My Favorite X-Men Characters RIGHT NOW

These are not my all time favorite but X-Men characters I'm enjoying form the X books I'm currently reading and Days of Future Past.

List items

  • He's a straight-up badass in the current Cullen Bunn series. He was also awesome in DotP.

  • WHAT!?!?!? Storm #2? I can't believe it either! Couple months ago, I hated Storm, but Greg Pak's series recently made me a STORM fan with just 2 ISSUES!!!! He's a genius.

  • Also hated Wolverine and how MARVEL always pushing him like Batman, but I'm starting to sympathize for Logan. He is dying, guys. :( Charles Soule is writing him strong in Death of Wolverine. ALso the Days of Future Past movie helped.

  • YOUNG ICEMAN from All New X-Men. I love the way Bendis writes him. He's hilarious.

  • Glad to have the blue bastard back! He always lifts up everybody's spirit.

  • I like almost all of the young X-Men from Uncanny X-Men, but Eva Bell is my favorite. I like her mutant power. Also can't wait to read The annual featuring her with some magical Sorrentino art!

  • Stole the show in DotP, but I still don't like him much in the comics.

  • You know what, I'm warming up to her.

  • He needs some more characterization or an issue of UXM only featuring him, but I like him so far.

  • BALLS OF GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!