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My Top 10 Writers of 2014!

Totally Biased.


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Greg Pak, G Willow Wilson, Bob Fingerman, Gail Simone, and Brian Michael Bendis.

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  • Williamson hit it big this year! All three of his ongoings this year ranged from great to excellent! Loved Ghosted volume 1. Nailbiter is one of my favorite new series this year, and Birthright has been impressive so far. Out of all the writers, Williamson stood out for me throughout the whole year. People should check out all his comics. I guarantee at-least 2 of the books will grab you after the first issue!

  • Geoff Johns had a phenomenal 2013 and continued that trend in 2014. Justice League is the most consistent book out there. There is never a bad issue. Geoff Johns MADE me a Superman fan after he took over SUPERMAN. This man is the modern-day DC God! His Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman runs are inspirational.

  • I almost lost hope in Kirkman while he was writing ALL OUT WAR Walking Dead arc. It left me disappointed, but he gained by trust back with the flash-forward in issue 127. Walking Dead is still going strong after all these issues and years! And I only head positive things about Invincible. Kirkman also launched a fantastic new horror series OUTCAST.

  • The man behind Superior Foes. Enough Said.

  • Charles Soule was the breakout writer of 2013 and he continued his rise in 2014. I still don't know how he manages to write so many comics and also practice law in real life. Even though he had some misses this year, he still wrote some of my favorites like Death of Wolverine, Swamp Thing and She-Hulk.

  • This guy knows how to write captivating stories! That's why many people love the Injustice comics. I really really enjoyed his Earth 2 run after he took over from James Robinson. He also made me interested in Iron Man with the current Superior Ironman series. Can't wait to see what he writes next!

  • I'm not a Rick Remender fan. Most of the time, his books and writing style just does not grab me at all. I thought Uncanny X-force and Venom were not bad. Couldn't get into Uncanny Avengers, Captain America, and Black Science, but DEADLY CLASS hit a home run! I love everything about that book! It totally different from anything Remender does. It is something special.

  • Southern Bastards is amazing. That's all.

  • Lemire was my favorite writer of 2013, but he dipped down a bit this year. It was mostly because I was disappointed by Justice League United. But he still had a great year finishing off all his best series like Trillium, Animal-Man, and Green Arrow. Lemire's Green Arrow run will always be something special in my heart.

  • He is the king of writing DC's most over-looked and lowest selling comics. He wrapped up All Star Western with Jonah Hex in a beautiful way. The G.I. Zombie series is also a great read. He also co-writes the fun Harley Quinn series which I enjoy surprisingly.