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Most Underrated/Overlooked Comics of 2014!

THESE ARE SOME OF THE BEST COMICS OF 2014 that did not get much attention or got cancelled.




List items

  • Only one of the few Vertigo comic that was good this year. People should check out this book.

  • I was surprised how good this book was from issue 1 because I never really liked Storm. People should check this Storm book out by the great Greg Pak EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A STORM FAN.

  • A fantastic little mini-series from James Onion The Third.

  • This book never got the readership it deserved. Jonah Hex closed out his journey in the future Gotham and old Wild West with a happy ending.

  • An outstanding overlooked Image series and there is only one issue left. :(

  • Another ignored DC comic from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.

  • Another overlooked Image series that ended too early. Every issue was action-packed and worth every penny.

  • A sweet little throwback mini-series full of violence, gore, and sex!

  • I was sad to see this go. Loved the Harbinger team of characters.

  • This is the Louie of comic books. Real as it gets.

  • SUPER SUPER underrated IMAGE series! This is Dexter of comic books. A must read I say for anyone.

  • I was super sad to see this end. One of the funniest comic I ever read! Check this whole series out if you want to laugh out loud every other page!

  • Originally started as a web comic that transferred into a printed series. A great series with twists and turns.

  • A magnificent horror series from Nick Spencer. Only issue came out in, but this comic is worth the read. Forget about WYTCHES, this is the real deal.

  • This list wouldn't be complete without the FOES! A must must read for any Spidey fans and everyone. Knew this wasn't going last long but Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber put out their all in this little book. This is already a cult classic.