My Top 10 Marvel (MCU) Movies (BEST TO WORST)

So there's so far exactly 10 MARVEL studios film as of 2014. Perfect for a top 10 list.


List items

  • 9/10. THis is still my favorite MARVEL studios movie, What can I say? This was the big one....dream come true for NERDS everywhere! You can't just top this one in my opinion (Maybe Avengers 2 could).

  • 9/10. Man, you have to give it to MARVEL putting characters EVEN most comic readers didn't even know 2-3 years ago on a summer blockbuster film. And DC still can't put Wonder Woman and most of their well-known heroes on-screen. BRAVO, Marvel and everyone involved. They made these unknown characters and made them A-listers. THis movie was hilarious, fun, entertaining... I cold go on and on. Groot and Rocket are going to be more popular than Batman and Superman by 2020! (Probably not haha). Phenomenal! And this made the most MONEY out of all the movies so far this year in U.S.!!!! That is insane!

  • 9/10. Forget about Superman, Captain America is the MAN!!! This movie had everything. It did Winter Soldier justice. Cap's supporting cast like Falcon, Black Widow, Fury and even Sharon Carter were portrayed nicely. I appreciate a superhero movie incorporating CURRENT real world problems and issues into the film. It makes it even better and timely. Chris Evans killed it 100% this time. Overall, awesome movie.

  • 8/10. I watched this over the summer, and I have to say. This was a great movie! I feel like most people forget out this film as being part of the MCU. Edward Norton did a great job as Banner. I still prefer him over Mark Ruffalo. The effects might be not so good, but It didn't bother me. I think this one is underrated.

  • 8/10. I thought I wasn't going to like this because I'm not a big THOR fan, but I ended up enjoying it a lot. Great casting all-around.

  • 7.5/10. I know a lot of fans hated this. Manly because of the Mandarin twist. I didn't mind it that much. Overall, I had fun watching this.

  • 7.5/10. This was a solid introduction of Steve Rogers. This was satisfying. Nothing less and nothing more.

  • 7/10. I KNOW. I KNOW. A lot of People loved the first Iron Man which launched this epic Marvel Movie Universe in the first place. I kinda thought it was boring. There were some interesting elements and RDJ stole the show with his Tony Stark debut. I just didn't enjoy the story that much. Still not a bad movie though.

  • 5.5/10. I found this one BORING. There were one or two cool scenes with War Machine and Tony Stark, but I remember not really liking IM 2 after watching it.

  • 5/10. I pretty much forgot the whole movie after a day watching it. The villain was forgettable. The story was silly. The effects and CGI also could have been a lot better. The dynamic between Thor and Loki was good, but not enough to save the movie. Also Jane Foster had NO chemistry between her and Thor. This is my weakest MCU film.