any other DC characters. He can carry a book on his on and go guns blazing. He is the Punisher of the DC Universe.

  • My favorite Avenger! I was first attracted to this character by the costume and look. Little did I know, he had an incredible back-story of history and origin. All hail the (Former) badass KING of Wakanda, T'Challa!

  • Fell in love with her the moment I saw her in Justice League cartoon.

  • Black Canary is always so sexy. HMMM

  • My 2nd favorite Avenger! Always love his humor and chemistry with the initiative and other MCU heroes.

    ANd if it wasn't for Matt Fraction, Hawkeye wouldn't have been on this list. Now Both Archers are my favorite!

  • One of the most badass hero in the DC Universe. Could even take down Superman. His back-story is very tragic. I just wish he had more prominent stories.

  • Always liked Captain Marvel. The dynamic of a boy transforming himself into a great powerful wizard was always a cool idea.

    Really digged the New 52 Mini-Back-Up comic featuring Billy Batson.

  • Always the good-spirited and lovable X-Men and lightens it up! Love the little fury blue bastard!

  • A hero from the future! Something about Booster Gold just makes me like him a lot.

  • My favorite teenage hero!

  • Geoff Johns' run made me a fan. People need to stop making fun of Aquaman! Bring on the live-action and animated films!

  • ......I like Spider-Man. Just don't love him. It's hard not to put the Spidey on this list.

  • A pretty sweet character. I like plants and nature.

  • Don't know much about the comic book Blade, but I loved The Wesley Snipes movies. Blade was a cool MOFO.

  • Believe it or not, at one point Wolverine was my #1 favorite hero. That was before I started reading comics. Now, not so much.

    I still liked him back in the days, so I'm putting him on here.