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Comics/Shows I Did Not ENJOY That Others LOVE

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  • Well, Checked out the show after it got so much praise from everyone. Stopped watching after couple episodes. The Main character Korra, found her annoying and obnoxious. Even the villain was more likable. The story is also cliche, along with the love triangle. The animation is amazing though.

  • Check this out also after couple recommendations when I started reading Fraction's Hawkeye. It was meh. Expected more. Maybe because I wasn't familiar with almost all the characters.

  • Read the whole series, but felt like it was a chore. Really wanted to like this since this is hailed as one of the best comic, but didn't.

  • Hickman's current New Avengers AND AVENGERS series. Even though the main Avengers book got mixed reviews, this one got really good reviews allround. Read it through 3 issues and found the whole universe expanding story boring.

  • Gonna get lotta hate for this. I don't know why but I can't even get into one of the best Superman comic. Also felt like a chore to read. Really hope there is a day that I like a Superman trade that I read.

  • Again, wish I enjoyed reading this, but I didn't.

  • Not my cup of Tea.

  • Same as AllStarSuperman

  • I just can't get into Grant Morrison's writing. That depresses me.

  • Same as Thor, not my cup of tea. Guess I'm not really into many fantasy/cosmic/medieval comics or characters.