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  • Almost everything he wrote this year ranged from good to amazing. His Animal-Man run continued to be great. The vertigo series Trillium has been fantastic. He turned Green Arrow from one of the worst new 52 title to pure gold. He deserves my writer of the year.

  • Saga continues to be awesome, and The Private EYE is just PURE AWESOME! He can do NO WRONG (excpet for running a TV show called UNDER THE DOME. It's horrible, trust me.

  • This man is not a human. Many comics did he write in 2013? Lets see - Age of Ultron, All New X-Men, Uncanny X-MEN, Powers, Ultimate Spiderman, Daredevil End of Days, Guardians of the Galaxy, Scarlet, Brilliant. 11 titles! there must be something else I'm forgetting. All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men have been frickin' great. The daredevil mini-series was phenomenal. I just started reading GotG and that is great also. I heard nothing but good things about Ultimate Spiderman, Scarlet and other comics he's writing except for Age of Ultron( Which was really bad). I don't know how he does it.

  • He ended his epic run of green Lantern and Aquaman this year, and continuing to do great the the Justice League/ Forever Evil.

  • Charles Soule is definitely the breakout writer of the year. His grapic Novel Strange Attractors was fantastic. He's doing an awesome job following Synde run of Swamp Thing. He's also writing other great series like letter 44, Superman & Wonder Woman, She Hulk (2014), Thunderbolts, and Red Lanterns.

  • Hawkguy, bro. Sex Criminals is also a great new series he's doing. I hear a lot of people loved his run of FF this year.

  • Mark Waid wrapped up an epic DAREDEVIl story in 2013. It was phenomenal. I constasntly hear great thisngs about other comics he's writing like Indestructible Hulk and other indie stuff.

  • Another writer that surprised everyone with his remarkable writing on Injustice comic book. Every issue was filled with awesomeness.

  • Every single page on Quantum and Woody is a Laugh-Out-Loud moment. His great writing on the series made Quantum and Woody one of my Favorite comics this year.

  • He's doing awesome stuff with Jonah Hex on All-Star Western. I'm also really excited for Harley Quinn series. Loved the Zero issue.